Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 888 - Who Said That We're Fake?

Chapter 888: Who Said That We’re Fake?

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“…Xing Lan! Congratulations Xing Lan…”

In an instant, the entire venue erupted in an applause; Xing Lan’s victory was well deserved.

Another reason for their enthusiasm, was the fact that Xing Lan represented the minority of people that achieved fairness. She worked hard to chase her dream and relied on her true talent to take back control of her life. This was a source of motivation for many people inside and outside of the entertainment industry.

At least, there was someone that didn’t rely on their background to advance in the industry. This opened everyone to countless possibilities.

As she received the trophy, Xing Lan cried like a baby.

With the trophy in her right hand, she mumbled, “Ning Jie, I did it. I did it…”

Meanwhile, the judges laughed. Xing Lan was too cute and the way that she expressed herself honestly, was much too loveable.

“This child has a promising future.”

“It’s hard not to be convinced by Tangning. She only has three artists under her management, yet all three of them are hot topics of discussion.”

“She has overcome every difficulty thrown her way with honesty and an open mind. She’s great.”

Soon, the entire stadium lit up with fireworks; the best way to celebrate Xing Lan’s victory.

It was like the night was cheering for Xing Lan.

As they watched the live broadcast, Mo Ting hugged Tangning from behind and whispered beside her ear, “Congratulations Mrs. Mo, your first project was a success.”

Tangning looked at the television screen and let Mo Ting hug her as she sighed, “I hope Xing Lan will have more opportunities for development in the future.”

“Are you doubting Hai Rui? Huh?” Mo Ting warned beside her ear.

“I wouldn’t dare,” Tangning quickly surrendered. “President Mo, hurry and get some rest. You will start filming soon, you need to conserve your energy.”

After hearing this, Mo Ting lifted Tangning horizontally in his arms and headed straight to their bedroom, “If it wasn’t for your sake, I would never leave your side.”

“I know,” Tangning replied, “You’ve always done things for my sake; just for me.”

Mo Ting did not say another word as he leaned over and covered her lips, making it impossible for her to breathe.

But, due to the fact that Tangning was pregnant, he did not take things any further.

His woman was the best.

“By the way, Hai Rui will be hosting a celebration banquet for Xing Lan next week. As an important figure in all this, it’s expected that you attend.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll be on set.”

Tangning nodded as she curled up in Mo Ting’s embrace and fell asleep. In this world, other people may not trust Mo Ting, but she definitely had to.

Meanwhile, Lin Qian was all the way in New Zealand and was still struggling to adjust to the change in climate.

At the same time, many days had passed since she arrived and the 5 days that Li Jin spoke of had already passed, yet she hadn’t heard from him.

This man was completely unreliable.

So, every time Lin Qian had some time off, she would stare at her phone in a daze. Finally, after another two days, she received a phone call. But, the call was not from Li Jin, but Xing Lan.

Lin Qian thought Xing Lan was calling to tell her the good news of her victory, so she answered mockingly, “Well…if it isn’t our singing competition winner. You’ve finally decided to give me a call, eh?”

“I didn’t call you because of that,” Xing Lan’s voice was relatively serious. “I wanted to ask you if my cousin has contacted you over the last few days?”

“No, why?” Lin Qian suddenly sat upright.

“My uncle gave me a phone call and said that he hasn’t heard anything from his son. That’s why we decided to ask you,” Xing Lan sighed. “He must still be on his mission. It’s fine, we will continue to wait.”

However, another three days passed, but there was still no news from Li Jin. This made the two elders at the Li Family slightly anxious. After all, Father Li was a senior government official, yet he had no idea where his son was. So, it wasn’t hard to imagine how worried he was feeling.

This was completely out of the ordinary.

Lin Qian continued to stay in contact with Xing Lan and was updated on the current situation. Although she was physically still in New Zealand, her heart had subconsciously flown elsewhere.

Xia Hanmo noticed her absent-mindedness, so in between filming, she said to her, “If you want, you can return to China to look for him. I have Zhou Ge here to take care of me. It should be fine.”

“But, Ning Jie said…”

“I will speak to Ning Jie about it. You should go back first,” Xia Hanmo smiled as she patted Lin Qian on the shoulder.

In reality, ever since the incident with the flood, Xia Hanmo’s popularity on set skyrocketed and everyone treated her politely. With the added special treatment from Zhou Qing, Lin Qian really had no reason to worry about Xia Hanmo.

Lin Qian hesitated again and again, but even though her mind told her to stay, her heart told her she’d regret it if she didn’t return.

So, she listened to her heart and booked a flight back to China. She also gave Xing Lan a call and asked her the location of Li Jin’s military base.

After receiving this call, Xing Lan was shocked, “You’re not planning to go there, are you?”

“Just tell me where it is.”

“Beijing 8th Division Air Base. But, even if you go there, you won’t be allowed in.”

“You don’t need to worry about that,” Lin Qian said before she hung up the phone.

In this lifetime, Lin Qian had done many impulsive things, but this was the first time she did something for the sake of love. Thinking about how Li Jin previously rushed up the mountain to save her without reservation, she felt it was only right for her to respond in a similar way.

So, Lin Qian prepared herself well and even asked Xing Lan to investigate the subordinates that previously followed by Li Jin’s side.

Xing Lan had no choice but to act as a middle-man and pass on Lin Qian’s request to Father Li. Soon after, Lin Qian received the answer that she wanted.

But, before she left for the military base, she went to see one last person.

Sometimes, it was hard to tell whether film resembled life or life resembled film.

“Your brother is getting engaged. Shouldn’t you come and congratulate me?” Quan Ziye seemed to be holding onto his last thread of hope by showing up at Lin Qian and Xing Lan’s apartment. As long as Lin Qian gave him the slightest bit of hope, he would immediately reject Mother Quan’s arrangement. Otherwise, it made no difference who he married.

“If you want me to go, then I’ll go,” Lin Qian’s heart was unsettled, but it wasn’t because of Quan Ziye.

“I know that the relationship between you and the general is fake…”

“Who said it’s fake?” Lin Qian questioned. “Ziye, I was meant to be in New Zealand right now, but Li Jin has gone missing. So I came all the back here because of him. I will be heading off to look for him in a moment. Only when I see him will my heart feel a little more settled. Do you understand?”

“You will always be my brother. After all, we grew up together. But, he’s the one that I’m worried about.”

“In that case, I really didn’t come at the right time,” Quan Ziye endured the piercing pain in his heart as he returned to his evilly charming self. “You should get going. After you find him…bring him along..

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