Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 879 - Don't Be Impatient, I Will Definitely Be Back!

Chapter 879: Don’t Be Impatient, I Will Definitely Be Back!

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Qiao Sen’s only hope was President Mo.

After all, Tangning’s management contract was in Mo Ting’s hands. So, he ended up contacting Mo Ting and hoped that he could convince Tangning to partake in ‘Purgatory’ as the female lead. He had no desire to continue filming with anyone else.

“I’m sorry Director Qiao, I will need to reject you as well,” Mo Ting replied politely. “My wife is pregnant. She has just enough energy to manage what’s going on behind-the-scenes, but it’s impossible for her to film something that involves a lot of action scenes.”

Qiao Sen was shocked. He never imagined this to be Tangning’s reason.

“Oh, that’s a real shame.”

Qiao Sen didn’t want to accept the truth, but Mo Ting had already told him this much, so, he had no choice but to give up.

Luckily, Mo Ting managed to comfort him.

“Since that’s the case, then I can only give Tangning my blessings.”

Mo Ting nodded his head. He would never let Tangning take risks for the sake of a film and Tangning would never agree to it either.

After all, she wanted so badly to have a daughter…

After Qiao Sen left, Lu Che stared at Mo Ting for a long time before he suggested, “President, I don’t think the Madam has watched ‘Survivor’ yet, should I make arrangements?”

“No need. I will arrange it myself,” Mo Ting said before he placed his focus back on the documents in front of him.

Later that night, Mo Ting returned home and helped Tangning coax the two kids to sleep. He then fetched a comfortable set of clothing for her to change into, “Let’s go out for a bit.”

“What about the kids?”

“Mom will come look after them,” Mo Ting replied.

Tangning nodded her head and quickly changed her clothes. The couple dressed casually and kept an extremely low profile as they left the house. No one expected that Mo Ting would take Tangning directly to the theater, nor did they expect that he’d take her to one of the busiest ones. In the end, the couple entered early without being noticed.

All of this did not need explaining. Tangning knew that Mo Ting had brought her to watch ‘Survivor’. In fact, she knew that he had to pick a theater like this for her to experience the true atmosphere created by the film.

Soon, film fans piled into the theater. The percentage of seats filled was extremely high and Tangning was amongst these seats. Of course, she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

“Now that you’re in here, you’re just a normal member of the audience. Relax.”

Hearing Mo Ting’s words of comfort, Tangning nodded her head and slowly calmed down.

After ten minutes of commercials, the film finally started.

It was a weird sensation. As she watched herself appear on the big screen and the camera, she slowly began to feel like she wasn’t looking at herself, but a stranger.

It was worth mentioning that the director’s camera work was also very impressive. Even though he had gone through the incident with Xu Xin, the film was not affected.

During the 136 minutes, everyone was completely immersed in the film.

Most people experienced a variety of mixed emotions, but when the film concluded, they didn’t know how to explain how they felt. All they could say was, “Tangning’s acting is godlike.”

Apart from that, some people also said, “I’m never flying on a plane again. I’m traumatized!”

After the film finished, the lights in the theater turned back on. Because Tangning and Mo Ting were wearing face masks, they stood out a little more than everyone else.

“Hey, look. Aren’t they celebrities?”

“Maybe. I can’t see clearly through their face masks.”

Tangning and Mo Ting had no idea that they had been spotted. So, Mo Ting casually wrapped his arm around Tangning and said, “Let’s go.”

Tangning nodded her head. Just as she started walking down the stairs with Mo Ting, a few fans suddenly ran over to them and screamed, “Tangning, it’s Tangning!”

Her long legs had revealed her identity.

Mo Ting shielded Tangning in his embrace, but more and more fans began to gather round.

“Tangning, did you come to watch your own film?”

“Tangning, your acting was really good. Can you sign an autograph for us?”

“I’m sorry, can we please leave first so we don’t impact the normal operations of the theater?” Tangning said as she removed her mask.

The audience expressed their understanding and quickly turned to leave. But, every now and then, they would glance back at Tangning, afraid that she would run away.

However, Tangning always kept her promise.

The entire time, Mo Ting tried to keep Tangning separated from the public. But, he seemed to have underestimated his woman’s status in the entertainment industry. Within a few moments, the multi-level shopping mall that the theater was located in, was filled with people.

Only after they left the shopping mall did Tangning finally stop. Still in Mo Ting’s embrace, she slowly turned around and bowed to everyone, “Thank you for your support for ‘Survivor’. As my last film, I hope everyone enjoyed it.”

Previously, everyone had simply been rumoring that this was Tangning’s final film. While they still held some hope, they never imagined words like this to come from Tangning’s mouth.

It was weird. The actress Tangning and manager Tangning seemed like two different people: one kept to herself, while the other had a sharp tongue.

It was hard for everyone to think of them as one entity. After all, as a manager, Tangning could say whatever she wanted.

“Tangning, please come back. You’re acting is so good to watch.”

“Exactly. We are all your fans. We understand that you went through quite an ordeal with Xu Xin’s incident.”

“Tangning, please don’t give up on us…”

“Tangning…” everyone cried from the bottom of their hearts. It was probably the first time that the public begged an artist to return to acting.

This was because she was one in a million.

Mo Ting knew that Tangning was put in a difficult position. So, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and tapped it gently, “Let’s go.”


“Please don’t be sad. I am just a simple artist. Also, give me some time. I will use a different method to bring you a miracle. Wait for me!” After speaking, Mo Ting protected Tangning as she boarded their car and the couple quickly disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“This is better than not leaving us with any hope.”

“Little Miss Tangning, we will always wait for you.”

Xu Xin’s incident caused Tangning a lot of pain and made her change professions into a manager because she wanted to help those that were neglected and mistreated in the industry.

Unfortunately, no one was capable of fixing the disappointment that Tangning had in her heart.

“She must be tired from all the arguments. Give her some time to rest. I’m sure she’ll come back.”

On the way home, Tangning remained silent.

So, as Mo Ting turned around and looked at her, he asked in a gentle voice, “What are you thinking about?”

“I may be important in their hearts today, but they will forget about me in the blink of an eye.”

Hearing these words, Mo Ting couldn’t help but laugh, “Who cares about everyone else? As long as you always remain important in my heart, that’s all that matters.”

“Don’t be impatient, I will definitely be back!”

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