Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 884 - That's Their Punishment For Leaving Qian Qian Behind

Chapter 884: That’s Their Punishment For Leaving Qian Qian Behind

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Lin Qian’s fever did not subside, so Xia Hanmo began to panic. They couldn’t continue ahead, nor could they turn back. Left with no choice, she said to Lin Qian, “Lean against here for now, I’ll try to start a fire and signal for help.”

“Those guys were really a bunch of cowards,” Lin Qian laughed. “Hanmo, you should go ahead too. Otherwise, both of us will end up being stuck here.”

“What nonsense are you speaking. Has the fever made you crazy?” Xia Hanmo helped Lin Qian find a comfortable position before she searched for a dry area and began to start a fire.

Lin Qian watched Xia Hanmo and suddenly felt that everything was worth it. Even if she had nothing, she at least had friends.

As Xia Hanmo tried to light the fire, she looked at Lin Qian. At this moment, a strong and tall figure suddenly jumped out from the woods, making Xia Hanmo jump back in fear. However, as she regained her composure, she noticed the figure kneel down in front of Lin Qian, pull out a syringe from his backpack and inject her with antibiotics.

Lin Qian was weak, but she still noticed the person that had arrived, “Li Jin…”

“It’s me,” Li Jin replied with his usual coldness.

“Why are you here?”

“To look for you,” Li Jin replied before he lifted her onto his back.

Xia Hanmo immediately ran over to help. She never imagined that someone would risk their life to come look for Lin Qian.

This man suddenly looked extra strong and tall. Even though he was originally built to begin with.

“What happened? Where’s everyone else?”

Xia Hanmo explained how the others left because they were afraid Lin Qian would infect them. As they continued forward, they discussed the current situation amongst them.

“So, those people abandoned Lin Qian?” Li Jin’s voice was extra cold.

Xia Hanmo did not deny it, because it was the truth.

At this moment, Lin Qian had already fallen asleep on Li Jin’s back. But, Xia Hanmo was surprised that Li Jin was carrying a live human on his back, yet he was walking more swiftly than she was.

“After we go over this mountain, there’s another village on the other side.”

“How do you know that?”

Li Jin couldn’t tell her that he had flown through here on his military jet countless times, so he chose to remain silent.

But, one glance at Li Jin and Xia Hanmo could tell that he had a special identity that could not be spoken of, so she did not ask any further.

The trio quickly escaped their dangerous predicament thanks to Li Jin taking the lead. As soon as they reached the foot of the mountain, Xia Hanmo ran ahead to find a place for Lin Qian to rest while Li Jin followed behind with Lin Qian on his back.

After a nap, Lin Qian began to feel a lot better. As she opened her eyes and saw the man that was carrying her, she relaxed and leaned against his back.

“Why did you come? It’s dangerous here.”

“I told you that I wouldn’t let go of you so easily,” Li Jin replied.

Lin Qian felt a little shocked as tears crept out from the corners of her eyes, “I came out here with no intention of telling you about it because I assumed our relationship wouldn’t last very long. After all, we both live such busy lives.”

“Can’t you see that I came here looking for you in the end?” Li Jin asked. “When I’m busy, you can come looking for me. And when you’re busy, I’ll come looking for you. That way things won’t fizzle between us.”

“That sounds reasonable,” Lin Qian said as she suddenly burst into tears. Regardless of the reason why Li Jin came looking for her, his actions finally made her open her heart to him.

Because he had risked his life for her.

Soon, Xia Hanmo found a home that was willing to take them in. The owner gave them a place to rest, so Li Jin immediately placed Lin Qian onto the bed and started removing her clothes, “I’ll help you dry off before you go to sleep.”

By now, Lin Qian no longer felt the need to resist. But, Xia Hanmo was standing right there.

“Errr…you and Lin Qian are…”

Although Li Jin had risked his life to come looking for Lin Qian, Xia Hanmo still had to clarify things. What if Lin Qian wasn’t willing?

“I am her boyfriend, Li Jin.”

“She’s never mentioned you before,” Xia Hanmo chuckled. “Forget it. It’s not the right time to discuss this matter. I wonder where the others have wandered off to.”

“I spotted signs of the path they took, but I chose not to go after them,” Li Jin replied. “According to the direction they’re headed, they will eventually end up in this village, but it will take them until the end of the day. They should settle down here around midnight.”

“Huh? You…”

“That’s their punishment for leaving Qian Qian behind.”

For a split second, Xia Hanmo actually felt that this man was quite cool.

He had a cold exterior but he was extremely capable, much like Mo Ting, except they were awesome in their own domain.

Either way, the rest of the crew deserved it.

Slowly, the sky turned dark. Xia Hanmo and Li Jin had already washed themselves clean and changed into a new set of clothes when the rest of the crew finally arrived at the village. Of course, even though Xia Hanmo despised some of these people, she still paid the owner of the house some money to take them in.

“You…Hanmo, why are you…”

“It wasn’t easy to convince the owner of this house to take you guys in. Hurry and wash yourselves down.”

At this moment, Zhou Qing approached Xia Hanmo after completing his mission to protect these people and gave a sincere apology, “I need to take responsibility for leaving you guys behind.”

“Zhou Ge, I understand what you were thinking. If you didn’t protect them, they would have gotten lost in the woods.”

“How did you get here first and why didn’t you come looking for us?” someone asked angrily.

“What? You’re not afraid of being infected by Lin Qian anymore?” Xia Hanmo asked. “When you made the decision to abandon us, it should have crossed your mind that I’d keep any method of escape a secret from you.”


“Any way…we were rescued by Lin Qian’s boyfriend,” Xia Hanmo revealed as she looked at Li Jin.

At this moment, Li Jin stepped out of Lin Qian’s room, but he only spoke to Xia Hanmo, “Hai Rui’s people are nearby. Your agency is sending a helicopter to get you.”

“What about us?”

“You are already in a safe location. If you want to go home, then find your own way,” Li Jin said.

Arriving in the village meant that they now had electricity and phone reception. So, it was OK for Li Jin to say such words.

As a result, everyone watched helplessly as Hai Rui’s helicopter picked up the trio and took them away.

As they left, Xia Hanmo looked at Zhou Qing. Zhou Qing gestured for her not to worry, he would take care of the others.

He also whispered beside her ear, “As soon as you return, reveal what happened with Lin Qian. Don’t let others grab the first opportunity to create hype.”

“Thank you, Zhou Ge,” Xia Hanmo nodded.

Of course, the story of celebrities escaping a flood was explosive news, so someone was bound to create hype from it. That’s why Zhou Qing told Xia Hanmo to take control of the situation, or at least, prevent herself from getting the short end of the stick. After all, she had already helped this bunch of trash enough.

Of course, after returning, the next episode was going to be lot easier.

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