Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 875 - While I'm Still Being Nice

Chapter 875: While I'm Still Being Nice



After hearing Li Jin's words, Lin Qian tried retaliate, but Li Jin pinned her down by the hands, "I won't do anything to you, I swear on my military rank."

The reason for Lin Qian's retaliation was probably due to the fact that she had been hurt too many times in the past.

But, after hearing Li Jin's words, she finally relaxed.

"We aren't at this stage yet..."

"Not yet. But, since they've tread into my area of influence, then it is my responsibility to control it." After saying these words, Li Jin finally loosened his grip and continued to drive forward.

Lin Qian turned her head and glanced at Li Jin's side profile. This strong and tall man was quite an upright person. Because he was in the military, upholding promises was his instinctive duty.

Lin Qian finally realized her situation couldn't get any worse.

So, as soon as she thought about the $30 million, she was no longer upset at Li Jin.


Soon, the two arrived at the Quan Family Home. Upon spotting Lin Qian, the housekeeper immediately approached, "Second Miss, why are you back?"

After speaking, the housekeeper glanced at the man behind her.

"Are Mr. and Mrs. Quan home?" Lin Qian no longer referred to them as her mother and father because it was no longer necessary.

"The Madam is home, but..."

"That's good enough." Lin Qian then gestured for Li Jin to stand beside her and the two walked towards the living room. However, as they approached, they realized the Quan Family had guests.

When Mother Quan saw that Lin Qian had returned and she had brought a man with her, she was obviously angry. She immediately stopped her at the doorway and asked, "What are you doing here? You sure know how to pick your day. Was it the housekeeper that told you that Ziye's fiancee is visiting?"

"Let me warn you, you little sl*t. Don't try to ruin things for Ziye again."

Lin Qian did not say a word, nor did she notice Li Jin pull out his phone behind her and record the entire conversation, "Mrs. Quan, with your tone of voice, we can't give you $30 million."

"Where did this poor fellow come from?" Mother Quan insulted. "I'm teaching my daughter a lesson. It's none of your business."

"Mrs. Quan can tend to her guests first. We can discuss our matter after."

After speaking, Li Jin led Lin Qian out to the garden, where they sat down.

In the spur of the moment, Mother Quan didn't know how to deal with Lin Qian, so she had no choice but to turn around and return to the living room.

Lin Qian felt a little uncomfortable. In fact, she wanted to leave the property altogether. But, Li Jin remained seated upright with an authoritative vibe, like he was seated in front of his desk at the military base.

"I want to leave."

"You haven't stolen nor snatched anything, why should you feel bad? You don't deserve to feel that way," Li Jin responded.

"Li Jin!"

"Leave it with me," Li Jin replied.

Lin Qian sighed. She didn't want Li Jin to be humiliated alongside her, even though she relaxed after seeing that he wasn't upset at all.

However, she understood Mother Quan well. She was obviously holding them up for as long as she could, without letting them into the living room.

"Are you hungry?"

"How could you think about hunger at a time like this?"

Li Jin did not reply. Nor did his expression change. He simply pulled out his phone and made a call.

Half an hour later, two men dressed in military uniform appeared at the villa and delivered some dim sum to Li Jin and Lin Qian, right in front of the housekeeper.

The housekeeper was shocked. At this moment, he finally noticed that the man accompanying Lin Qian looked quite wealthy and respectable. His identity was definitely special.

Mother Quan heard something was happening outside and caught a glimpse of the two military soldiers leaving.

Although she refused to believe what she saw, she couldn't deny that Li Jin did look like he could be a military chief.


"They are my subordinates," Li Jin explained indifferently as he lifted a cup of tea to his mouth.

In reality, all Lin Qian knew was that Li Jin was in the military. She had no idea what he did there or what rank he held.

"Eat. Just treat this like a tea break."

Meanwhile, Mother Quan began to feel a little unsettled as her heart filled with curiosity. So, she decided to invite Lin Qian and Li Jin into the living room so they could see how great the woman she found for Quan Ziye was. Her intention was to embarrass them.

Therefore, while the housekeeper was tending to the guests, she stepped out into the garden, crossed her arms and said to the two, "Come in."

But, Li Jin remained firmly seated in place.

Mother Quan turned around to look at the two as her eyebrows creased together.

"Why aren't you coming?"

"Are you sure that you want me to go in there?" Li Jin asked.

"Do you want me to carry you in?"

After speaking, Mother Quan walked ahead into the living room. But, as she began to mention Lin Qian in front of her guests, she did not look impressed.

A moment later, Li Jin stepped into the living room with Lin Qian. Just as Mother Quan was about to introduce Lin Qian to her future in-laws and let her have a taste of people from the upper class, her guests suddenly stood up with respect.

"Major General Li."

"It's a pleasure to see you here."

Mother Quan froze...

She had never imagined that the man accompanying Lin Qian was actually a major general. Her future in-laws suddenly looked like a bunch of brown nosers.

Li Jin walked in with Lin Qian and sat down. He then said to the people in the room, "Please continue. We are here to resolve a private matter. Qian Qian, where is your room?"

The way that Li Jin called her 'Qian Qian' sounded so nice and natural that it took Lin Qian a few seconds to come to her senses, "I don't have a room here..."

As she was aware, Mother Quan had already turned her room into a room for the maids.

"What about your belongings? Your belongings must still be here, right?"

Lin Qian shook her head. They were likely thrown out.

"Since that's the case, then even better!" Li Jin ignored everyone else in the room. The coldness emanating from his body made him impossible to approach, but Mother Quan couldn't deny that Lin Qian had brought home a very impressive person.

After finding out that the major general was here to resolve a private matter, the guests did not dare to make him wait, so the entire family quickly bid farewell and left.

Of course, Mother Quan was left feeling extremely awkward.

"Major General Li, I'm sorry if I have been unreasonable, I didn't do it on purpose."

"I'm here to discuss the $30 million. The amount you requested is too much," Li Jin couldn't be bothered with small talk as he directly laid the cards on the table.

His tone was not hostile, but it did sound slightly impatient.

"Well, this..." Mother Quan broke out in a cold sweat.

"I've estimated Lin Qian's expenses over the years. Here is a cheque for $3 million. I hope she can break all ties with you from now on," Li Jin said straightforwardly.


"Lin Qian is now a part of the Li Family, and the Li Family does not like to be involved with dirty people and things. So, it's best we clear everything now while I'm still being nice."

Mother Quan did not dare to look into Li Jin's eyes because she could sense his strong dominance.

"If you don't say anything, I'll assume that you agree."

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