Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 877 - Premiere of 'Survivor'

Chapter 877: Premiere of 'Survivor'



These days, Tangning had grown bored of giving faceslaps. She knew what she was capable of and knew where she stood.

So, no matter how the director tried to persuade her, she had no intention of attending the premiere.

That night at Hyatt Regency, the atmosphere was especially warm. Tangning was going through her second pregnancy, so Daddy Ting was left with the responsibilty of carrying their two sons. As she watched her tall and strong man carry the two little ones into the bathroom, Tangning's heart melted.

Mo Ting had become well experienced in this aspect. It was clear to see that he took on his role as a husband perfectly throughout Tangning's pregnancy as well as after she gave birth. No matter how ruthless and heartless he was on the outside world, as soon as he returned home, he would put down his identity and take good care of Tangning and their kids.

"Why aren't you going to the premiere of 'Survivor'?"

Tangning handed Mo Ting a towel and watched as he carried one of the little ones in his arms. With a smile, she replied, "There's not much significance to my attendance."

Mo Ting did not say anything after hearing her response. But, deep down, he felt that Tangning's performance in 'Survivor' was enough to secure another Fei Tian Best Actress Award. So, he already decided to submit the film to the judges later.

"I heard that Qiao Sen is planning to recommend a female lead for 'Purgatory'. How did that conversation go?"

"I came to a compromise," Tangning shrugged. Everytime she tried to reason with Qiao Sen, he argued back with the fact that she had rejected the lead role. After going back and forth, Tangning had no choice but to let him have his way. After all, she didn't have a suitable actress in mind anyway.

"The actress will have love scenes with me," Mo Ting turned and looked at Tangning.

Tangning froze for a moment and nodded her head, "Yes she will."

"You're not jealous?"

"Yes I am," Tangning replied. "But I will always trust you."

Mo Ting turned around. While he was bathing the kids, he said to Tangning, "All I need is you. After the female lead is confirmed, give me her name, I'll tell Lu Che to do a background check."


Tangning assumed that she could handle the level of jealousy. But, it would take her until the actual day before she realized that she couldn't stand seeing another person look lovingly at Mo Ting...


Meanwhile, Xia Hanmo returned.

She returned with her travel diary and photos, as well as published stories in travel magazines. This time, she did not return with her previously dirty image, nor did she have to hide. It had been a long time since she could breathe in the air of Beijing so comfortably.

But, even though it was almost midnight, some fans still ended up recognizing her at the airport.

As soon as she removed her sunglasses, they ran over to take photos with her.

Xia Hanmo was stunned. She thought anti-fans were trying to cause trouble. But, to her surprise, they smiled warmly at her and said, "Xia Hanmo, I really like the photos you took and your writing is really good."

Xia Hanmo was shocked. Although she knew her situation had changed, this was the first time anyone had praised her in such a way.

Afterwards, Xia Hanmo removed her disguise and took photos with her fans.

Meanwhile, Lin Qian spotted the fans surrounding Xia Hanmo from the entrance of the airport and immediately ran over, "Ning Jie told me to come get you. Let me take you home to get some rest."

After boarding Lin Qian's car, Xia Hanmo finally said, "I've never met such kind-hearted fans."

"Who told you to have such a famously bad reputation in the past?"

Xia Hanmo giggled and looked out the window, "This was all thanks to Ning Jie. She helped me rediscover myself."

Afterwards, Xia Hanmo handed Lin Qian a business card, "This man's name is Zhou Qing, he is the host of a travel adventure program and he is currently short of one permanent cast member. He wants me to join his program because I have a lot of travel experience."

"When did you meet him?"

"I ran into him in Europe," Xia Hanmo replied, "I want to give it a try."

"So, are you asking Ning Jie to do a background check on this man?" Lin Qian asked. "Don't worry, I will speak to Ning Jie about it. Superstar Media supports their artists' freedom to develop however they want."

Xia Hanmo nodded her head, but her mind was still focused on the fans from a moment ago. She couldn't believe that people actually liked her.

Of course, this was all because Tangning had chosen the correct path for her to go down.

"By the way, I saw the trailer for 'Survivor' while I was overseas. Netizens appear to have a high level of anticipation for it. I scanned over the comments quickly and noticed that Ning Jie has a huge fan base for her films."

"That's the result of Tangning's previous projects. Her last few films did really well in the box office overseas," Lin Qian explained. "Either way, due to what happened with Luo Sheng, Ning Jie has asked us to take good care of you, especially when negotiating jobs. She told us not to give the public any chance to hurt you guys from now on."

"I heard what happened with Luo Sheng. But, his lucky that he has Ning Jie to protect him."

Lin Qian smiled and continued to drive Xia Hanmo home before she returned to Xing Lan's apartment. But, for some reason, as she drove past some police, she was naturally reminded of Li Jin.

All she currently knew was that Li Jin was a major general. But, she had no idea which part of the military he was in. And she knew he would never tell her.

After returning to the apartment, Xing Lan said guiltily to Lin Qian, "I told my uncle about how my cousin saved you. I think you might see his parents very soon."


"Don't worry, they appear to be quite easygoing."

Lin Qian was a little flustered. There was nothing going on between her and Li Jin, yet Xing Lan had told his parents about her. Lin Qian didn't know how to accept this - it was too quick!

"Ning Jie and President Mo got married the first time they met. You two have been dragging on for too long..."

Lin Qian was dumbfounded...

But, it was too late to contact Li Jin about it, right?

However, Lin Qian was overly worried. Because, in the end, Li Jin's parents did not make an appearance. In fact, Li Jin who had promised to be back in three days, was nowhere to be seen either...

Lin Qian did not think that Li Jin was the type to go back on his words. So, her instincts told her that he had been injured again.

While Li Jin was missing, the night before the premiere of 'Survivor' crept up on everyone...

Although Tangning had decided not to attend the premiere, Lin Qian and Xing Lan still decided to go watch the film together. It wasn't easy to get a hold of the tickets, so they couldn't waste it. But...Xing Lan's manager ended up restricting her from going, so Lin Qian was left holding two tickets on her own.

Initially, she was planning to go on her own. But, as she got downstairs, she spotted Li Jin's tall figure.

Li Jin did not say a word as he opened his car door.

And Lin Qian did not question him as she stepped inside.

"Are you going to the theater to watch 'Survivor'?"

"Do you like watching films?" Lin Qian asked.

"No. But, I heard that this one is based on a true story. I was involved in the real-life rescue mission," Li Jin said with his usual coldness.

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