Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 886 - I Actually Want To Be Her Fan Now

Chapter 886: I Actually Want To Be Her Fan Now

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“Then you should listen to me. If I hadn’t arrived at the village in time, who would have saved you?” Li Jin’s voice softened a little. “You should at least learn a few things about basic survival.”

Lin Qian could tell that Li Jin had already come to a compromise, so she nodded her head, “OK. Once I have free time, I’ll go.”

The couple suddenly fell silent because they didn’t have many common topics of discussion, so Lin Qian started to feel a little awkward, “You’ve already wasted about two days…aren’t you busy?”

Li Jin did not respond. As he placed a set of spare keys on the bedside table, he suddenly leaned over and gave Lin Qian a hug. He then stood back up and said, “After I leave this time, I may not return for another 5 days.”

Lin Qian’s face flushed red as she nodded her head, “I’ll return home after I feel better.”

“You should just move over here…”


“I’m not home often, so you don’t need to worry about feeling awkward.” After speaking, Li Jin turned and left, leaving Lin Qian all alone with mixed feelings.

Although she had no parents, it didn’t mean that she was a casual person that would easily agree to a man’s invite.

So, Lin Qian simply glanced at the spare keys but did not take them.

After Li Jin left, she packed her things and returned to the apartment that she shared with Xing Lan.

“My God, you’re finally home…” Xing Lan ran over to help her. “I spoke to Ning Jie and she said that you were at my cousin’s house. This time, he rushed over to the village to save you, were you moved by his actions?”

“I’m dizzy,” Lin Qian massaged her forehead as she sat down.

“So, how far have you guys progressed?”

“Quick, tell me.”


Unable to stand Xing Lan’s questioning, Lin Qian decided to be honest in the end, “When I was up on the mountain and almost dying, Li Jin appeared before me. At that moment, I truly felt that I should place the rest of my life in his hands. I admit that I feel differently about him. But, he’s too dominating.”

“You’re used to being wild, so you require a man to take control of you,” Xing Lan laughed. “Regardless…one who survives a disaster is destined to good fortune.”

Lin Qian shook her head and said in a frustrated tone, “I don’t see any signs of fortune…”

Two days after the flood passed, the public’s reactions returned to normal. Which meant, the other artist’s that were stuck on the mountain with Lin Qian and Xing Lan, could finally resurface. But, the only thing they spoke about, was how dangerous the flood was and how frightened they were. No one dared to mention that they had abandoned Lin Qian.

Except for one person, Zhou Qing.

While undertaking an interview, Zhou Qing told the reporters, “This time, we must thank Hanmo. Hanmo lives up to her identity as an artist from Superstar Media. Because of her experience in surviving in the wild, she saved all of us.”

“In that case, Zhou Ge, what do you have to say about the things that Tangning mentioned to the reporters previously? Was what Tangning said true?”

Zhou Qing knew he wouldn’t be able to escape this question, so, after a few seconds of silence, he lifted his head and replied, “I think, when faced with a disaster like this, everyone is bound to be frightened. Because of this fear, many people will make selfish decisions to avoid harm.”

“At that time, Lin Qian had a fever and Hanmo was simply ‘intimidating’ her into being obedient. But, someone happened to overhear her and got scared. It was a normal reaction.”

“Of course, going ahead and leaving the two women behind, was a disgraceful act by all of us, including myself. I hope no one tries to deny this.”

“One must admit to their wrongdoings.”

“So, I want to officially offer an apology to Han Mo and her manager, Lin Qian.”

“I’m sorry.”

Zhou Qing had always been on Xia Hanmo’s side. Back when the incident occurred, he left because he had to ensure that the idiots didn’t get lost or abandon another person along the way. But, he did not intend to fight for his innocence because he was level-headed and wanted to settle the matter.

So, Zhou Qing’s words clearly verified what happened on the mountain that day.

Xia Hanmo had indeed helped everyone, but everyone ended up abandoning her and Lin Qian.

In an instant, Zhou Qing’s words ignited the anger of fans. But, this was only the minority. Most of the fans left messages on Superstar Media’s social media account, asking for Xia Hanmo and Lin Qian to forgive their idols’ cowardice.

Of course, due to this incident, the public’s impression of Xia Hanmo further improved.

“I never thought that Xia Hanmo would actually have the ability to think on her feet and save so many lives.”

“I had heard that she was good at survival techniques. It turns out, it wasn’t a lie.”

“I finally see the good side of Xia Hanmo. What’s this? I actually want to be her fan now.”

Meanwhile, Tangning was respected as a boss after the public found out that she had rushed to a town near the disaster zone just to see her artist. Taking into account the way that she dealt with the reporters after she returned to Beijing, she suddenly created a high and mighty image for herself.

“I must say that Tangning isn’t only a good artist, she is also a great boss. She also has highly talented artists under her management. Superstar Media deserves to be noticed.”

“Tangning exists to change what we know about the entertainment industry.”

As a result of the incident, Tangning, Superstar Media, Xia Hanmo and Zhou Qing all experienced different degrees of attention. So, their fame also increased.

From that day onward, everyone involved with ‘The Big Adventure’ viewed Xia Hanmo differently and acknowledged her identity as a permanent member of the cast. After all, she was multi-talented and exactly the type of person that they needed, especially her knowledge of survival techniques.

A few days later, Lin Qian officially recovered and returned to work.

After arriving at Superstar Media, she met with Tangning and noticed that her gaze was a bit strange.

“What’s wrong?”

“Would you care to explain who Li Jin is?” Tangning asked. “The incident with Quan Ziye only happened not too long ago.”

Lin Qian didn’t expect Tangning to be interested in gossip. So, with a gentle laugh, she replied, “He could be considered as my boyfriend.”

“What do you mean ‘could be’? If he is, then he is!”

Lin Qian thought for a moment before she explained everything that happened between herself and Li Jin to Tangning.

Including how he helped free her from the Quan Family and how he rushed up the mountain to save her…

After hearing her story, Tangning replied, “In this aspect, Li Jin is way better than Quan Ziye. Quan Ziye was helpless around you, but Li Jin has you in the palm of his hands. But, you need to mentally prepare yourself. Being a military wife means you will spend more time apart than together.”

Lin Qian shook her head with a confused expression, “I haven’t thought that far yet. Let’s take things one step at a time.”

Tangning understood that it was because their love wasn’t deep enough yet.

“Since you’re back, then you should return to your post. ‘The Big Adventure’ will be reshooting their entire episode and Hanmo needs you by her side,” Tangning instructed. “Of course, this time, they will be shooting overseas. You need to think it over. Do you want to go or not?”

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