Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 890 - Find A Chance To Seal The Deal

Chapter 890: Find A Chance To Seal The Deal

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After a long nap, Lin Qian finally woke up at 11:30pm. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Li Jin. At first, she was a little shocked. But, she quickly regained her composure.

“Qian Qian…”

“All that matters is that you’re OK,” Lin Qian said with a raspy voice as she looked at Li Jin. “I want to sleep a little while longer.”

Li Jin reached out his hand and held onto Lin Qian’s right hand as he tried his best to speak gently, “Sleep. I’ll be right here.”

Lin Qian gently closed her eyes. However, a moment later, her eyes suddenly flew back open, “I’m not dreaming, am I?”

“Of course not,” Li Jin replied as he held onto her hand tightly. “It’s my fault for being late again.”

“You don’t need to say pointless things like this. I know that you didn’t have a choice. You should give your parents a phone call, they’re really worried about you.” After speaking, Lin Qian closed her eyes. This time, she was going to get a good night’s rest.

Li Jin didn’t know how to comfort Lin Qian. Only at this point did he realize how sloppy he was.

Although he didn’t know if Lin Qian would like it, he felt that there was one thing he could do…

So, he lifted Lin Qian off the bed and carried her straight out of the hospital.

Lin Qian was shocked by his sudden movement, so she quickly grabbed onto his neck and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking you somewhere.” After speaking, Li Jin placed Lin Qian into his car and drove straight into the woods. Soon, the car arrived at the peak of the mountain. This location felt extremely close to the sky.

Li Jin opened the roof of the car and allowed Lin Qian to lean against him as he wrapped her tightly in a blanket.

“In the entire Beijing, this spot has the best view of the night sky.”

Lin Qian understood his thoughtful gesture. But, her heart began to race as she leaned into Li Jin’s embrace and felt his firm chest muscles press against her back. In fact, she could even feel his heart beat.

“I’m sorry for making you worry.”

“I’m not sure what got into me either. All I know was, I arrived here and I wasn’t going to give up. But, I never expected my body to be so weak.”

Li Jin did not say a word as he hugged Lin Qian especially tight.

In his 30+ years of life, he had never been in a relationship. He once thought that it required practice, but now that he was hugging Lin Qian in his arms, he finally understood that a person’s body was dominated by emotions and was beyond his control.

He wanted to hug Lin Qian; he liked Lin Qian.

Although the night sky was beautiful, Lin Qian soon started sneezing from the cold. Li Jin was aware that she couldn’t stay out in the night wind for too long, so he quickly helped her back into her seat and directly headed for the Li Family Home.

“This isn’t the way back to your home.”

“Uh huh,” Li Jin agreed before he jumped out of the car and carried Lin Qian in his arms again.

The Li Family were shocked. Li Jin had never brought any women home, yet he was now carrying one straight into the house. Of course, Mother Li and Father Li were amongst those that were shocked. They were stunned by the sight as they followed Li Jin to his room.


“Mom, can you prepare some soup?”

“OK,” Mother Li quickly turned and left. Meanwhile, Father Li stood to the side and cleared his throat. He was still in shock. His son was being much too brave. His relationship with the young woman hadn’t even truly started, yet he directly carried her home.

Of course, Lin Qian was also shocked speechless, so she pretended to have fallen asleep to prevent any awkwardness.

“Li Jin, come out for a moment.” After seeing Li Jin help Lin Qian settle, Father Li called his son out to the living room. “What’s this all about? Why did you suddenly carry the young woman back here?”

“She waited for an entire day and night outside the military camp for me and fainted. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to take good care of her…” Li Jin replied.

“This child must be the Quan Family’s adopted daughter?” Father Li asked.


“She looks like a well behaved child. Is there really nothing going on between her and her brother?”

“Nothing,” Li Jin replied with complete confidence.

Father Li trusted his son’s judgment, so he nodded his head, “OK. Since you already brought her back here, your mother and I have nothing to say. We don’t have any special requirements for our daughter-in-law, as long as she is kind-hearted.”

“You will find out after you get to know her,” Li Jin guaranteed.

Soon, Mother Li finished preparing some soup and brought a bowl into the room for Lin Qian. At this moment, Lin Qian could no longer play dead because Mother Li had already seen through her act.

“Child, sit up and have some soup, otherwise you’ll catch a cold. I know you’re not actually sleeping.”

Lin Qian had no choice but to sit up and apologize, “I’m sorry, auntie. I didn’t know what to do…”

“You’re not the only one. We are still confused as hell,” Mother Li spoke in a young and hip manner. “But, since you’re here, it must mean that there are mutual feelings between the two of you, right?”

Lin Qian’s face turned red, but she had no choice but to nod her head.

“Great. Find a chance to seal the deal and you guys will be official…”

Was Mother Li afraid that she’d run away?

Lin Qian was a little frightened by this family…

Tangning quickly heard about what Lin Qian did. Not only had she run off to the military base to wait for Li Jin, she was even carried home to meet his parents. They were moving at a similar speed to when her and Mo Ting first got together.

But of course, as a friend, she was happy that Lin Qian had found happiness.

Meanwhile, ‘The Ant Queen’ officially started filming…

But, from the moment that Cate arrived in Beijing she continuously played tricks. Initially, she had already added a few extra conditions to her contract with Qiao Sen. Yet, just before filming, she requested to add more.

Qiao Sen was so angry that he didn’t eat for an entire day. He couldn’t accept it, but he also had no choice.

After all, she was one in a million. So, he had to persevere.

At this time, Mo Ting had not started on set yet. Only a few supporting characters had started their scenes. As the entire crew vowed to confidentiality, the other actors had not seen the two leads yet. All they knew was, the female lead would be played by the French actress, Cate.

Cate was everyone’s dream girl, but Qiao Sen knew that once everyone came in contact with her, there would be a huge drama.

Qiao Sen ended up telling Tangning what happened with Cate. Although Tangning didn’t want to see Cate, she ended up personally dealing with her for the sake of the film’s smooth progression.

Cate’s team was very arrogant. After all, if not because of the money offered, Cate would never join a production like this.

Apart from the one benefit of money, a production team that had no fame at all was probably bound for complete and utter failure.

They were claiming to be the first serious sci-fi film in China, yet they ended up hiring a French actress in the end. If they were that great, they should have hired one of their own.

“What a bunch of trash!” they thought.

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