Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 105: Taking Note

Chapter 105: Taking Note

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At the same time, while his cousin wasn't paying attention, Han Zhou swapped out Tangning's scandal with the article he had prepared.

It was not until the article created an uproar in the media that Lu Xiaoqian realized, the scandal his cousin released did not even mention Tangning in the headline...

The headline read, [Shocking Revelation: Solid Evidence Against New Models Involved in the Bed-Climbing Scandal!]

Han Zhou cleverly avoided mentioning Tangning as previously agreed upon with Long Jie. Now that everyone knew Tangning wasn't involved, there was no point in throwing her into the mix.

The article that was released, contained detailed information about Li Yu's whereabouts and photos of models involved with his under-the-table operations. Their names were all replaced with one-letter nicknames.

Most importantly, Han Zhou excitedly mentioned that his information came from 'Miss Y', a manager from a famous agency with a fruit in its name (Translator's note: Cheng Tian literally means Orange Field); he practically told everyone, the person was Yang Jing!

Lu Xiaoqian was so angry, he almost smashed Han Zhou's computer. Meanwhile, Han Zhou looked at him with a ridiculing smile, "Don't be angry. After I get paid I'll give you a 10% split."

"Who gave you the confidence to do this?" Lu Xiaoqian slammed his hands on the table; the fire in his eyes looked like they were ready to burn Han Zhou alive.

"If you had treated me fairly, I would not have done this to you. But now, all you can do is wait for Yang Jing to come look for you." After speaking, Han Zhou took everything he owned, except his keyboard and left the small studio.

Lu Xiaoqian never expected, Tangning's methods were so clever. By deflecting the danger onto someone else, not only did she start a battle between Yang Jing and the models involved with Li Yu, she also destroyed the relationship between the cousins. Now that the article had been released, it was already too late for him to stop it from spreading...

He should not have offended Tangning!

If he hadn't written fake articles about Tangning, he would not be in the situation he was currently in; not only did he not receive any money, he had attracted a whole heap of trouble!


As soon as the scandal was released, the four models involved and Yang Jing became the hottest topic online. Netizens were obsessed with guessing the names of those involved, and the only obvious name was Yang Jing.

After all, the article was too ambiguous and there was only one manager with the surname Yang in Cheng Tian...

Good friends called Yang Jing to check on her situation. But after seeing the article, she decided to stay quiet for a while as she adjusted her glasses. She could roughly guess, this was Tangning's counterattack and method of revenge. At the same was a warning.

Yang Jing turned off her computer. She originally intended on leaving the office, but the people in the office were pointing and complaining about her. It seemed they had all assumed she was the one that had sold the bed-climbing information to the reporters. In the end, she had gained benefits, but the company was implicated because of her.

Yang Jing sneered; she didn't care about all the gossip. She simply headed for the lift. Coincidentally, she ran into Luo Hao; he was also leaving the office. Yang Jing's mouth twitched a little, but nothing came out.

After reaching level B1, they were the only two people in the lift. The lift rang as the doors opened. Behind Yang Jing, Luo Hao spoke coldly, "I've seen too many female celebrities being stepped on by you and being stabbed in the back by you. But I never expected there would be someone with better methods than you."

"I can tell you're quite happy about this," Yang Jing replied without turning back to look at him, "Don't forget. If Tangning finds out you were the one that prevented her from joining Cheng Tian, I wonder what she would do to you."

"I have a feeling, there will be a lot more suffering coming your way..." Luo Hao laughed. His face relaxed, it had been a long time since he felt at ease like this; it was all because of Tangning's counterattack.

"Let's just wait and see. By the way, I almost forgot to tell you, President Lan has already handed the responsibility of auditioning newcomers to me."

"Although President Lan hasn't mentioned anything, with this bed-climbing incident, you have become the target of public criticism. The only reason President Lan gave you the responsibility of auditioning newcomers is so that you can recover a bit of trust amongst your coworkers. This isn't something you should be proud of," Luo Hao responded.

Yang Jing finally turned around and glared at Luo Hao...

Luo Hao simply opened his car door and stepped inside.

He had never imagined, the extremely arrogant Yang Jing; the Yang Jing that was always scheming, had been brutally attacked by a model to the point where she couldn't fight back.

Tangning, I really need to take note of you!


Hai Rui Entertainment. CEO's Office. It was time for the staff to get off work.

Mo Ting was sitting in his office with his eyes closed, listening to the follow-up news from the bed-climbing scandal.

"According to the photos and information that have been exposed, netizens have matched it up with Tangning's schedule, which was previously revealed, and they have concluded that it does not overlap in any way. From this, we can see, in regards to the bed-climbing scandal, Tangning was indeed not involved and was instead - the biggest victim..."

"As for Tangning herself, we have contacted her assistant and her assistant has expressed that she believes the truth can never be hidden and she knew it would be revealed sooner or later. Tangning has also asked us to tell her fans, she has been well and there is no need to worry about her..."

After hearing this segment of news, Mo Ting turned off the TV and turned his attention to Lu Che, "What were you saying just a moment ago?"

"President, I just heard, the person in charge of auditions at Cheng Tian is Yang Jing. If madam goes there now...she will definitely be humiliated."

"That may not be the case," Mo Ting shook his head gently. "Lu Che, it's because you don't understand Tangning enough that you think this way. She is the type of person that achieves everything she sets out to do. There is no way she will cower at the sight of Yang Jing. Even if her enemy is temporarily pushing down on her head, she will not easily give up."

"Indeed the President understands madam the most," Lu Che smiled. "Madam's counterattack this time was spectacular. That Yang Jing should have been taught a lesson earlier."

Mo Ting's eyes lit up. He was about to make a phone call to Tangning, but...Tangning called him first; her voice was anxious, "Ting, the people at Creative Century just contacted me; the CEO has invited me to dinner at 7pm with him. I originally intended on rejecting him, but it seems they've taken Long Jie somewhere; it appears they are trying to force me...they want me to head over right now."

Hearing Tangning's words, Mo Ting thought back on all the multiple email invites and attractive offers she had received from Creative Century. He had responded to all the emails, telling them Tangning did not have the intention to work with them.

But how dare the people at Creative Century act forcefully in front of him?

"So Ting...I will make an appearance at the dinner tonight, you are aware, their background isn't normal. Can you ask Lu Che to prepare me some bodyguards?"

"Are bodyguards enough?" Mo Ting's eyes suddenly looked cold, like they had knives hidden inside them.

"Yes, bodyguards are enough," Tangning nodded.

"OK..." Mo Ting hung up his phone after replying to her and glared directly in front of him in silence.

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