Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 859 - She Wasn't The Same Lin Qian

Chapter 859: She Wasn't The Same Lin Qian

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"Dad, what do you think about this?" Qiao Sen's daughter asked. "I feel like Tangning is a serious person. If someone else had come looking for you, there's no way I would have let you even consider working with them. But, since it's Tangning, I'll let you make the decision on your own."

Qiao Sen crossed his arms and continued watching the film in front of him.

In just one night, he watched through all of Tangning's films. In the end, he had to admit that, as an actress, Tangning moved him.

"Help me contact her."

"Haiz, I knew you'd change your mind. Lucky I pulled the business card out of the bin and kept it." As soon as she finished speaking, Qiao Sen's daughter placed the crinkled business card in front of her father.

Qiao Sen hesitated for a long time. In the end, it wasn't until the next morning that he finally called Tangning's number...


Meanwhile, plenty of people attempted to sign with Tangning via their contacts. As a result, both Long Jie and Lin Qian ended up with a handful of artist's details. But, Tangning had gone to visit the director on a private island. This meant, in the near future, she would be placing all her focus on filming a high quality sci-fi film and woudn't have time to sign another artist.

During the two days that Tangning was gone, apart from checking on Xia Hanmo overseas, Lin Qian practically spent all her time at home resting.

At the same time, Quan Ziye attended events when he had them and stayed at home to keep her company when he didn't (even though Lin Qian didn't give him any attention).

Meanwhile, Father Quan's 60th birthday was just around the corner. But, Lin Qian hadn't mentioned a word about it. From the looks of it, it seemed she had no interest in seeing the Quan Family.

On the third morning, Tangning finally returned with Director Qian and some good news.

So, Lin Qian went back to Tangning's side, curious to see the old man that was so persistent about filming a blockbuster sci-fi film.

Qiao Sen was obsessed with sci-fi as expected. But, after returning to Beijing, he and Tangning did not need small talk to get along perfectly with each other.

Qiao Sen knew that as soon as a time was set for filming, it would take a few years and be an extremely long process, especially during the post production stage. So, he asked Tangning to prepare herself.

In response, Tangning took out all her savings and invested it straight into post production. She then asked Qiao Sen to find a production team that he could trust in because she wanted to make sure that the film was worth the money.

Qiao Sen admired Tangning's boldness. Of course, he was also prepared to show off his success.

After everything was settled, Tangning had a rest in her office. At this time, Lin Qian knocked on the door and walked in, "You don't have anything planned for tomorrow night, do you?"

"Why?" Tangning asked.

"I need to attend my adoptive father's 60th birthday celebration," Lin Qian shrugged. From the tone of her voice, it was obvious that she didn't want to go.

"You're talking about Quan Ziye's father?" Tangning raised an eyebrow. She was aware that a lot of unhappy things happened between Lin Qian and Mother Quan. Perhaps it was because Mother Quan knew she was an adopted daughter, so she always expected her to be grateful. As a result, Lin Qian had suffered quite a lot in the past.

"That's right," Lin Qian said before she turned and left. However, Tangning held her back.

"Wait a minute," she said before she handed Lin Qian her car keys. "I think you may need this..."

"For a woman, the best way to deal with those that look down upon us, is to show that we have a successful career."

Lin Qian smiled in agreement, but she did not take Tangning's key, "Don't worry, I know what to do."

Lin Qian knew that Tangning was afraid that she'd be humiliated.

But, she was no longer the same Lin Qian. She would never let anyone try to sell her off again.

The next day, Quan Ziye was dressed up in formal attire and ready to go when he noticed that Lin Qian had not made a move. So, he pushed open her study room door and asked, "You're not going yet?"

"You go first, I still have a few things to finish off."

"You're not going with me?"

"Why must I go with you?" Lin Qian asked.

Quan Ziye knew that Lin Qian couldn't treat the problem with his parents like it was nothing, but the fact that she was willing to go to the birthday celebration, was already a huge compromise. So, he slowly closed the door and called his manager to bring his car.

"Qian Qian's not going?" the manager was curious to see Quan Ziye all on his own.

"Give her a bit of time."

After speaking, Quan Ziye jumped into the driver's seat and started up the sports car. However, just before he left, he took one last glance at Lin Qian's room.

After Quan Ziye left, Lin Qian closed up the documents in her hands and walked calmly over to the wardrobe...


The Quan Family were celebrating a big birthday, so they decorated the vintage style villa in a particularly extravagant manner. On the surface, Mother Quan and Father Quan were holding a banquet, but in reality, their ultimate motive was for Quan Ziye to meet the daughters of some of Beijing's most socialite families. Perhaps he'd be interested in one of them and stop placing all his focus on the entertainment industry.

After all, Father Quan hated the fact that Quan Ziye was in the entertainment industry. He did not believe it was a legitimate career choice.

Father Quan and Mother Quan were weaving themselves through the room of guests when Quan Ziye arrived, dressed in a black suit.

Quan Ziye was cool, handsome and born with an evily charming aura. So, as soon as he appeared, he naturally drew the attention of the women in the room. This made Mother Quan extremely pleased.

"Ziye, what took you so long? Your aunties and uncles have been waiting anxiously for you..."

"It's my father's birthday today. Why would they be waiting for me?" Quan Ziye asked.

"You little rascal. Let me tell you, your Auntie Li's daughter just returned from studying abroad and it's her first time visiting our home. She's not familiar with the place, so you should show her around..."

Hearing this, Quan Ziye immediately scoffed and looked at his mother in ridicule, "Mom, where's Qian Qian?"

Mother Quan's expression suddenly turned sour, "Why are you suddenly mentioning her?"

"She's my sister, why can't I ask about her?"

"She's just an outsider!" Mother Quan looked away, "Quick, go and keep Auntie Li's daughter company."

Quan Ziye did not reject Mother Quan's request as he walked over to Miss Li. The young woman was pretty with a good body, but Quan Ziye did not give her a second look.

"Ziye, am I making things difficult for you?" The woman was interested in Quan Ziye. After all, to be able to tame a 'bad boy' like him was an extremely prideful thing.

Quan Ziye was disgusted by the woman's obvious question, so he directly replied, "Yes, it's very difficult."

"Hey...I heard you also have a sister. How come I don't see her?"

With the mention of Lin Qian, Quan Ziye's gaze slightly changed.

"That's none of your business," Quan Ziye replied before he hid to the side.

Seeing the confused look on Miss Li's face, a few people approached to clarify things for her, "The Quan Family only has one son. Lin Qian is adopted, so she's not blood-related. I heard that Lin Qian is an ungrateful wench, so no one in the Quan Family likes her. At the moment, she's working in the entertainment industry."

"What about Quan Ziye? What does he think about his sister?" Miss Li asked.

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