Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 867 - Based On How I Am Now?

Chapter 867: Based On How I Am Now?

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“Luo Sheng, do you still remember me? Luo Sheng…”

Luo Sheng glanced at Long Jie weakly and said in a husky voice, “Long Jie!”

“Thank God!” seeing that Luo Sheng was mentally stable, Long Jie immediately clasped her hands together. “Do you know how badly you scared us?”

Luo Sheng lay frozen in bed, completely confused about how he got hurt and what had happened. He tried his best to remember the night before, but apart from the image of blinding lights, he couldn’t remember a thing.

“Did I get hurt?”

“Yes, you were injured pretty seriously,” Long Jie nodded. “But, you don’t need to worry. You’re doctor is extremely skilled in medicine and he will definitely cure you.”

Luo Sheng reached out his hand to touch his head and discovered it was wrapped in a thick bandage.

Apart from that, his right eye was also wrapped up.

“But, if I’m hurt, what will happen to my drama?” Luo Sheng asked anxiously. It wasn’t easy for him to secure the male lead of ‘Red Flame’. He didn’t want to lose it because of his injuries nor did he want to miss out on the opportunity.

But, Long Jie stretched out her hand and patted him on the shoulder comfortingly, “Don’t worry, Tangning will find a way to protect everything that belongs to you.”

Luo Sheng was temporarily calmed down. But, by the time that Tangning and the others arrived at the hospital, the information that Luo Sheng could give them, was pretty much the same as what they saw on the surveillance cameras.

He did not offend anyone. Nor had he organized to meet anyone there. He was simply attacked on the way to meeting the investor.

“From the looks of it, this is quite a sticky situation,” Lin Qian said to Tangning.

“But, compared to finding the truth, I think it’s more important to comfort Luo Sheng and help him regain his confidence,” Tangning said as she glanced at Lin Qian. “Continue to assist the police. If you discover anything new, let me know.”

“OK,” Lin Qian nodded.

Tangning looked at Luo Sheng through the hospital room door. It was frightening to go through such an ordeal when his career was only just taking off; this could well be the end of his path to stardom. But, she wasn’t about to give up on her artist so easily, especially when they were a victim of someone’s schemes!

Tangning did not tell Luo Sheng that ‘Red Flame’ had replaced him because she did not think that he needed to know just yet.

Either way, it didn’t matter that he had lost ‘Red Flame’, he still had many other opportunities.

Because, a short time later, Tangning received a phone call from Director Luo. He was willing to give the male lead of ‘Derivative’ to Luo Sheng. It seemed, he was trying to prove that he had no intention of hurting him.

Or perhaps it was because of what Tangning had said.

But, Tangning did not reveal this news to Luo Sheng because she had other things to first consider.

The new male lead of ‘Red Flame’ was the younger brother of one of the investors. Within the entertainment industry, it was common to see opportunities being given to relatives. But, if Tangning was to find out that this man’s advancement had anything to do with Luo Sheng’s injury, she would never let him off.

Since the male lead had fallen through, they might as well cancel the entire filming.

Lin Qian continued to accompany the police as they tried to find the culprit of Luo Sheng’s attack. This incident was a big matter. But, not only did they struggle to locate Luo Sheng’s car, they couldn’t find any trace of the culprit at all. Lin Qian suddenly remembered that the police had mentioned that Li Jin, the military officer, had provided them with footage that didn’t seem to come from his home. Perhaps she could go ask him about it?

In order to find out the truth, Lin Qian drove over to Li Jin’s home. But, after knocking for quite some time, no one opened the door. In the end, a neighbor told her, “Miss, you should stop knocking. I think Mr. Li has returned to the military base.”

“Thank you,” Lin Qian thanked disappointedly. But, at this moment, she suddenly remembered that Xing Lan had his contact details. Immediately, she realized how stupid she was.

So, she rushed home to ask Xing Lan for his details.

“Eh? Are you interested in my cousin?”

“Enough with your nonsense. Your cousin is tied to Luo Sheng’s incident.”

“That’s impossible. He’s a military officer and practically a hermit that is aloof from the world,” Xing Lan defended.

“I’ll explain everything to you in detail later. Can I call this number at any time?”

“I’m not sure about that,” Xing Lan shrugged. She knew she had a cousin that was a military officer, but she had never contacted him before. She had only seen him a few times when they were kids and remembered he was an extremely cold person. Apart from that, she didn’t know anything else.

“Forget it, I’ll just give it a try.” After speaking, Lin Qian stared at the number on her phone for quite some time.

After building up her courage, she finally called the number, and after a few rings, Li Jin picked up with a low and cold voice, “Li Jin, who is it?”

“Errr…I’m the woman that bothered you not too long ago. Do you remember me? I’m the one that asked you for some surveillance footage.”

“Huh?” Li Jin’s response was icy cold, without any emotion.

“The police said that the footage didn’t come from your home, so I wanted to ask if you have access to any other evidence. The police still haven’t located Luo Sheng’s stolen car, nor any trace of the culprit.”

Lin Qian blabbered on for a while before she realized all she heard on the other side of the phone was silence. Amidst the awkwardness, Lin Qian was about to hang up the phone, when Li Jin finally said, “I was busy just a moment ago. Can you repeat what you said?”

Lin Qian repeated herself as requested. Originally, she had already lost hope in Li Jin, but he ended up replying, “I have one hour free tonight. We can chat about it outside. I don’t like talking over the phone.”

“Oh, OK, what time? What is the most convenient location for us to meet?”

“Tell me your address, I’ll come pick you up,” Li Jin decided in a dominant manner.

The man was in the military and his job was to protect the country, so Lin Qian did not complain about his attitude as she gave him Xing Lan’s address. At this time, Xing Lan revealed hesitantly to Lin Qian, “Actually…my cousin may have seen your photo before. I gave a copy to my uncle.”

Lin Qian: “…”

In reality, the reason why Director Luo was willing to give the male lead of ‘Derivative’ to Luo Sheng was because of what Tangning had said. Another reason was because he had come to an agreement with Mo Ting to invest in one of Hai Rui’s upcoming films with the most earning potential.

But of course, Tangning couldn’t find out about this.

Regardless, even if Mo Ting didn’t do anything, Director Luo already had the intention to make this phone call to Tangning. But, he wasn’t about to say no to more benefits.

Tangning had indeed married a good man. This was without a doubt.

When he thought about his own wife and daughter, Director Luo could easily relate to Mo Ting.

However, Luo Sheng did not know about this yet. So, when he saw on the news that the male lead of ‘Red Flame’ had been replaced, he held onto Long Jie and asked, “Long Jie, is this true?”

As Long Jie held onto the phone and saw the news, she realized it could no longer be hidden. So, she nodded her head, “Don’t worry, you are about to receive something better.”

“Haha…based on how I am now?” Luo Sheng was a little self conscious. “Long Jie, can you be honest with me? My eye won’t get better, will it?”

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