Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 898 - You're Fired!

Chapter 898: You’re Fired!

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Apart from filming, Mo Ting still had to look through documents in the study room until late into the night. Although he had distributed a lot of his responsibilities around the company, he still needed to have things under his control, otherwise, the shareholders of Hai Rui would not be pleased.

Cate couldn’t find any opportunity to get close to Mo Ting whatsoever. But, she did remember that there was a bed scene in the script.

So, she could only wait for that day to come.

Soon, the incident at the Quan Family was revealed to the public. The fact that Quan Ziye had run away from his own engagement, caused the shares for Quan Corps to immediately drop. Now that their reputation was ruined, it would take a while to recover.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qing’s matter was also causing a commotion. These days, Beijing was much too noisy with a new ‘episode’ of drama every day.

At this time, Xia Hanmo was notified to attend the next filming for ‘The Big Adventure’. But, she had no desire to work with them anymore. However, she couldn’t find a good enough reason to leave. After all, Tangning had already invested a lot of energy on her, so she didn’t want to be a disappointment.

Soon, the television station notified everyone to attend a meeting. Everyone avoided Zhou Qing because circumstances had changed for him. Even though they didn’t want to do it, they still needed to survive and couldn’t afford to offend the Station Manager’s son.

“I’m sure all of you have heard that the next episode of ‘The Big Adventure’ will be hosted by me. So, I would like to take this opportunity to share my experiences with everyone.” The Station Manager’s son stood in front of everyone and started to go through all the awards he had received overseas…

“I’m sure, under my leadership, ‘The Big Adventure’ will continue to shine.”

How is he so confident?  Xia Hanmo wondered.

“Hanmo, are you doubting my abilities?” the man seemed to have noticed Xia Hanmo’s displeased expression, so he singled her out.

Xia Hanmo laughed and shook her head, “Please continue.”

“To be honest, Zhou Ge’s style is completely out of date. The world now belongs to the young people. If we want to maintain high ratings, we need to do something new. So, the next episode of ‘The Big Adventure’ will experience some changes and will be more fun.”

Was he planning to make changes to a variety show without first doing any publicity?

The old host hadn’t even handed over to the new host yet. So, what he was doing was practically suicide. Did the station manager lose his mind?

Everyone within the industry knew that this young man had done something taboo. But, he had a strong backing, so he did whatever he wanted.

Actually, Xia Hanmo could tell that he was impatiently trying to change the program to his style…

“Don’t worry, with help from the entire production team, I’m confident that the new and improved show will be more popular than the previous one.”

Xia Hanmo reached her limit. She wanted to leave but the man continued to talk big. Was he trying to make everyone hate him?

In the end, the meeting lasted for an extremely long time; just explaining his experiences took the young man an entire hour to go through.

So, the staff were completely miserable.

Actually, the reason for the young man’s confidence was because his father had spoken to a team of experts that analyzed his idea and confirmed that it was feasible.

Since the program was changing its hosting style, why not do it all at once and give the audience a fresh experience?

Eventually, the staff left the meeting room, completely exhausted. But, at this time, Zhou Qing was seen exiting the Station Manager’s office. Everyone assumed that he was there to hand over some documents.

So, they immediately lit up and surrounded him happily, “Zhou Ge…”

“Did you guys have a meeting?” Zhou Qing asked casually as he smiled at everyone, “Keep up the good work…”

“Are you going home now?” someone asked as they noticed the filing case in his hands. Of course, Xia Hanmo was also amongst the crowd.

“I’ve officially completed my handover. From today onwards, I no longer belong to this station. You guys need to behave,” Zhou Qing said to the crowd. “You need to take special care of Hanmo as well. She still has a lot to learn.”

“I will naturally take care of my subordinates. You don’t need to worry about that,” the Station Manager’s son said with hostility as he stepped out of the meeting room.

“Good. I heard that ‘The Big Adventure’ plans to go through an entire facelift. Good luck with that.”

After speaking, Zhou Qing turned to leave. But, the staff couldn’t bear to see him go.

He had personally made ‘The Big Adventure’ famous, yet the station manager got rid of him ungratefully. It was such a cold-hearted move.

It was bad enough that the station manager favored his own relative, the young man even humiliated Zhou Qing.

Everyone felt bad for Zhou Qing.

“Zhou Qing…”

“It’s fine,” Zhou Qing chuckled. “It’s not like I have nowhere else to go after leaving this station.”

“Sure, you have other places to turn to, but to hand over a program that you created at its highest point must be difficult to accept,” the young man ridiculed.

Xia Hanmo almost rolled her eyes in frustration…


Why were people that studied abroad so conceited?

“It can’t be helped. Who told you not to have a Station Manager father?”

After hearing this, Xia Hanmo couldn’t endure any longer and directly threw a slap across the man’s face, “I’ve never seen a thief act so confident. Did you know that you are truly a piece of trash? You better stop mentioning your dad so shamelessly. Take a good look around you. Not a single person below you is truly convinced by you. Do you really think you are the best in the world?”

“Xia Hanmo, how dare you hit me?” the young man yelled at Xia Hanmo.

“I’m hitting you because I want to warn you that the program will go to sh*t after you give it a facelift. You just wait and see.”

“Xia Hanmo, you are fired!”

“I gladly accept. Everyone heard it, right? You personally said you’d fire me, so please don’t forget to transfer me my pay.” Xia Hanmo felt a lot better as she felt herself relax. “Zhou Ge, since I’m also fired, let’s leave together.”

It seemed, Tangning truly understood her artist and knew that she would cause trouble and not last much longer on ‘The Big Adventure’.

So, Zhou Qing smiled and replied, “Let’s go.”

Just before she left, Xia Hanmo glared at the Station Manager’s son one last time and left under everyone’s approving gaze. She walked out with her chest held high, oblivious to the fact that she had put herself in trouble.

But, of course, Xia Hanmo could afford to shoulder this responsibility because this was what she truly wanted to do.

“What if they hold you liable for leaving like this?”

“As an artist, I feel that there are some things that are more important than fame and fortune,” Xia Hanmo replied. “I’m sure Tangning lives this way too. A person’s integrity is more important than anything else.”

“In that case, have you thought about your future? Your career just restarted…”

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