Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 868 - Without Your Father, You're Definitely Nothing

Chapter 868: Without Your Father, You’re Definitely Nothing

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“Who told you it wouldn’t get better?” Long Jie asked.

“‘Red Flame’ has already replaced me. Doesn’t that mean I won’t be able to act anymore?” Luo Sheng mumbled to himself.

“Luo Sheng…”

“Let go of me,” Luo Sheng suddenly pushed Long Jie away. “You’re not me. You don’t understand the fears I have for the future. It wasn’t easy for me to get to this point, yet it’s all been destroyed. I honestly don’t know what I’ve done wrong.”

Long Jie’s heart ached as she looked at Luo Sheng, but at that moment, she couldn’t think of any words to comfort him with.

She originally wanted to give Luo Sheng some time to calm down. But, while she popped out to go to the bathroom, Luo Sheng ended up running away.

In a panic, Long Jie immediately gave Tangning a phone call, “Luo Sheng’s gone missing. There are reporters everywhere at the moment. What should we do if he gets hurt again?”

“Go look for him on the set of ‘Red Flame’,” Tangning replied.

“Why would he be there?”

“Why else?” Tangning asked back. Luo Sheng had many positives, but he was young and impulsive. However, Tangning understood that he had received a huge blow this time. So, she had no choice but to turn around and drive to the set of ‘Red Flame’, even though she was already on the way home to see her babies.

As expected, Luo Sheng was on the set of ‘Red Flame’. Dressed in his hospital gown with his head wrapped in bandages, he was there to ask the director for an explanation.

But, the director refused to see him.

“Luo Sheng, the male lead has already been replaced. There’s no point looking for the director,” the staff persuaded, “Go back to the hospital, you’re still injured.”

“I just want to see the director…”

“Really. There’s nothing we can do,” the staff were put in a difficult position.

Luo Sheng looked at the people before him with his pale expression. Just as he was about to force his way through, the new male lead of ‘Red Flame’ stepped out with his assistant. As soon as he saw Luo Sheng, he revealed a ridiculing smile, “Hey, isn’t this our male lead? Why are you running around with your injuries? How heartbreaking…”

Luo Sheng looked at the man as he struggled to contain his anger.

“Luo Sheng, I am now the male lead of ‘Red Flame’. Even if you return now, you can’t change the fact that I’ve already replaced you. Especially since your head is currently wrapped up like a mentally disabled child.”

“No matter how capable Tangning is, her abilities are limited. Do you really think that Tangning treats you like a precious gem? Just wait for it. In a few more days, you will find that everyone’s avoiding you…”

“By the way, I heard that your car was stolen during your accident. How pitiful. After debuting for so long, your car is perhaps the only valuable thing you have, right?”

Luo Sheng did not understand the hidden meaning behind the man’s words, but he could sense the strong humiliation.

But, Tangning, who arrived right at this time, heard everything that the man said.

The police had not revealed anything about Luo Sheng’s case, so how did he know that Luo Sheng’s car had been stolen?

“You’re about to become nothing…”

Luo Sheng clenched his fists tightly. Just as he was about to throw a punch, Tangning walked over and pulled him behind her, “No matter how bad Luo Sheng’s situation is, at least he depends on himself. Unlike someone who relies on their father.”

“It hasn’t been confirmed whether Luo Sheng will become nothing. But one thing’s for sure, without your father, you’re definitely nothing.”

Seeing Tangning appear, the man originally wanted to argue back. But, he quickly found that he had been rendered speechless.

“What do you think you are capable of stealing from Luo Sheng?” Tangning asked. “Let me tell you that you can’t steal anything. No one can take anything from an artist that belongs to me. And even if they do, I would rather destroy it than let someone else benefit from it.”

The man looked at Tangning in surprise, but he knew she wasn’t joking.

Afterwards, Tangning dragged Luo Sheng into her car and handed him a tissue, “Wipe your face clean.”

“Ning Jie…”

“It’s not the end of the world, what’s there to be so depressed about?” Tangning asked. “How could you have come all the way here to look for the director. If he was capable of abandoning you within one day, did you think that there’s​ still hope in looking for him?”

“But, this is a job that I worked really hard to negotiate.”

“A job that can be stolen so easily, is not truly your job,” Tangning said honestly. “There are better opportunities waiting for you. Don’t lose hope. I will definitely do what I promised.”

“Sorry, Ning Jie…”

Although Luo Sheng didn’t see the director in the end, his appearance on the set of ‘Red Flame’ still stirred up quite a commotion.

Everyone knew that the drama had already replaced it’s male lead. So, Luo Sheng was asking for his own humiliation by showing up on set.

“How could an actor trained by Tangning be so flustered? He has no character!”

“How could he go looking for the director when he has already been replaced? Isn’t he stretching out his face and asking for a slap?”

“Haiz…what a disappointment. Luo Sheng, what’s up with you?”

Luo Sheng went to the set of ‘Red Flame’ and not only devalued himself, he ended up increasing the value of the drama. After all, an artist of Tangning’s was pleading for the drama to take him back.

But, Tangning wasn’t about to let ‘Red Flame’ benefit from all this.

“I’m sorry, but the reason why Luo Sheng appeared on set was because the director previously promised to give him some time to recover, but he immediately went back on his words and replaced him. Does he think that Superstar Media is easy to bully? That’s why Luo Sheng turned up to clarify whether it was OK for a person to be so untrustworthy.”

“He had the right to not promise anything. But since he made the promise, he should have stuck to his word.”

“Our Luo Sheng is indeed injured, but he is bound to recover. We should not care about those that fail to recognize true talent because Luo Sheng already has a better project waiting for him. Please stay tuned for our future announcements.”

Everyone knew that Long Jie’s words represented Tangning’s​ word.

So, to put it simply, Luo Sheng appeared on set not because he wanted to plea for his role, but because he wanted to make the director pay for what he had done.

The crew of ‘Red Flame’ were much too despicable. The director had promised to save the role for Luo Sheng, yet he turned around the next second and​ gave it to someone else.

Worst of all was the actor that thought he was so cool for stealing Luo Sheng’s role.

Perhaps he had never seen such a great opportunity in his life before, so he thought he was already treading all over Luo Sheng and was being overly proud of himself.

Meanwhile, Tangning kept the public under suspense and prevented another accident from happening by not revealing Luo Sheng’s next project. After all, what would they do if another person became interested in his resource?

So, they were going to wait patiently until the day that ‘Derivative’ was officially announced and a particular person would naturally receive a faceslap.

At this moment, it was already late at night. Lin Qian waited outside Xing Lan’s home until Li Jin’s black car pulled up in front of her. All of a sudden, she remembered what Xing Lan had said and felt a little embarrassed. No wonder the first time she met Li Jin, he did not look at her like a stranger.

“Hop onboard,” Li Jin opened the car door.

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