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Chapter 887 - The Victory Battle

Chapter 887: The Victory Battle

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Lin Qian lowered her head in deep thought. Finally, she looked up at Tangning and replied, “Yes, I’ll go.”

Why would she not go?

Tangning nodded her head with a mysterious smile, “You appear easygoing, but judging by the way you handled Quan Ziye’s matter, I can tell that you’re not a very flexible person.”

“En,” Lin Qian let out a gentle grunt in agreement.

She then returned to Xing Lan’s apartment to pack her bags for her to trip to New Zealand.

Of course, it was almost time for Xing Lan to compete in the grand final of her competition. So, Lin Qian naturally hoped for Xing Lan to win.

“If you don’t win…”

“Don’t worry, just go,” Xing Lan felt Lin Qian was being a bit naggy.

Lin Qian originally wanted to tell Li Jin that she’d be traveling for work, but she assumed that he’d be busy at the military base, so she decided to tell him the next time he contacted her. Therefore, Lin Qian went ahead and boarded the flight to New Zealand with Xia Hanmo.

It was almost time for Xing Lan’s victory battle. Even though her results were consistently number one throughout the entire competition, Xing Lan never slacked off and prepared seriously for every round. With the added fact that she had gone through training with Tangning, her manager from Hai Rui had a very easy job with barely any concerns.

“Tonight is very important. I hope you can maintain your usual state. It doesn’t matter if you win or not, the most important thing is how you feel.”

“I’m sure this is what Ning Jie also wants me to tell you.”

The reason why the manager mentioned this was because she knew that Xing Lan’s victory had once been stolen from her. So, she was worried that Xing Lan would feel pressured.

In reality, Xing Lan was indeed nervous.

After all, she was previously one step away from victory and today was frighteningly familiar, so she was honestly scared that someone would plot against her again.

“Li Jie, can I give Tangning a phone call?” Xing Lan felt that only Tangning was capable of providing her with comfort.

The manager known as Li Jie, pulled out her phone and called Tangning’s number. As soon as the call connected, Xing Lan’s face lit up like she had found a sense of security again, “Ning Jie…I’m scared.”

Tangning asked when she heard this, “Is there anything standing between you and the stage?”


“Trust me. You are going to win. I’ve already sent someone to do a thorough check for anything that could possibly go wrong. You are guaranteed to step safely onto that stage. So, can you guarantee that you will secure victory?” Tangning asked.

After hearing that Tangning had already checked the place thoroughly, Xing Lan finally relaxed. It was clear to see the amount of trust that she had in Tangning.

“Yes I can,” she replied confidently.

“Sing with all your heart. Tonight, the entire nation will be watching you.”

With Tangning’s words of support, Xing Lan felt a boost of confidence. Now, even if she was asked to bring home ten victories, she would be able to do it without question. So, after she hung up the phone, she handed it back to her manager, “Thank you, Li Jie.”

“Can’t you live without Tangning?”

“At least not for now,” Xing Lan laughed.

It was a national competition and it was the grand final. Above all, it was being broadcasted live to the whole world. In reality, as long as Xing Lan maintained a stable performance, winning the competition was a piece of cake. But, Xing Lan wasn’t satisfied with simply having a stable performance. So, when selecting the level of difficulty, she decided to select the most difficult.

The judges did not understand her decision. The victory was practically hers already, why did she have such high expectations for herself?

This was a question that the judges actually asked her. And Xing Lan replied, “Tonight, the entire nation will have their eyes on me. I know the amount of attention I’ll attract. Since I’ve selected the path of singing, why shouldn’t I put in my best effort and do all I can to thank my fans?”

“That’s why I selected the most difficult song for myself.”

“I’m curious what thing or person has given you this much courage,” a different judge queried.

“My Bo Le 1 , Tangning,” Xing Lan replied. “I know, in everyone’s eyes, she has a good side filled with mystery, wisdom, EQ and various talents; and a bad side that’s shrewd, deceitful and vengeful. But, in my heart, she is someone that reshaped me and gave me a new life. She is my Bo Le.”

“Although I’ve already signed with Hai Rui, I will never forget who picked me back up during my toughest time.”


“In my heart, she is a legend. A person that I will always strive to become, but will never reach.”

“Thank you, everyone.”

Xing Lan’s words were filled with gratitude and emotion.

No matter how the public viewed the entertainment industry, at least everyone in Superstar Media treated each other wholeheartedly.

“You are a person that understands gratitude. You may start your performance.”

Xing Lan did not go overboard with her gratitude, but she wanted everyone to know that her victory was created by Tangning.

Those that once doubted Tangning or ridiculed her, were about to end the night with swollen faces.

Xing Lan remembered everything that Tangning taught her. She had taught her to always hold back a little and not reveal her entire bottom line.

So, when Xing Lan sang during this final battle – everyone was shocked!

Her explosive power, the tone of her voice, her emotions and her singing skills seemed to have reached its optimal state at the right time.

The song ‘Fireworks’ was sung perfectly. In fact, it was even better than the original singer…

“Oh God, how many more surprises does this child have?”

“My God, I’m also shocked.”

“I guess this child was holding back before.”

“She was trained by Tangning, so what did you expect?”

The judges’ words were enough to express what was going on; Xing Lan’s final performance was shockingly amazing.

If her previous performances were only a little better than average and motivated her competitors to outdo her, her final performance made her competitors fall silent.

Because her final song was a complete tribute to Tangning.

She sang the song for Tangning to hear.

“I am currently live at the grand finale of the ‘Journey Singing Competition’. I am your external host, XX. We have just heard Xing Lan’s performance of ‘Fireworks’. If you enjoyed her performance, pick up your phones now and cast your votes.”

It was an intense battle. Xing Lan’s performance triggered the other contestants to put in their best efforts: some had similar skills to her, some even sang their own original songs. But, the person that finally took home the victory was…

“After an intense battle, discussions between the judges and votes from the public, the winner is…”

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