Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 880 - Indeed The Same Kind Of People

Chapter 880: Indeed The Same Kind Of People

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News that Tangning appeared at the shopping mall quickly spread throughout Beijing. In the eyes of the public, they were sincerely trying to hold back an actress, but in the eyes of everyone else in the industry, they felt like Tangning was being ungrateful.

Everyone in the industry knew that fans were fickle; this was something that people in the industry often said. So, for people within the industry, Tangning appeared to be putting on an act.

But, after making a one-time appearance at the theater, Tangning did not appear in front of the public again; she definitely wasn’t trying to attract attention like some people thought.

“How do you feel after watching your own film?” Qiao Sen asked. He wanted to know if Tangning thought she was invincible like other actors often did.

“If I was given another chance, I would do it even better,” Tangning replied.

After hearing her response, Qiao Sen laughed, “We are indeed the same kind of people.” They were both perfectionists.

“I’ve selected the female lead. Since you are not fated to take this role, I’ve decided to pick an actress from overseas,” Qiao Sen said as he handed Tangning some information. “She’s a French actress with good qualifications.”

Tangning received the documents, but did not immediately share her opinion, “I’ll have a look at home.”

“That’s fine,” Qiao Sen nodded.

“There’s one more thing that I would like to get your opinion about,” Tangning hesitated for a few seconds as she looked at the 3D model on the special effects programmer’s computer. “I would like to change the name of the film. ‘Purgatory’ is too abstract and isn’t captivating enough.”

“OK, what would you like to change it to?” Qiao Sen asked.

“‘The Ant Queen'”

After hearing this name, Qiao Sen immediately imagined an ant that was the size of the buildings around it. It was an exciting image that immediately made him nod his head, “Yes, ‘The Ant Queen’ sounds more like a sci-fi film. Let’s settle on that then.”

“Not bad. Things seem to progressing well. I hope this film will be ready for release in two years time.”

Two years…

Out of all the artists being managed by Tangning, Xia Hanmo’s road to recovery was probably the most difficult because she no longer occupied a place in the main circles.

After returning from overseas, Xia Hanmo appeared on various magazines and the public’s appraisal of her began to change.

This gave Xia Hanmo a new lease on life. After all, she still needed to pay for her brothers exorbitant medical costs.

Lin Qian looked into the man mentioned by Xia Hanmo, Zhou Qing, and discovered that he was indeed the best host in the travel world. So, Xia Hanmo really appreciated the opportunity given to her and went with Lin Qian to meet him.

Zhou Qing was in his mid thirties and had a classy appearance. Because of his easygoing and humorous personality, he had a good reputation in the industry.

And this time, he shocked everyone with the news of working with Xia Hanmo!

According to the way that Xia Hanmo had gotten famous because of her bad reputation, wasn’t Zhou Qing worried at all?

But, because of Tangning, when people mentioned Xia Hanmo, they naturally took good care of her.

“Hanmo, with me around, you don’t need to worry about anything. The staff will take good care of you,” Zhou Qing comforted during their meeting, assuring her not to feel anxious.

After receiving Zhou Qing’s words of comfort, Xia Hanmo nodded her head, “Don’t worry, I will put in my best efforts.”

“With your years of experience, I’m sure you can handle it. Especially since you are so well traveled.”

Xia Hanmo smiled. The entire meeting was relatively casual because Zhou Qing knew how to lead the conversations and liven up the atmosphere.

Afterwards, Lin Qian left with Xia Hanmo while the director remained behind to chat to Zhou Qing.

“Zhou Qing, ‘The Big Adventure’ is about to change hosts and you are about to leave this channel. Why did you bring Xia Hanmo into this when it’s already the last season?”

Zhou Qing held back a smile as he tapped his fingers on the table in front of him, “Both you and I know who’s going to replace me. The TV station may want to get rid of me after I’ve done my job, but I still want to give Xia Hanmo a hand. Helping Xia Hanmo is a sign of respect for Tangning.”

“I have my doubts against an actor that unfairly relies on the power of Weibo to get his way.”

“So, before I leave, I want to help Xia Hanmo a little.”

“This child is a good writer and has impressive talent. She was simply placed in the wrong place before.”

The director sighed after hearing this, “The head of the TV channel is ridiculous. ‘The Big Adventure’ went from being a small program to the popularly viewed program it is today because of you. Just because his younger brother is now back, he ignored your efforts and reaped your benefits. That’s much too shameless.”

Zhou Qing smiled as usual without saying a word.

“Of course, with your status, I’m sure you will find a good place to go. Since you’ve mentioned to take care of Xia Hanmo, I will definitely do as you’ve requested.”

“Thank you, Director.”

“There are still plenty of good people in this world,” the director patted Zhou Qing on the shoulder with a sigh as he left.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qing stared at the spot where Xia Hanmo was standing just a moment ago without a word.

Tangning heard about Xia Hanmo’s good news and was happy for her. Of course, as her boss, apart from congratulating her, Tangning also gave her some words of advice.

As the variety world was a new domain for Xia Hanmo, it was important for her to be led by a talented host.

Xia Hanmo was very lucky.

“I received this luck after meeting you,” Xia Hanmo cheered. “I’m glad I came looking for Superstar Media. Thank you, Tangning.”

“Don’t be too quick in thanking me. Slowly learn from Zhou Qing. He has a good reputation in the industry,” Tangning instructed.”Hanmo, you need to remember that you are a part of Superstar Media. We share our glory as well as our failures. I still have projects of my own, so I can help relieve some of your pressure. But, in the next two years, I may not make an appearance in front of the public again. So, you need to take advantage of this timing.”

“Don’t worry, if I still can’t live my life well even after being giving a second chance, then I’m a complete waste of space,” Xia Hanmo replied.

As a result, Xia Hanmo’s future prospects looked as promising as Xing Lan and Luo Sheng’s.

Mo Ting heard Tangning talking on the phone and approached to hug her from behind. He then said beside her ear, “Today at Hai Rui, the higher ups were questioning why you only had three artists.”

“I’ve made my three artists into the best of the best. It’s enough to make those that rely on background feel shame.”

“Just like everyone said, the industry is big and my abilities are limited. But, at least I can give faith to those that are being suppressed. Just like Luo Sheng and the others: one is in variety, one is an actor and the other is a singer…I’ve already covered someone from each of the three main categories.”

“So, whether I sign on another artist depends on fate.”

“By the way, your female lead has been decided. We have chosen a sexy dream actress…” Tangning said jealously.

“Oh?” Mo Ting raised an eyebrow.

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