Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 871 - You Still Want To Act

Chapter 871: You Still Want To Act



"Since you can't seem to let go of it, why are you forcing yourself to give up on your identity as an actress?" Mo Ting said as he flipped through the summarized script. "I know you still want to act."

"But, I have a better candidate in mind. I want Xingyan to take the role," Tangning replied. "Sci-fi films contain a lot of action scenes. So, I think her rate of completion will be a lot better than mine."

"But, I want to see you act more," Mo Ting said with seriousness as he looked at Tangning.

"Even if you want it, there's nothing I can do," Tangning said with a deeper meaning. She then looked down at her stomach, "I could force myself, but the little one in my stomach won't allow it."

"Huh?" Mo Ting froze in shock, not quite understanding what she had just said.

"Although it's not 100% confirmed yet, my stomach feels the same as when I was carrying the two rascals. Plus, I haven't had my period for two months now," Tangning smiled. "It's been a busy couple of days. I was waiting for some downtime to visit the hospital with you for an examination. Mr. Mo, would you be willing to go with me?"

"I know you were very strict with contraception because you didn't want me to suffer again, but accidents can always happen..."

Mo Ting walked over to Tangning and lifted her off the sofa. Without wasting any time, he headed straight for the door, "Let's go now."

"Hey, if we don't make proper arrangements first, we may end up causing a commotion," Tangning quickly rejected.

"If my daughter wants to come to this world, why can't she cause a commotion? I don't care."

"How do you know it's going to be a daughter?" Tangning asked as she hooked her arms around his neck.

"I can feel it," Mo Ting replied before he carried her to the car and placed her in the passenger's seat. However, he did not rush to start the car. Instead, he leaned over and said apologetically, "I promised I wouldn't let you suffer the pain of pregnancy again."

"But, I'm more than willing to give birth to another little angel for you," Tangning replied. "She is going to be a cheerful little girl that knows how to fight for your affection with her cute tricks."

Mo Ting reached out his hand and gently touched the ends of Tangning's hair before he placed a kiss on her forehead, "You seem to always present me with miracles. Before meeting you, I never imagined that I'd have such happy marriage, a wife that I deeply love and three adorable children."

"And now, you have all of it," Tangning held onto Mo Ting's hand and rubbed her cheek against the back of it. "Let's go, we should head for the hospital."

Tangning had been occupied with Luo Sheng's matter over the past few days. Under normal circumstances, she would have already done her examination. But, because Luo Sheng's matter had not been resolved, her mind couldn't seem to focus.

Soon, the couple arrived at the hospital. On the way there, Mo Ting had already called Lu Che to make arrangements. So, the hospital at this moment was relatively quiet.

Lu Che waited for the couple to arrive, not quite sure of the situation. As he watched Mo Ting carry Tangning into the hospital, he immediately asked, "What's wrong with the Madam?"

Mo Ting did not answer Lu Che's question, he simply instructed, "Wait outside."

Tangning entered the obstetrics and gynecology ward and underwent a series of tests. In the end, the couple received news that Tangning was already 7 weeks pregnant and that her pregnancy was doing well.

Although it wasn't their first time being parents, the feeling this time was different to when Tangning carried the twins.

Because both Mo Ting and Tangning could sense that their child was going to be a girl.

Just the thought of the little creature crawling around on his lap made Mo Ting's handsome face soften. At the same time, Tangning felt like she had made a new love rival as well as a little helper. "As a child, my life was quite tough and I did not receive much love. From now on, I will definitely shower my daughter with love."

"I can help her tie her hair and I can teach her how to be in a relationship. But, I definitely won't give you to her."

Mo Ting hugged Tangning tightly and the couple remained silent for quite some time.

"You're not going to object to my suggestion of making Xing Lan the female lead anymore, right?" Tangning held back a smile.

The new film was called 'Purgatory', a sci-fi blockbuster that would be filled with suspense and multiple fight scenes. According to Tangning's current condition, this would definitely be too much for her.

Especially since, the female lead was the main protagonist in the entire film.

"Don't tire yourself too much."

"Let's keep this pregnancy low key. Don't tell anyone about it for now. I don't want to make a huge fuss."

"You're the boss," Mo Ting said gently with a nod.

After the couple were done at the hospital, Mo Ting carried Tangning out. However, he did not give Lu Che an explanation. Of course, Lu Che wasn't stupid, he could roughly guess what was going on. But, he was aware that this was Mo Ting's private matter, so he knew he couldn't go around talking about it.

After returning home, Mo Ting placed Tangning onto their bed and rubbed his warm hands across her heated body. Of course, he couldn't feel a thing because his mind was elsewhere.

"I have no way of telling you how much I love you. All I can say is that I will become a great father for our three rascals."

"Yes, I know," Tangning nodded. "I know that your love for me is ever-growing because I feel the same way."

Deeply loving someone meant taking the other person into consideration when doing things and not just thinking of oneself.

"Ting...I am about to become a mother again."


As Tangning was pregnant, Mo Ting obediently followed Tangning's suggestion and passed the script to Chen Xingyan. He then met with An Zihao and briefly explained what Tangning was currently working on.

An Zihao was stunned by the news. He knew that Tangning had invited Qiao Sen back to Beijing, but he didn't know that she was planning to film a top quality sci-fi on the national level.

Everyone knew how difficult this was.

An Zihao also knew that post production had to be truly skillful.

"OK, I'll bring Xing Lan to see Qiao Sen when the time is right."

Actually, An Zihao wasn't that confident about taking on a film like this. After all, Chen Xingyan wasn't a big shot, but she had a considerable amount of fame, what if partaking in this film changed the way that people judged her...

The thought of a high quality sci-fi film didn't seem very promising.

Yet, he particularly trusted Tangning.

After Chen Xingyan heard about the film, she straightforwardly responded, "Accept it. I don't understand why you are so pessimistic. I think this is a great opportunity."

"Look, Qiao Sen is obsessed with sci-fi films and Ning Jie is an extremely serious person. How bad could their collaboration be?"

"This is like a gift from God. Think about it. If they actually succeed, my status is going to skyrocket."

After hearing this, An Zihao analyzed the situation and realized that Chen Xingyan was right, "Great, you've successfully convinced me. But, you need to know that working on this film will be very tough."

"No matter how tough it is, it won't be as bad as when I was a stunt double, right? Don't worry, do you think something like this would worry me?" Chen Xingyan asked in an unfazed manner. "It actually sounds quite exciting."

"But, I have a question. Why isn't Ning Jie taking the role herself?"

This was also a question that An Zihao wanted to ask.

"Perhaps she hasn't recovered from the incident with Xu Xin. Or perhaps, she has other plans. Don't make random speculations."

"By the way, it's still going to be difficult to get past the director."

Chen Xingyan looked at An Zihao and scoffed, "Although I can't pull off every character like Ning Jie can, at least I'm hardworking and dedicated."

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