Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 882 - You Are So Fake

Chapter 882: You Are So Fake

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After breakfast, it was time to start filming. While this was happening, Lin Qian had no choice but to sit idly to the side. However, as she pulled out her phone, she was surprised to see that she had received a message from Li Jin.

“Where are you?”

Lin Qian thought for a few seconds and casually revealed her location to him, certain that he wouldn’t come looking for her.

After that message, Lin Qian did not hear back from Li Jin nor did she try to contact him again. Because of a variety of reasons, the relationship between the two slowly appeared like there was no chance of progression.

Work was important for both of them, especially for Li Jin. The special nature of his profession made it impossible for Lin Qian to always be by his side. So, Lin Qian did not hold high hopes.

“Xia Hanmo, what’s wrong with you? Do you know how to play the game? How are the guests supposed to continue filming like this?”

Just as Lin Qian was in a daze, the recording was interrupted. Xia Hanmo had accidentally knocked a guest to the ground while trying to play one of the games.

As it was raining, they had to relocate indoors. But because of this, they had very limited space.

Of course, the other artists were merely throwing the blame on Xia Hanmo, but Lin Qian could tell that Xia Hanmo was not at fault, simply by looking at the innocent expression on her face.

All in all, Xia Hanmo spent the entire day being blamed and bullied by the other artists.

As she was a permanent cast member, she couldn’t get angry at the guests, so she simply endured everything.

Everyone could tell what was happening. But, as if they had already come to a consensus, no one exposed the truth. Instead, they took turns bullying her like she wasn’t a part of the cast.

Zhou Qing observed everything clearly, but he knew that endurance was the key to being a good host.

A qualified host should first control their emotions before they resolve a matter.

Otherwise, any disagreements would simply intensify and the matter would only get worse.

After the day ended, Lin Qian looked at Xia Hanmo and shook her head, “Are you planning to continue being bullied like this?”

“Of course not,” Xia Hanmo shook her head. “But I need to discover each of their flaws before I can make them behave.”

“Oh, you finally resemble Ning Jie a little,” Lin Qian smiled. “But, it’s currently raining outside, that’s why it’s been so humid. So, you should get prepared to be bitten by mosquitoes tonight.”

“With me around, are you still afraid of being bitten by mosquitoes?” Xia Hanmo shook her head, as she went to secretly prepare something. As a result, Lin Qian indeed slept peacefully through the entire night.

The next morning, practically everyone had bites on their bodies except for Xia Hanmo and Lin Qian.

“Weren’t there any mosquitoes in your room?”

“Apparently not,” Lin Qian shrugged, “Hanmo seems to have her methods for things like this.”

Everyone was dumbfounded as they stared at Lin Qian.

They couldn’t possibly ask Xia Hanmo for help today after bullying her yesterday, right?

“This isn’t the only thing she’s capable of. She’s like a walking encyclopedia,” Lin Qian added enthusiastically.

Xia Hanmo remained silent as everyone looked at her in doubt.

At this time, the owner of the homestay suddenly ran out and said to everyone, “You guys should think of a way to get out of here as soon as possible. The rain is so heavy that this place might flood.”

As soon as they heard the word ‘flood’, everyone froze in shock as they waited for someone else to react. At this time, Zhou Qing said to the director, “We need to get moving as soon as possible. We can’t put everyone’s lives at risk.”

“OK. Let’s return to our respective rooms, pack our belongings and meet in the parking lot at half past eight.”

In the history of the show, a serious incident like this had never happened. So, everyone quickly packed their things to leave. But, the owner of the homestay ended up receiving a phone call from the police, warning him that the road out of the mountains had already been destroyed by flooding and that there was temporarily no way out.

“What should we do now?” everyone suddenly fell into a panic.

“Let’s head for higher ground,” Xia Hanmo suggested.

“Are you crazy? The rain is too heavy. I don’t want to get all soaked and dirty,” an artist protested.

“That’s right. Just because we can’t leave, doesn’t mean we can’t sit here and wait.”

“Soon, the water level in the river near the homestay will rise and it will rise really quickly. Have you never heard of flash flooding? The impact and destruction will be frightening,” Xia Hanmo explained. “Director, I suggest we get moving right now.”


“Let’s do as she says,” Zhou Qing suddenly said.

“Zhou Ge…that’s not necessary.”

“You may think it’s not necessary right now, but as soon as it happens, it will be too late. Which one of you has lived in the jungle on your own or dived into the ocean to take pictures of whales? Xia Hanmo is the only one that’s done it. So, right now, you have no choice but to follow her.”

Due to forceful instructions from the crew, the artists had no choice but to follow, even though they were reluctant.

However, they complained the entire way and scolded Xia Hanmo endlessly. In the end, one of the artists was too tired to walk and ended up whingeing as she sat on the ground, “I’m not walking anymore. If the flood comes, it can just sweep me away.”

“Lin Qian,” Xia Hanmo glanced at Lin Qian, gesturing for some help. So, the two women walked over and helped the artist up; it wasn’t the right time to throw a tantrum.

Everyone continued to climb up the stone stairs which led from the back of the homestay upwards. Because it was quite steep, many people couldn’t handle it.

“Xia Hanmo, in order to stand out, you’d really go to any length.”

“You are so fake, no wonder you had a famously bad reputation. I hope you have a bad reputation for the rest of your life.”

All the way up, this particular artist continued to scold Xia Hanmo. But, at this time, a loud rumble echoed from the other side of the valley as water flooded in and quickly covered all the low-lying areas.

Everyone watched as the dirty muddy water consumed the homestay below them and their knees began to feel weak.

All of a sudden, all the complaints stopped.

As they watched one wave of muddy water follow another, everyone began to rush up the mountain in fear. Their lives were definitely the most important thing at this moment.

Soon, the rain stopped, but everyone was trapped on the stone stairs, feeling both tired and hungry.

At this time, someone finally approached Xia Hanmo to apologize, “Hanmo, sorry…and thank you.”

“There’s no use thanking me nor apologizing to me. Right now, the most important thing is to figure out how to get out of here.”

This was also the first time that Lin Qian experienced a situation like this. At that moment, she suddenly thought of Li Jin.

Every time the country was in trouble, the military was always sent to the forefront. Would Li Jin end up coming?

With this thought, Lin Qian wanted to give Li Jin a phone call. Unfortunately, she was in such a rush that she couldn’t find where she had placed her phone.

When she turned around to look at the other artists around her, it was obvious that they had never experienced anything like this before either.

“I’ve contacted someone on the outside, but I’m not sure how long we’ll have to wait,” Zhou Qing suddenly said at this time.

“I don’t want to stay here. It’s too dangerous…” someone amongst the crew of people began to cry.

It seemed, she was truly frightened.

Meanwhile, far away in Beijing, Lu Che notified Tangning of Xia Hanmo and Lin Qian’s situation.

So, she had to think of a way to save them!

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