Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 876 - Show Everyone What It Means To Be A Best Actress

Chapter 876: Show Everyone What It Means To Be A Best Actress

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“If I ever hear the Quan Family mention Lin Qian again, you will no longer be welcome here in Beijing.”

After he was done talking, Li Jin did not want to stay another second as he turned and asked Lin Qian, “Do you have anything else you want to say?”

Lin Qian glanced at Mother Quan and shook her head, “No.”

“Let’s go then.” After speaking, Li Jin stood up and offered his hand to Lin Qian.

Lin Qian was a little surprised, but she quickly accepted.

Just as the two turned to leave, Mother Quan no longer held back her anger as she yelled towards Li Jin, “I think you should reconsider your decision to be with Lin Qian. After all, a person that would seduce even her own brother is quite cheap.”

“But, as I’m aware, your son is the one that’s been endlessly pursuing Qian Qian,” Li Jin replied calmly before he wrapped his arm around Lin Qian’s waist and led her out of the villa.

Mother Quan was so angry that her chest heaved repetitively. However, there was nothing she could do. Who told Li Jin to be a major general?

The Quan Family were rich, but they did not have the courage to provoke those with power. Unless, of course, they no longer wanted to stay in Beijing like Li Jin had warned.

But, how was she to accept that Lin Qian had found such a great source of support?

Although Li Jin’s method was something that pretentious men often did, women liked it and Lin Qian was no different.

Lin Qian continued to lean against Li Jin affectionately and Li Jin did not remove his arm from around her waist. At this time, Quan Ziye’s car drove into the property and stopped in front of them. As soon as Quan Ziye stepped out and saw the two, he was a little surprised. But, his expression quickly turned helpless.

“You’re set on your decision to leave the Quan Family?”

“Yes,” Lin Qian nodded. “I’ve been disgusted by them for a long time.”

“Are you disgusted by me too?”

Lin Qian did not answer Quan Ziye’s question. Instead, Li Jin answered on her behalf.

“Qian Qian should be disgusted by you. You haven’t been able to protect her all these years.”

After speaking, Li Jin led Lin Qian away. As soon as they boarded Li Jin’s car, they no longer had anything to do with the Quan Family.

“Thank you,” Lin Qian said.

“I have something I need to do. I’ll send you home first. I didn’t break my promise of two hours,” Li Jin’s expression was cold. He did not waste any time on sweet talk, nor did he have the ability to.

Lin Qian nodded her head. From the moment she entered the Quan Family Home to the moment that she left, she had experienced a complex array of emotions.

Right now, all she wanted to do was calm down.

“I will be at the military base over the next three days.”

“How will I contact you?” Lin Qian asked.

“You don’t need to. When I’m done, I will naturally be back.” After speaking, Li Jin dropped Lin Qian off at her home and drove away, quickly disappearing from sight.

Deep down, Lin Qian actually wanted to remind him to take care of his injury because he had previously been shot.

Lin Qian couldn’t explain why, but as soon as Li Jin left, she felt like her sense of security had completely disappeared.

Was it because Li Jin was in the military, so she subconsciously trusted him and relied on him?

They had only known each other for a short period of time. If this was true, Li Jin was much too frightening.

Inside the Quan Family Home.

As soon as Quan Ziye returned home, Mother Quan immediately approached, “When did Lin Qian get involved with someone with such a strong background? Weren’t you aware of it at all?”

“That’s her choice,” Quan Ziye replied as he headed for his bedroom.

“That general threatened your mother! He said that if I mention Lin Qian’s​ name again, I will no longer be welcome in Beijing.”

Quan Ziye finally realized, after all these years, the reason why he couldn’t protect Lin Qian was because he had never faced the situation with this attitude.

But, Li Jin could.

“That’s great!”

After speaking, Quan Ziye entered his room and closed the door. Everything finally fell silent; it was also finally time for Lin Qian’s name to disappear from his world.

After returning home, Lin Qian told Xing Lan about how Li Jin helped her resolve the $30 million incident. Xing Lan listened in shock. She couldn’t believe her ears. Was this really her hermit cousin that Lin Qian was talking about?

“He’s not bad, he’s capable of so many things, why is my uncle worried that he won’t find a wife?”

“How would I know?” Lin Qian shrugged. “But, with all the favors he’s done for me, as well as the $3 million he helped me pay, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to make it up to him.”

“You can make up for it with your body,” Xing Lan laughed. “By the way, don’t forget that Xia Hanmo is returning today and Ning Jie asked you to pick her up from the airport.”

“Oh God, I almost forgot,” Lin Qian quickly stood up, grabbed a few necessary items and left the apartment.

Thanks to publicity created by Hai Rui, ‘Survivor’ grew in popularity and became the most anticipated film.

But, Mo Ting did not stop here. Considering that there was still a bit of time left until the release date, he decided to help Xing Lan out a little. He found someone to write a meaningful song and gave it to Xing Lan to perform. This song was the theme song of ‘Survivor’.

After receiving this news, Xing Lan went crazy with excitement.

After all, to have her name appear in the same film as Tangning was something to be sincerely proud of.

So, after receiving her song, Xing Lan immediately went to the recording studio.

She couldn’t help with other things, so creating the best sounding theme song, was the best way to show Tangning her gratitude.

This time, there was no one around to swipe points off her, no one around to compete with her and no one around to prevent the film from being distributed. In fact, fans did not complain nor show doubt. Everything seemed to run so smoothly. But, Tangning was nowhere to be seen.

The director put all his effort into promoting ‘Survivor’ and the fans were sincerely interested in the film. But, Tangning spent this time tackling special effects problems with her team.

Two days before the release date, the director contacted Tangning via Mo Ting, “I know that the industry has brought you a lot of pain and you were misunderstood by a lot of people at one point. But, for the sake of your last film, can you attend the premiere as an actress?”

“Show everyone what it means to be a best actress and come enjoy the defeated looks of those that once insulted you.”

Tangning did not say a word.

“Don’t reject me too quickly. I will leave a seat for you and look forward to seeing you there.”

Tangning remained silent and did not agree to anything.

She did not think it was necessary.

Wasn’t she still contributing to the film industry?

There were some things that once meant a lot to her, but now, she’d rather spend her time on studying special effects. That way, after ‘Survivor’ made its appearance, the public would have an even more amazing film to look forward to; a film called ‘Purgatory’.

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