Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 873 - It Appears To Be Related To The Quan Family

Chapter 873: It Appears To Be Related To The Quan Family

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“I feel like you have the wrong impression of me. I’m not the kind of woman that enjoys ambiguity,” Lin Qian cut in.

Li Jin calmed down. As he drove, he peered out the car window. After Lin Qian regained her composure, Li Jin finally said, “I haven’t had much time to pursue women.”

Hearing this, Lin Qian was a little surprised as a look of helplessness appeared between her furrowed brows, “You are a hero in most people’s eyes. But, all women are petty. It’s not easy to be forgiving.”

“I will try my best to find time to understand you.”

Li Jin’s words were obviously cold, but for some reason, Lin Qian actually felt a sense of warmth.

“I’m the type of person that accepts reason, not force. Don’t do things that I hate,” Lin Qian warned.

“So, are you saying that you don’t hate me at the moment?”

Lin Qian lowered her head without a word. She was going to go with the flow. After all, Li Jin was busy and probably wouldn’t have time to appear in front of her anyway, so this wasn’t such a bad thing.

“My heart is hard to get through. If you are in a rush to get married or if you expect me to be all over you like other women, I won’t be able to do that.”

Lin Qian did not look at Li Jin and Li Jin did not reply. The car remained silent until the two of them pulled up at the restaurant, “You are indeed what I expected. I hate women that are annoying, and you are not annoying at all!”

This man was so straightforward. He even treated the relationship between a man and a woman like it was some kind of national mission. Was he really that patriotic?

“So, give me an answer. Do you want to continue moving forward?”

Lin Qian did not give an immediate response as she opened the car door, stepped out and walked ahead. The two entered the restaurant one after the other. Only after sitting down did she finally reply, “Give me some time. After all, we only met a few days ago.”

“OK. But don’t take too long.”

Lin Qian didn’t like men like Quan Ziye, who gave off an evil vibe and were filled with instability, but…she probably didn’t like someone like Li Jin either, who wasn’t flexible with his decisions and was strict with everything he did, right?

He was too cold and domineering.

The two ended up having a very quiet meal. Lin Qian was originally a little awkward around Li Jin, but Li Jin said to her in an extremely natural manner, “Just be yourself. Nothing is taboo around me.”

With these words, Lin Qian immediately relaxed.

But, a moment later, she received a phone call from Xing Lan, “Lin Qian, hurry home. There’s a lawyer here​ for you…”

“Lawyer?” Lin Qian furrowed her brows. “I don’t know any lawyers.”

“It appears to be related to the Quan Family.”

Lin Qian was a little surprised, but she ended up nodding her head, “I’ll be back very soon.”

“Let’s go, I’ll take you home,” Li Jin heard what Lin Qian said and immediately stood up.

It didn’t take long before Li Jin delivered Lin Qian back to Xing Lan’s home. Originally, he wanted to say he’d see her later, but Lin Qian rushed into the apartment without looking back before he could even say a word.

This girl was quite cool.

“Miss Lin, how are you? I am Mrs. Quan’s lawyer, Yang Bi.”

Lin Qian stepped into the living room and politely shook the lawyers hands, “Speak, what does Mrs. Quan want?”

“These are your expenses over the years that you spent in the Quan Family. Mrs. Quan wants you to pay it all back. After all, you are in the entertainment industry now and this amount isn’t much to you…”

“Interesting,” Xing Lan was disgusted by what she heard. “This is the first time I’ve heard of adoptive parents forcing their children to pay them back.”

“Over the years, the Quan Family have provided you with a stress-free life filled with sufficient food and shelter, yet you ungratefully hurt their only son. That’s why Mrs. Quan has decided to do this.”

“Let me have a look,” Lin Qian received the list of expenses and quickly ran her eyes across it. “$30 million? That’s enough to support ten of me!”

“If Miss Lin has any questions about the amount, you are welcome to make an appeal. But, Mrs. Quan will continue to seek justice via the law,” the lawyer said arrogantly.

“This Quan Family is disgusting,” Xing Lan sneered.

“If I return this money, will the Quan Family and I go our separate ways from now on?” Lin Qian asked as she waved the list in her hands.

“In theory, yes.”

“You’re not that stupid to give them the money right? This is not a small amount. Where are you to find this money in such a short period of time?” Xing Lan asked worriedly.

“Mrs. Quan said she’d give you time to find the money. You have one week. I’m sure I’ve delivered my message loud and clear. I will now make my leave. Goodbye, Miss Lin.” After speaking, the lawyer left the apartment in an indifferent manner.

“This Quan Family is so strange. I’ve never seen parents that are so shameless.”

“This is what I owe the Quan Family. It’s only right for me to pay them back,” Lin Qian replied.

“I’m afraid, in your heart, the only person you owe is Quan Ziye.”

Lin Qian did not reply. She simply pulled out her bank card and went to check her account balance.

For a manager like her, she wouldn’t be able to save up $30 million in three years, let alone one week.

It seemed, Mother Quan was trying to get revenge for her son with this unreasonable demand.

“Why don’t you speak to Ning Jie about this?”

“Ning Jie has practically spent all her savings on filming ‘Purgatory’, I don’t want to cause trouble for her at a time like this. Let me think of an idea.”

“If you can’t get the money, the Quan Family is going to sue you. I refuse to believe that they can win a case like this.”

Lin Qian laughed, “It’s fine. Just focus on your competition.”

“I really want to swear. She’s much too shameless.”

Lin Qian did not say a word as she lowered her head and walked into her bedroom. Meanwhile, Xing Lan stared at her back and sighed. For some reason, at a time like this, she especially wished that Lin Qian had a man by her side; any man, as long as it wasn’t Quan Ziye.

Quan Ziye could never provide Lin Qian with happiness because, apart from his personality, there was also his annoying family.Based on the fact that he had been stuck between them for so many years, meant that he couldn’t sacrifice one for the other.

If Lin Qian had previously agreed to be with Quan Ziye, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine how difficult her life would be now.

Xing Lan thought quietly for a moment and finally decided to give Li Jin a phone call, even though she knew she shouldn’t take the matter into her own hands.

“Li Jin speaking…”

“Errr…” Xing Lan was a little nervous to hear Li Jin’s cold and deep voice, “…it’s Li Xin…”

“What’s the matter?”

Xing Lan hesitated for a moment and finally decided to explain the entire situation to Li Jin, “So…that’s what happened. When Lin Qian’s adoptive parents took her in as a child, they never mentioned that they’d ever expect her to pay them back. Yet, they are now chasing her for $30 million!”

“She’s just a manager. How can she get that much money?”

“I see.”

With one simple response, Li Jin hung up the phone before Xing Lan could continue speaking.

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