Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 862 - You Know That The Child Isn't Mine

Chapter 862: You Know That The Child Isn’t Mine

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Quan Ziye was exposed as having a younger sister complex. On top of that, it was revealed that he was already living with Lin Qian.

Seeing the gossip, Lin Qian felt her heart ache. Was Quan Ziye gambling with his career for the sake of their love?

After dazing around at Xing Lan’s home for a while, Lin Qian thought long and hard about the situation. Tangning’s phone call had obviously told her that she had been hiding for too long and reached a dead end – and that it was time to make a decision.

In the end, Lin Qian picked up her phone, left Xing Lan’s home and returned to her and Qian Ziye’s apartment.

As soon as she opened the door and entered, she saw Quan Ziye lying on the sofa casually looking at his phone. Lin Qian cleared her throat and said to him, “We’re already on the headlines. Aren’t you worried at all?”

“Qian Qian, have you made up your mind yet?” Quan Ziye asked without answering as he turned around and looked directly at Lin Qian.

Lin Qian froze for a second, but ended up sitting on the sofa opposite Quan Ziye, “In the past, I couldn’t tell whether my feelings for you were because we were family or because I loved you. But, I figured it out last night…”

“My dear brother…You’ve chased me for so many years and I’ve avoided you for so many years, isn’t the answer obvious? When I was young, a bit of attraction may have sprouted from my heart. But, after the pain that your mother put me through, it’s been completely wiped clean.”

“You’ve been crossing the line continuously and have made me question whether what I feel for you is love, but after the news last night, Tangning reminded that it’s time to make a decision. Logically, I felt like I should be with you, but a voice deep within my heart told me that I couldn’t accept it.”

“I think that true love isn’t about compromising. If there is even the slightest bit of unwillingness in my heart, I don’t think this relationship will last long.”

“I think it’s time to clarify the boundaries between us. You should think it over clearly. Lastly, Hai Rui will help us with the PR. If you like this apartment, I’ll give it to you.” After speaking, Lin Qian did not take a single glance at Quan Ziye as she stood up from the sofa and returned to her room to pack a few clothes.

Xing Lan’s words left a deep impression on Lin Qian.

If she let Quan Ziye go, would someone better appear?

The answer was uncertain, but, the next person could possibly be her true love.

She felt that loving a person meant that she’d be willing to sacrifice anything for them; not the way that she felt about Quan Ziye. Because in the end, Mother Quan was an obstacle that she could never get over.

As he watched Lin Qian pack her belongings and leave, Quan Ziye’s​ arms dropped to his sides.

“She finally gave me a death sentence.”

Quan Ziye couldn’t explain how he felt at this moment. He had reached the last straw… Everything in the world suddenly felt like it had no meaning.

But…this result was also a good thing.

If Lin Qian really had no love for him and he forced her to stay by his side, he knew it would be much too cruel.

Afterwards, Lin Qian gave Tangning a phone call, “Ning Jie, help Quan Ziye with his PR.”

“Have you made up your mind? Are you going to deny any involvement with each other?” Tangning asked in surprise. Although she had always felt that Lin Qian didn’t have any deep feelings for Quan Ziye, Lin Qian had been a soft person over the years. So, she thought Lin Qian was going to accept him.

“Of course I’m going to deny it. A relationship that works on compromise is too tiring,” Lin Qian replied. “Plus, I’m in no rush to find a partner. I’m currently passionate about Superstar Media instead.”

“OK, then…we’ll do as you wish,” Tangning agreed, “But don’t regret your decision.”

“I won’t regret it.”

However, before Hai Rui even made a move, Quan Ziye stepped out and clarified the entire incident. He admitted that he did have a younger sister complex, but his relationship with Lin Qian was completely innocent. Also, he clarified that he didn’t live with Lin Qian and that they were merely neighbors.

He had moved closer to her to protect her because she had been getting hurt a lot recently.

As for what happened at his father’s birthday banquet, he admitted that he had played a joke on everyone. Because his mother kept trying to pair him up with women that he didn’t like, he decided to use Lin Qian as an excuse.

Although Quan Ziye’s explanation still made them seem ambiguous, he ended up announcing an even bigger piece of news afterwards.

He had decided to temporarily retreat from the entertainment industry.

This was something that both Lin Qian and Hai Rui had not expected.

Why did artists like to retreat from the industry over every single incident these days?

After making his announcement, Quan Ziye avoided the rest of the interview. As for what his future held and what he planned to do, no one knew the answer to this question.

Of course, after Quan Ziye made his announcement, the reporters no longer found it necessary to chase someone that worked behind-the-scenes like Lin Qian.

However, the relationship between the two still left the reporters with plenty to imagine.

“I thought you had made a decision to be with Quan Ziye. After all, you guys have so many years of vented up feelings. But I never expected you to reject him like that. Back when you got hurt, he ran ten red lights and ran into the hospital wearing sandals!” Xing Lan said.

“Trust me, I want more than anything for him to be happy. But, I can’t possibly treat him the way that he treats me.”

“Fine. You don’t think I understand you? You’re so stubborn…” Xing Lan patted Lin Qian on the shoulder, gesturing that she didn’t need to explain. “Do you want me to introduce a guy to you? How about my cousin? Although I’ve only met him once, but I heard that he’s currently a military officer and is extremely cool…”

“Go, go, go…get back to practicing. Don’t you still have a competition to compete in?” Lin Qian had no expectations for love at the moment.

Xing Lan laughed and left for the practice room, leaving Lin Qian all alone, sighing to herself in the office.

Originally, she wanted to call Quan Ziye’s manager and check how he was doing. But, she had already made her decision, so she couldn’t worry about Quan Ziye anymore. If she did, then people would look down on her.

In this lifetime, she owed Quan Ziye too much.

Her only choice was to pay him back in their next life…

By the time that Tangning completely invested herself in the production of Director Qian’s sci-fi film, Lin Qian’s matter had just stabilized. Since Xia Hanmo was still on vacation overseas, Lin Qian decided to join her.

Meanwhile, Long Jie continued to manage Luo Sheng. Because Luo Sheng was a hard worker, he was advancing in leaps and bounds within the industry. By now, he already learned how to negotiate most of his own jobs.

In terms of work, the three women were managing fine. However, at home, Long Jie was having problems.

She had received news from Mother Lu that the test tube baby was ready and Lu Che was about to have a son.

Although Long Jie knew that the baby didn’t belong to Lu Che, hearing Mother Lu’s words still made her upset.

“I think that your mother’s very simple minded. She thinks that if you have a son, you will be obedient towards her again. She will definitely use the child to blackmail you.”

“You know that the child isn’t mine,” Lu Che replied. “After it’s born, someone will naturally take claim.”

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