Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 860 - You Weren't Seeing Things

Chapter 860: You Weren’t Seeing Things

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“I don’t think he likes her either. After all, who would like someone that appeared out of nowhere to steal half the affection from their parents.”

After hearing this, Miss Li breathed a sigh of relief as her attraction for Quan Ziye grew.

The celebration was about to officially start, but Lin Qian was still nowhere to be seen, so Mother Quan thought Lin Qian wasn’t coming. But, just as she revealed a ridiculing smile, a white sports car pulled up at the front of the villa. Out of the car stepped Lin Qian dressed in a long diamond encrusted silver gown, looking extremely feminine.

“Isn’t that the child that the Quan Family adopted?”

“Is that Lin Qian? She’s so beautiful.”

“We don’t see this child often. I never expected that she’d be so impressive.”

Everyone began to talk about Lin Qian. In fact, a few words made their way into Lin Qian’s ears.

But, Lin Qian was not intimidated as she walked elegantly towards Father Quan and Mother Quan in her white high-heeled shoes and gave them a hug, “Mom! Dad!”

Father Quan was indifferent as he briefly acknowledged that it was good that she was back. Meanwhile, Mother Quan’s gaze was spiteful and cold.

Lin Qian looked at the two elders. Just as she was about to hand them her present, Quan Ziye suddenly pulled her into his arms and gently hugged her, “Qian Qian…”

Lin Qian angrily stepped on his foot. This man was doing this on purpose, even though they were obviously living under the same roof.

Everyone saw the way that Quan Ziye hugged Lin Qian. Although it was just a gentle hug, it still surprised them.

He did not go near any of the young socialite women in the room, yet he treated Lin Qian with such affection and love. It seemed, this brother did not dislike Lin Qian the way that everyone rumored.

Mother Quan was extremely displeased by Quan Ziye’s actions, but she couldn’t complain in front of everyone. So, she quietly reminded Quan Ziye, “Ziye, help me entertain the guests.”

Lin Qian pinched Quan Ziye and Quan Ziye laughed.

Soon, it was time to open the gifts. Each family presented Father Quan with their expensive offerings. Miss Li, in particular, gifted him a thousand-year-old antique because she knew that he liked to collect them.

“This is worth tens of millions!”

“It looks like Miss Li is trying to win the favor of her future father-in-law.”

“This is worth too much…”

After receiving everyone’s admiration, Miss Li’s lips slightly curved upwards. As a response, Mother Quan did not stop praising the young woman.

“Xiao Ai, you are too kind…I’ll get Ziye to share a dance with you later.”

Miss Li turned and looked at Lin Qian. For some reason, even though there were so many female guests in the room, she felt hostile towards Lin Qian. Was it simply because she was Quan Ziye’s sister?

“Qian Qian, what did you prepare for your father?” an elder asked. “It wasn’t easy for your parents to bring you up. You need to be filial.”

Lin Qian smiled, pulled a box out of her handbag and handed it to Father Quan.

“I don’t have anything expensive, so I can only give you this old item,” Lin Qian explained with a smile.

Everyone thought Lin Qian was indeed nothing compared to Miss Li. There was no wonder that the Quan Family smiled so happily at their ‘future daughter-in-law’ and was indifferent towards Lin Qian.

Father Quan received the box. But, as soon as he opened it, he froze for a few seconds before his eyes became teary, “Qian Qian, where did you find this?”

“I heard you mention it when I was young, so I’ve been looking for it over the years.”

It turned out, the gift that she had given Father Quan was something that once belonged to Qian Ziye’s grandfather. Back in the days, he had sold this broken watch to launch his business.

This was extremely sentimental for Father Quan…

Obviously, Father Quan was more pleased with this broken watch than the antique received from Miss Li as he held the watch in his hands and caressed it over and over again.

Mother Quan glared at Lin Qian, angry that she had snatched away Li Ai’s limelight.

But, Lin Qian pretended that she didn’t see a thing as she completely ignored Mother Quan’s glare.

“That’s why they say a daughter is a father’s heart warmer. I guess they’re right.”

“Just because she heard about it when she was young, she remembered it until now. She sure is filial…”

Everyone’s image of Lin Qian began to change.

“Qian Qian, I heard you work as a manager in the entertainment industry. Aren’t entertainers difficult to get along with?” someone deliberately provoked. They wanted to embarrass Lin Qian and make it sound like she was hanging around with a bunch of clowns.

But, Lin Qian smiled elegantly and replied, “I think the one that is difficult to get along with is you. At least, they’ve never tried to make things difficult for me.”

As soon as she heard these words, the woman was dumbfounded.

“I’m sorry, I need to go to the bathroom. Please continue without me.” Lin Qian knew that everyone would start attacking her soon if she didn’t leave, so she quickly made her way out of there. However, just as she reached the first floor bathroom, a black figure suddenly pressed against her, pushed her inside and locked the door.

“Are you crazy?” Lin Qian glared at the sight of Quan Ziye.

Quan Ziye gripped onto Lin Qian’s wrist and with one swift move, kissed down on her lips, “I’m sure you must have expected me to do this.”

Lin Qian took a bite of Quan Ziye’s lips and sighed, “Do you want the whole world to know that we are doing something immoral?”

“All I care about is my happiness. I don’t need to care about what other’s think.”

“But I care. Don’t force me into a dead end,” Lin Qian said in seriousness.

After hearing this, Quan Ziye pulled Lin Qian into his embrace, “Just let me hug you for a little while. I guarantee that I’ll behave…”

At this moment, Lin Qian’s heart weakened and she stopped resisting. After a little while, Quan Ziye let go of her as promised, “Let’s continue at home tonight.”

After he was done, he opened the door and ran out.

Lin Qian turned to the mirror and began to touch-up her makeup. But, a little while later, Li Ai suddenly stepped into the bathroom and asked, “A moment ago, were you and Quan Ziye in the bathroom together?”

“Miss Li, I think you’re overthinking things,” Lin Qian replied in an extremely calm manner.

“But, I saw it with my own eyes…”

“You were seeing things…”

But, Li Ai was certain that she wasn’t seeing things. She even saw Quan Ziye wipe the lipstick off his mouth as he walked out.

What was going on with these siblings?

Her mind was a blur. Li Ai thought of countless possibilities, but the one that she believed the most, was that Lin Qian seduced Quan Ziye. After all, they weren’t blood-related.

Thinking of this, Li Ai felt that Lin Qian was completely disgusting.

So, she decided to tell Mother Quan about this. How would Mother Quan react if she was to find out?

After returning to the celebration, Li Ai approached Quan Ziye and asked, “Ziye…I…I think I just saw you in the bathroom with Lin Qian. Was I seeing things?”

“No, you weren’t seeing things,” Quan Ziye admitted without hesitation.

“What?” Li Ai looked at Quan Ziye in shock, her eyes so wide that her pupils almost popped out of their sockets.

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