Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 883 - I Have A Family Member Up There

Chapter 883: I Have A Family Member Up There

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As the flood continued to rise, the cliffs on the sides began to break apart, making everyone’s knees weak in fear.

“This won’t do, we have to continue climbing upwards,” Zhou Qing proposed. Because of the strong destructive power of the flood, no one could guarantee that the current place they were standing would remain stable.

“But, Zhou Ge, the path ends here.”

“Then, throw away any unnecessary items and let’s climb up,” Xia Hanmo instructed. This side of the mountain was obviously safer because the rocks were more stable and the woods were lusher.

After hearing what Xia Hanmo said, everyone decisively threw their beloved items on the floor. Because, at a time like this, nothing was more important than their own lives.

Xia Hanmo then gathered some straw, weaved them into a strong rope and tied the girls together. This way, they could look after each other.

“Hanmo, thank you. We are honestly thankful.”

“Hanmo…it was our fault for not treating you well.”

At this moment, the girls were all crying in fear. But, after hearing Xia Hanmo’s idea, they began to feel a sense of safety.

However, the rope wasn’t long enough, so it was only capable of tying a few of the weakest girls together. So, Xia Hanmo turned around and said to Lin Qian as she nudged her forward, “You go first, I’ll protect you.”

“Can you still hold on?” Lin Qian asked. “Don’t treat yourself like you’re invincible…”

At this time, Zhou Qing who was leading, suddenly ran behind Xia Hanmo and pushed her forward, “You go ahead, I’ll watch your back.”

“Zhou Ge…”

“Don’t underestimate me. I am still a man,” Zhou Qing patted Xia Hanmo on the shoulder.

With much difficulty, the crew of people ended up climbing up the mountain. No one had any time to care about their image because the scene below them was much too frightening. Although they didn’t know know if the villagers managed to escape, they could only hope that they were safe.

Soon, everyone quickly exhausted their energies. But, they were only halfway up. Meanwhile, the group of weaker girls had to force themselves forward with assistance from the men.

“Everyone, let’s rest for a bit.” Everyone lay on the ground in a heap, their bodies covered in mud.

But, after running for their lives, this group of originally clean and glamorous artists were finally able to lay down their burdens and face Xia Hanmo head on.

“I never imagined you to be this capable.”

“That’s right Hanmo, you saved everyone’s lives.”

“Everyone’s relatively safe now, but it’s still not easy to call for help. It seems like there will still be heavy rain, so everyone will need to suffer a little more,” Xia Hanmo said with her hands on her hips. “Right now, we need to find a comfortable place to light a fire.”

“Huh? Light a fire?”

“If we have fire, then we have smoke. We can use the smoke to create a smoke signal and call for help,” Zhou Qing helped Xia Hanmo explain.

“I see.”

“I hope everyone is lucky.”

Unfortunately, reality proved that everyone’s luck wasn’t that good, because Xia Hanmo’s prediction was right and a second round of heavy rain soon poured down on then. Even though they managed to light a fire, it was quickly extinguished. And, if they were to light a fire with the damp wood later, they would only choke on the smoke.

“Will we have to sleep here tonight?” Xia Hanmo sighed. “I reckon if this experience got documented and turned into a TV show, it would be a hit.”

“You’re actually in the mood to joke right now?” Zhou Qing laughed.

Xia Hanmo turned around subconsciously to look for Lin Qian, but noticed that her face was extremely pale.

Xia Hanmo touched her forehead and began to panic, “You’ve got a fever.”

“What should we do? We’ve already thrown away everything and don’t have any medicine on us,” a crew member asked, seemingly afraid that Lin Qian would infect them.

“It’s fine. You guys sit to one side and I’ll take care of her,” Xia Hanmo gestured for everyone to move to one side.

“There’s nothing you can do to help me,” Lin Qian said as she leaned against a tree. “I can endure it.”

“If your fever develops into pneumonia at a place like this, who would be able to save you?” Xia Hanmo pulled Lin Qian to her side and sat her down. She then tore a piece of fabric off her shirt, wet it with some rain water and tried to help Lin Qian lower her body temperature. “If it’s just the cold, you should recover easily. But, if it’s caused by a parasite, you will need to be injected with medicine.”

“It seems like you really know a lot,” Lin Qian smiled weakly.

At this time, someone happened to overhear Xia Hanmo’s words and thought that a parasite was the same thing as a virus. A virus that was deadly like something contracted from Africa. So, she passed this information onto the people beside her because she was too afraid to speak to Zhou Qing directly regarding her concern.

“Zhou Ge, we are going to continue the climb.”


“You don’t need to worry about us. We will continue ahead. I don’t want to be infected by a virus.”

Zhou Qing was dumbfounded. There was no point explaining anything.

At this time, Xia Hanmo walked over and said to Zhou Qing, “Zhou Ge, you should go ahead with them and protect them. They simply want to be separated from us.”


“Don’t worry, I can handle this.”

Zhou Qing looked at Xia Hanmo with complete trust and continued forward with the paranoid bunch.

Meanwhile, Xia Hanmo remained by Lin Qian’s side. But, Lin Qian was not getting any better…

“Chat with me,” Lin Qian suddenly requested.

“What do you want to chat about?” Xia Hanmo asked as Lin Qian leaned against her.

“Actually, I have no parents, so I have nothing to worry about…” Lin Qian suddenly said, “You’re different. You still have a brother.”

Tangning was all the way in Beijing, so the news she received wasn’t very accurate.

After such a huge flood, was anyone sent there for search and rescue? Tangning was so worried that she called Lu Che three times in one hour. Finally, she received an answer from the rescue team. The crew seemed to have headed up the mountain and should be safe for the time being.

But, until she saw Lin Qian and Xia Hanmo again, Tangning’s worries would not subside.

“Don’t worry,” Mo Ting comforted the woman in his arms. “We are of no assistance to the rescue efforts at the moment, especially since you are pregnant. As soon as the rescue team finds their location, Hai Rui will send a helicopter to get them.”

Tangning remained silent and nodded her head.

“They will be fine. Trust me.”

No matter how strong a person was, they were tiny when up against nature.

“Can we go to the nearest safe location to them? I want to see them as soon as they are found.”

Mo Ting knew he couldn’t talk Tangning out of it. So, he immediately made arrangements.

Meanwhile, at the forefront of the rescue team, a special person suddenly appeared. He was the major general of the Air Force, Li Jin. He was originally on his way to pick up Lin Qian, but when he heard about the flood and how Lin Qian was trapped on the mountain, he grabbed a few medical supplies from the nearby clinic, removed his jacket and started heading up the mountain.

“Hey, what are you doing? Don’t you know it’s dangerous?” a soldier blocked him from heading into danger.

But, Li Jin pulled out his badge and said to the man, “I have a family member up there.”

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