Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 864 - Don't Anyone Dare Provoke My Woman!

Chapter 864: Don’t Anyone Dare Provoke My Woman!

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“As Luo Sheng’s manager, you need to first remain calm!” Tangning tried to give Long Jie strength after seeing her in a panic.

“I screwed up…”

“There’s no point chasing anyone for responsibility!” Tangning held onto Long Jie’s shoulders and forced her to look at her, “Listen to me. I order you to protect Luo Sheng’s career and recover his confidence. Can you do that?”

Long Jie looked dead straight into Tangning’s eyes. After quite some time, she finally nodded, “Yes, I can do it.”

After agreeing, Long Jie tugged on Tangning’s sleeves and begged, “We definitely need to find the culprit…”

“Of course,”Tangning nodded in seriousness.

Soon, Tang Yichen stepped out of the emergency room and removed her face mask, She then approached Tangning and said, “I’ll be honest with you. His condition is worse than you think. I’m going to go find Lu Guangli. He needs to perform a surgery, or else Luo Sheng may even lose his right eye. This was no falling object. Otherwise, how could it have hit his eye? This was caused by close impact.”


Tang Yichen quickly left and stormed into Lu Guangli’s office, “Dr. Lu, I have an especially complex surgery.”

Lu Guangli lifted his head and glanced at Tang Yichen coldly, “I’ve already finished my shift.”

“But, he’s honestly injured really badly. No one else can perform this surgery,” Tang Yichen looked at Lu Guangli in seriousness. Her voice even contained a slight tremble.

Lu Guangli was a little surprised. In the end, he stood up and said, “Get my cloak.”

With Lu Guangli’s help, Tangning relaxed and gave Mo Ting a phone call. She then explained everything that happened to him.

“Where are you? I’ll​ come pick you up right now.”

Tangning gave Mo Ting the hospital’s address and Mo Ting soon arrived at the entrance of the hospital.

“I’ve already asked Lu Che to investigate the investor of the drama and I’ve also called the police to seize any security footage in the area. But, since it’s a rainy day, finding the culprit will be a lot harder than usual.”

Tangning boarded Mo Ting’s car, strapped on her seatbelt and said calmly, “But, no matter what, I will definitely get to the bottom of this incident.”

“In the coming days, I’m sure the media will make a big fuss and write about this matter. You need to prepare yourself. Nothing can be truly hidden!”

“Yes,” Tangning’s heart ached for Luo Sheng. He was so young, yet he had to suffer in such a way. “I was too reckless. I didn’t think enough from his point of view. It was my fault.”

“Ning…” Mo Ting stopped the car on the side of the road and turned to comfort her, “The most important thing now, is to figure out how to deal with this matter.”

Tangning was actually afraid, but she couldn’t breakdown in front Long Jie. However, in front of Mo Ting, she could let herself go and rely on him.

“The other party’s motive wasn’t simply to ruin Luo Sheng’s future in acting. They also wanted to disfigure him.”

“All the actors that lost jobs to Luo Sheng are worthy of suspicion. But of course, our main focus is the investor. If we find out which actors have a good relationship with him, I’m sure we’ll be able to confirm what happened.”


Tangning turned, looked into Mo Ting’s eyes and nodded her head, “Don’t worry, I will definitely find the truth and make the other party suffer.”

“As for the PR, you can decide on that yourself.”

They knew that as soon as the news revealed this story, the film that Luo Sheng was working on, would definitely replace him.

As for his other resources, he would lose them all as well.

But, if they were to hide this incident and it got exposed, their situation would be even worse.

So, Tangning decided to jump in first and tell the story from their point of view, so the public would retain some sympathy for Luo Sheng. That way, they could still salvage the situation.

By the time the two-hour surgery was finished, it was already 2am. Lu Guangli exited the emergency room, removed his mask and said to Tang Yichen, “I saved his eye, but he will have a scar on his forehead. If he wants to fix it with cosmetic surgery, he will need to wait a while. We have to wait until he’s recovered. And that will take roughly 6 months.”

“Also, the blood in his brain has been cleared, but no one can guarantee if he will recover.”

“According to the appearance of his injury, I believe he was hit in the head with a piece of wood. You can look into this and see if you can find evidence.”

“Thank you, Doctor Lu,” Long Jie immediately thanked him.

Lu Guangli looked at Tang Yichen as if asking her if she was satisfied. He then removed his gloves and left the room.

Tang Yichen took a deep breath and patted Long Jie on the shoulder, “Luckily, we managed to save his eye. Don’t worry, Doctor Li’s words weren’t very nice, but he’s actually telling you that Luo Sheng should be able recover; he just needs some time.”

“Really?” Long Jie immediately lifted her head and asked.

“Yes, you don’t need to worry about Doctor Li’s abilities. Focus on helping Luo Sheng recover instead!” After speaking, Tang Yichen chased after Lu Guangli.

Meanwhile, Long Jie entered Luo Sheng’s hospital room and glanced down at his pale face. She almost broke down in tears at the sight of him.

Because Luo Sheng did not wake up!

What exactly happened for Luo Sheng to suffer this kind of inhumane torment?

With Mo Ting’s pointers, Tangning quickly calmed down. She knew that if she fell into a panic at this time, Luo Sheng’s situation would be even worse than it currently was.

So, the first thing that Tangning did was call the director of ‘Red Flame’ and tell him everything that happened that night. “I don’t know when Luo Sheng will be able to return on set. So, it’s understandable to replace the male lead. But, could the director please promise me that you will not give up on Luo Sheng until the very end.”

“I’m sure you know what happened. If the other party benefits, the industry will learn to use violence when securing jobs. I’m sure you don’t want to see that happen. I will never give up on Luo Sheng no matter what becomes of him. Since I was capable of salvaging his career once, I can do it again.”

After hearing Tangning’s words, the director thought long and hard. “I can’t guarantee you other things. But, as long as I’m the director of ‘Red Flame’, I can promise you that I’d persist until the end. I will wait for Luo Sheng.”

“Thank you, director.”

“You don’t need to thank me. I trust in your abilities. Rather than offending you, I’d rather exchange our trust. At least that’s better than attacking each other,” the director replied. “Plus, Luo Sheng’s actually a very hard worker. It’s rare to see an actor like him.”

“I will take extra notice of any actors that try to steal the male lead of ‘Red Flame’. This will likely help you with your investigation,” the director offered.

“Thank you director,” Tangning thanked sincerely.

“You’re doing the right thing,” Mo Ting sat nearby and held onto Tangning’s hand, “Don’t anyone dare provoke my woman!”

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