Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 896 - The Climax

Chapter 896: The Climax

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“Isn’t an adopted daughter also human? How could she ask her for $30 million? That’s unbelievable.”

“The Quan Family throws the blame on Lin Qian whenever something goes wrong. But, Lin Qian now has a strong backing and doesn’t need to take the blame anymore.”

Miss Ye looked at Lin Qian. She then glanced at Li Jin. Of course, in the end, she trusted Li Jin and believed that Mother Quan was a complete liar.

“You previously claimed that Lin Qian seduced your son and that your son was a victim, but Lin Qian is now standing before us and she is saying that none of that has happened. So, what do you say to that Mrs. Quan?” Miss Ye asked.


“You are a disgusting adoptive mother,” Miss Ye yelled on behalf of Lin Qian without any reservations. Afterwards, she turned to Lin Qian and apologized, “I’m sorry, Miss Lin, I misunderstood you. I’m glad everything has been clarified now. Otherwise, the Quan Family would have continued to blame you whenever something went wrong.”

Lin Qian glanced at Mother Quan and noticed that she was looking at her, hoping that she’d save her. But, Lin Qian completely ignored her.

“Mrs. Quan, Lin Qian can no longer take the blame for you. Is it time for you to tell me where Quan Ziye is?”

At this moment, Mother Quan felt like a pig on a spit; she was completely helpless. Before Lin Qian arrived, she still had the option of throwing the blame on her, but now that Lin Qian was standing in front of everyone with Li Jin by her side, it was practically like Lin Qian had served her a burning hot face slap.


“Did the Quan Family think that the Ye Family are easy to pick on? In the past, you bullied Lin Qian, were you also planning to bully me from now on? Let me tell you that it’s impossible.”

Just as Miss Ye began to lead her family out of the villa, the housekeeper suddenly rushed in holding his phone and said to Mother Quan, “Madam, I finally got through to the young master. Quick…”

“Xiao Ye, please don’t be angry. Look, we finally got through to Ziye.” After speaking, Mother Quan received the phone and turned on the loudspeaker. “Son, where are you? Why aren’t you back yet? Everyone has misunderstood you and you’ve made Xiao Ye angry.”

“I am out surfing with some babes. I won’t be returning any time soon. If you want you can get engaged on my behalf.”

“Don’t you love controlling my life? Since there’s no difference whether I’m around or not, why do I need to be there? You can make the decisions on your own…”

“You can finalize the engagement for me and find a time to finalize the wedding as well. Everyone will be happy after that, right?” Quan Ziye’s charming voice resounded from the phone.

“As for Miss Ye, I must apologize. If I had rejected you, my mother would have threatened me with death and punished me. All I could do was temporarily agree to the engagement…” after a short pause, Quan Ziye continued, “…but, I honestly don’t want to marry someone that I don’t have feelings for. So…I’m sorry, you can finish the ceremony on your own. This is my present to you.”

After Quan Ziye was done talking, a loud slap echoed through the room: Miss Ye had slapped Mother Quan across the face.

Everyone was shocked.

“I hate parents that force their own children. Yet you’ve taken it to the extreme. First, it was Lin Qian, now it’s Quan Ziye. You toy with your children just to prove your power. What a complete psycho!”

“I need to thank Quan Ziye for what he did today. If not for him, I almost jumped headfirst into a fire pit…”

“Since the Quan Family likes to act so much, they can act all they want.” After speaking, Miss Ye left the ridiculous engagement party with the rest of her family.

The guests continued to watch on. But, they weren’t watching an engagement ceremony, they were watching a spectacular show.

Because Mother Quan’s mask had been torn off in front of everyone.

But, while she was pitiful, it was also hard not to hate her. Everything that happened was a result of her own actions and it all panned out naturally.

She had controlled her children their entire lives, yet her son betrayed her during the most important occasion.

Now, the entire Beijing knew she was an evil woman. How was she to face people from now on?

Father Quan immediately asked the housekeeper to send the guests away because the scene was much too ridiculous…

Afterwards, Father Quan and Mother Quan helplessly pleaded Lin Qian, “Xiao Qian, the Quan Family are sorry for what we’ve done, but you saw what happened tonight. Your mother has suffered a huge blow. Could you put in a few good words to the public for us?”

“After all, we brought you up…”

“If you didn’t bring that up, we may have been able to still hold a conversation. But, Mr. Quan, it disgusts me to hear you mention that you brought me up,” Lin Qian responded straightforwardly. “Don’t worry, I won’t add to your misfortunes. But…I will never lie for Mrs. Quan either. Otherwise, I would become like her.”

“Haiz, this was our own doing.”

If they knew this would happen, they wouldn’t have done what they did in the past.

At this time, Father Quan contacted an acquaintance and asked him to control public opinion and not to allow any negative news about the Quan Family to be released. However, Li Jin had already made corresponding arrangements. So, the Quan Family had no choice but to provide an explanation. They couldn’t just bully Lin Qian without facing any consequences.

“It was indeed a good show,” Tangning raised an eyebrow at Lin Qian as she left.

This time, both Quan Ziye and Li Jin helped Lin Qian exact her revenge.

“Did you have fun watching it?” Mo Ting asked beside his wife’s ear.

“Of course. From now on, no one will say that Lin Qian seduced her brother,” Tangning replied.

Meanwhile, due to Mo Ting’s powerful presence, none of the guests dared to get too close to the couple, even though many of them wanted to ask Tangning for autographs.

Mo Ting shielded Tangning as they left. However, even up until this point, many people still didn’t understand why the couple had shown up at the engagement party.

But, the reason was simple. It was because of their friend!

After all the drama subsided, the night finally ended with Mother Quan fainting. It was originally a well planned out engagement party, but it was completely destroyed in the end.

Was this a result of all the vent up anger that Quan Ziye had accumulated over the years?

Did he release it all in one go?

Of course, after this incident, Lin Qian was no longer affected by Mother Quan’s rumors.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you home,” Li Jin said as he looked at the messed up Quan Family Home. “There’s no point sticking around here.”

“Yes,” Lin Qian nodded.

Although Miss Ye had an interesting personality and was quite cute, Lin Qian was happy for Quan Ziye. At least, when it came to marriage, he did not easily come to a compromise.

After this incident, Mother Quan would no longer have control over his marital affairs, right?

Unless, of course, she wanted to embarrass herself again…

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