Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 897 - Could Tangning Satisfy Him?

Chapter 897: Could Tangning Satisfy Him?

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On the night that Quan Ziye ran away from his engagement party, Long Jie also gave Xia Hanmo a phone call, “I’ve already looked into the matter that you asked me about earlier. The person that’s replacing Zhou Qing is the Station Manager’s son. It seems he has the intention to give all the best programs to his son, so Zhou Qing was sacrificed in the process.”

“I don’t think Zhou Qing can be replaced,” Xia Hanmo said with a trace of anger.

“After so many years, ‘The Big Adventure’ has already accumulated a huge fan base. If they replace the host, the audience will complain at first. But after they make a public statement to clarify the matter, the audience will quickly forget the person that made the show popular in the first place,” Long Jie explained realistically.

“Long Jie…without Zhou Qing around, I don’t think I can continue with the show.”

Long Jie understood how Xia Hanmo felt. But, she had only signed her contract with ‘The Big Adventure’ not too long ago. If she was to cancel the contract now, not only would she destroy the career she rebuilt, she would also need to pay compensation.

“Don’t act impulsively.”

“Long Jie, even someone with a status like Zhou Qing was kicked aside so easily. How am I supposed to survive? I am simply a novelty for now because I come from Superstar Media and I’m managed by Tangning, but someday, I will end up just like Zhou Ge.”

Xia Hanmo was simply being honest.

“You should speak to Tangning about this. I can’t call the shots,” Long Jie suggested.

After Xia Hanmo heard this, she nodded her head. At least, before Zhou Qing left, she had to control her emotions.

In reality, Tangning already made preparations for this matter. After all, she was famous for appreciating true talent.

So, the next morning, she didn’t even head to the set of ‘The Ant Queen’. Instead, she asked Lin Qian to help her organize a meeting with Zhou Qing.

Of course, she did this without Xia Hanmo knowing.

“I am honored to meet with the infamous Tangning,” Zhou Qing shook Tangning’s hand politely.

“It seems, Zhou Ge was already expecting to see me,” Tangning smiled.

“Because I know that you are fond of talented people. Most importantly, I know you don’t want Xia Hanmo to lose the popularity she accumulated in one night,” Zhou Qing understood Tangning well. Because of this, the two were able to speak straightforwardly.

“Hai Rui has invested in a lot of programs and has a good relationship with a lot of television stations. Some people may think that changing a host on a variety show is nothing, but I know that once someone has this thought, the program will definitely be on a downward slope.”

“A certain television channel has a new program that is looking for a suitable host. Since the timing is right, I wonder if Zhou Ge would be interested?”

As soon as Zhou Qing looked at the information in Tangning’s hands, he realized that she wanted him to move to the enemy camp.

“When a famous host leaves their current channel and moves to a competing one, it means that a lot of problems exist.”

“What about Hanmo?” Zhou Qing asked.

“You go ahead first. I have other arrangements for her.”

Zhou Qing smiled and nodded his head. He realized that Tangning was really bold when it came to handling matters like this.

No wonder the artists in her hands all became famous, one after another.

Afterwards, Zhou Qing returned to the television station. At this time, Xia Hanmo was waiting for him.

“Zhou Ge, are you planning to leave in such an unjust way.”

“I have no choice,” Zhou Qing replied calmly. As Tangning had told him not to tell Xia Hanmo about his plans, he did not tell her that he was moving to a competing channel.

“But, what am I supposed to do when you’re not around?”

“Just focus on filming the program. Don’t disappoint me,” Zhou Qing instructed.

Xia Hanmo felt completely helpless. It wasn’t easy for her to develop a fighting spirit, but now, she had to continue working for a heartless television station. Worst of all, she had to feign ignorance even though she knew the real reason behind it all.

Zhou Qing looked at Xia Hanmo’s expression and smiled to himself. He then returned to his waiting room, leaving Xia Hanmo alone in the corridor.

Tangning did not announce that she was working with Zhou Qing because it wasn’t the right time yet. She simply felt that the Station Manager was stupid for giving up on such a talented host and handing him over to them. Did he really think that his son was at the same level as Zhou Qing?

This was definitely not a decision made by a wise Station Manager. Perhaps, his son convinced him with eloquent words. Either way, he had let someone else benefit.

As a result, Superstar Media grew even stronger…

After dealing with Zhou Qing’s matter, Tangning returned to the set of ‘The Ant Queen’. But, the atmosphere on set was like she had stepped foot into a community of stalkers. Because practically the entire crew were fans of Mo Ting’s.

Even the problematic Cate was silenced by Mo Ting’s presence.

As soon as Qiao Sen saw Tangning arrive, he immediately said to her, “Here to visit? I never expected President Mo’s acting to be so good.”

“Haven’t you considered whose husband he is?”

“President Mo truly loves you. From the moment he stepped foot on set, he hasn’t taken a single glance at another woman. Even when he acts with Cate, he simply does what’s needed of him and turns cold and unapproachable as soon as he’s done,” Qiao Sen sighed. “So, you don’t need to worry. He only has you in his heart. You don’t need to be suspicious of anything.”

“I’m well aware of my own husband,” Tangning replied confidently.

Soon, Mo Ting spotted Tangning and naturally walked over to her side, “You didn’t need to come this far.”

“It’s fine,” Tangning wrapped her arms around Mo Ting and tightened them around his waist, “I simply wanted to see you…”

Not too far away, Cate saw the affection between Tangning and Mo Ting and immediately turned to question the staff beside her. Fortunately, the staff could understand English, “What’s their relationship?”

“Isn’t Miss Cate aware? They are an extremely loving married couple. If it wasn’t because Ning Jie is pregnant, the female lead in this film may not have been yours.”

Cate was not angered by the staff’s words. She was simply curious how a man could turn a blind eye to something beautiful in front of him and choose a pregnant woman instead.

Could Tangning satisfy him?

She refused to believe a man could remain abstinent.

Especially since overseas, there were plenty of men that fooled around behind their wives backs.

So, everyone would have to wait and see what she’d do. After all, Mo Ting still had a good few months on set.

However, even though Mo Ting was supposed to be on set for a few months, he still returned home every day.

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