Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 885 - Learn The Meaning Of Regret

Chapter 885: Learn The Meaning Of Regret

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As Superstar Media picked up its artist, Mo Ting’s private plane landed at a nearby town.

As the boss of Superstar Media, Tangning confirmed her artist’s safety and successfully met with Xia Hanmo and Lin Qian.

“Ning Jie, we are both OK. Lin Qian took some medicine and is sleeping at the moment. Her boyfriend is currently taking care of her,” Xia Hanmo said as she stepped out into the living room after tidying up a little.

Tangning leaned back in the sofa and nodded her head as she looked at Xia Hanmo, “My worries have subsided now that I’ve seen both of you are fine.”

“You know, you didn’t have to come all the way here,” Xia Hanmo was undoubtedly moved. After all, whose boss would personally fly to such a small town just to take one glance at their artist?

“I will naturally leave once I’ve confirmed that both of your are fine. By the way, what’s with Lin Qian’s boyfriend?” Apart from Quan Ziye, Tangning had never heard about ‘this’ boyfriend.

Just as Xia Hanmo was about to explain, Li Jin stepped out of Lin Qian’s room.

His tall and strong figure was comparable to Mo Ting’s. But, he had a resolute and unyielding vibe that was very different to Mo Ting’s dangerous aura.

No matter where Mo Ting stood, he had the presence of king.

Unlike this man…

“As soon as Lin Qian wakes up, I will take her home,” Li Jin said to Tangning.

“You…” Tangning was full of doubt. When did Lin Qian meet such an amorous person?

“I am Li Jin.” After introducing himself, Li Jin turned around and returned to the room. He had no desire to talk to anyone. After all, he had limited time.

Tangning looked at Xia Hanmo and Xia Hanmo simply shrugged as she explained what happened on the mountain and how everyone abandoned Lin Qian.

After hearing the entire story, the look that flashed past Tangning’s eyes was similar to the look that Li Jin previously had.


Xia Hanmo couldn’t help but feel chills from this look. So, she quickly changed the topic, “Where’s President Mo? Didn’t he come here with you?”

“He is working in the room,” Tangning replied before she reminded Xia Hanmo, “Pack your things, let’s return to Beijing tonight.”

The flood originally attracted the attention of the public. But, the fact that celebrities were involved, further increased the attention placed on it. Superstar Media ended up picking up its artist first. So, as soon as they disembarked their private plane, they were immediately surrounded by reporters.

“Xia Hanmo, can you explain how you guys managed to escape?”

“Xia Hanmo…”

As Mo Ting was present, the reporters did not dare to get too close. So, Tangning managed to reply to everyone in a relaxed manner, “Thank you everyone for your concern, but Xia Hanmo just escaped the hands of death and is very tired. I hope you can all let her go home and get some rest first.”

“Xia Hanmo, I heard that while you and your manager were running for your lives with the rest of the crew, you deliberately left everyone else behind and escaped on your own. Is this true?”

As soon as one of the reporters asked this question, Tangning immediately glared at them.

“Where did you hear this from?”

The reporter remained silent for a few seconds, slightly intimidated by Tangning’s look. So, it took him a short moment before he replied, “This is news that I received from my friend in the disaster zone.”

“What exactly did your friend say?” Tangning asked.

“He said that Xia Hanmo and Lin Qian escaped with assistance from a soldier, but did not return to help everyone else…”

“Then your friend mustn’t have told you that they would already be a bunch of corpses if Xia Hanmo hadn’t proposed to leave the homestay in the first place, right?” Tangning asked in a calm but serious manner.

“And your friend mustn’t have told you that Xia Hanmo helped everyone resolve difficulties along the way and volunteered to walk last, just so she could ensure everyone’s safety, right?”

“Your friend knows nothing. In fact, he didn’t know that Xia Hanmo’s manager had a fever and was suspected of carrying a virus, causing the two of them to be abandoned by the rest of the crew.”

“This…” the reporter was suddenly rendered speechless. He never expected this to be the truth.

“My agency’s manager, Lin Qian is still unconscious. If they still have a bit conscience, they better not use this incident to create hype. Otherwise, Superstar Media will let them learn the meaning of regret.”

After speaking, Tangning turned around and glanced at Xia Hanmo. She then said to the reporters, “I’ve already said what I should. Please clear the way.”

Everyone knew that Tangning could not be offended, so the reporters immediately cleared a path for her and the others to leave.

Mo Ting walked ahead and shielded his wife as he glanced at the reporter to note down his name.

Zhou Qing’s prediction was right.

Someone was afraid that they’d be exposed for abandoning one of their own, so they tried to jump in first…

Meanwhile, the disaster continued and the flood was as strong as ever.

Because it was such a serious disaster, people from all walks of life paid close attention to it. So, after Tangning provided her explanation once, she did not ask Xia Hanmo to further elaborate. Instead, she told her to assist the police in rescuing people by helping them understand the terrain. Afterwards, Superstar Media donated a large sum of money for disaster relief.

With the efforts put in by Superstar Media, the other artists couldn’t say a thing once they arrived back in Beijing. Only one artist tried to make up excuses, but the public quickly deemed them as creating hype and the artist quickly gave up.

Meanwhile, Lin Qian slept for an entire day before finally waking up. When she awoke, she was already in Li Jin’s villa.

Lin Qian couldn’t remember anything that happened after she fell asleep. It seemed, her illness wasn’t light.

“You’re finally awake,” Li Jin said as he pushed open the door carrying a bowl of plain congee. “Have some. Otherwise, you won’t have any energy.”

“How’s everyone else?”

“They’re all fine,” Li Jin replied gently before he placed the bowl of congee into her hands. “You have a good boss.”

“What do you mean?”

Li Jin was referring to how Tangning scolded the reporters at the airport. Actually, from the moment that Tangning flew all the way to the disaster zone, it was already clear to see that she honestly cared about her staff and wasn’t putting on an act.

“You can figure it out yourself when you feel better,” Li Jin couldn’t be bothered with the happenings of the entertainment industry, he simply cared about his woman.

Lin Qian nodded her head and took a few sips of the congee. But, it was simply too plain, so she didn’t have much of an appetite.

“After you feel better, you should come to the military base to do some training.”

“Huh?” Lin Qian was a little surprised.

“Otherwise, you will be a burden for your artist.”

Lin Qian didn’t want to accept what Li Jin said. Even though it was the truth, did he have to be so straightforward?

“I’m not going.”

“You are family, so you must go,” Li Jin said with a sense of dominance.

“I don’t like being forced.”

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