Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 858 - This Young Woman Was Quite Brave

Chapter 858: This Young Woman Was Quite Brave



Shortly after, the two ended up sitting at the dining table together like things had never changed between them.

But, a moment later, Quan Ziye received a phone call from Mother Quan. He did not hide from Lin Qian. Instead, he openly talked to Mother Quan in front of her, "Yes, I moved. It's for the convenience of work."

"Your father is almost turning 60. No matter what, you need to find time to come back for it."

"We'll talk about it when it gets closer," Quan Ziye replied before he hung up the phone.

A few seconds later, Lin Qian's phone began to ring. It was the same person calling. Lin Qian froze for a few seconds before she picked up, "Mom..."

"Your father is turning 60. Come home to visit," Mother Quan said with neither a cold nor warm tone before she hung up the phone without waiting for a response.

Lin Qian put away her phone and continued to eat her dinner like nothing had happened. But, this prompted Quan Ziye to analyze her expression.


"I'm not that petty!" Lin Qian replied. "You and your mother are two separate people, I'm well aware of this."

"Then eat more. These are all your favorite dishes..."

Lin Qian originally wanted to tell him that there was no point doing what he was doing since they would never last long. But, Quan Ziye was so happy that she couldn't bare to say these words to him.

It wasn't that she was being pessimistic and unwilling to fight for her happiness. But, she was afraid that Quan Ziye would be left completely wounded. She didn't want to hurt the person that was most important to her.


After lunch, Mo Ting and Tangning finally arrived at the private island where Qiao Sen lived and quickly explained to his family why they were there.

But, Qiao Sen's daughter directly rejected Tangning and asked her to leave. "It wasn't easy for my father to let go of his obsession and recover from his illness. I don't want him to come in contact with the film industry again. I feel that his current carefree lifestyle is more suited to him."

"Miss Qiao, I know that I am digging up a sad past. But, no matter how good Director Qiao is at pretending that he's given up, his biggest dream in life will always be to film an awe-inspiring sci-fi film. This is something he's persisted for a few decades, how difficult would it be to give up now?"

"If you guys don't let him try, he may be able to temporarily feign happiness to appease you. But, in the long-term, he will eventually realize that he can't let go of his hope and dream."

"I hope you can think this over. I will be staying at a hotel that is 10km away from the island. I will wait there for your response."

The woman received Tangning's business card, but immediately threw it into the bin.

"I don't trust people from the entertainment industry."

"Please leave and never come back."

The seabreeze swept up Tangning's coat, making her shiver. But, everything was within Tangning's expectations.

Mo Ting pulled her into his embrace and kissed her on the forehead, "Let's go. We'll wait at the hotel. It's cold here."

"It's fine. I want to stand here for a little while," Tangning replied. "Since I'm here already, I can't return empty-handed. I can empathize with Director Qiao's family, so I know that I need to show them my standpoint."

Mo Ting did not say a word as he drove his car over to shield the wind for Tangning.

In this moment, he was Tangning's most stable form of support.

Like this, the couple ended up standing by the seaside until late into the night. From the looks of it, the other party had not changed their mind yet.

"Get into the car, otherwise, you might catch a cold."

After standing in the seabreeze for a good few hours, Tangning knew that Mo Ting had reached his limits. She also knew that she couldn't treat her body lightly. But, at this time, the metal gate to the property opened and Qiao Sen's daughter said reluctantly to the couple, "My father wants to invite the two of you in."

Tangning turned around and glanced at Mo Ting before they followed Miss Qiao into the villa.

At this moment, Qiao Sen was busy fishing. It was best to go fishing at night because schools of fish generally came to the surface to feed during this time.

"Director Qiao," Tangning greeted politely.

"So it's Hai Rui's infamous CEO, Mo Ting that's here to see me," Qiao Sen smiled at Mo Ting as he continued to fish. Obviously, he wasn't familiar with Tangning. "How could Hai Rui show interest in an old man like me?"

"We're not here because of Hai Rui. This is my wife," Mo Ting introduced.

Qiao Sen took a glance at Tangning; just one quick glance, "President Mo, you're not telling me that your wife is the one that wants me to make a comeback, are you?"

"I'm aware that you have a dream to create a blockbuster sci-fi film; a sci-fi film that everyone will remember."

"With you?" Qiao Sen looked at Tangning with doubt. "You want to invest in my film?"

"I want to participate in the production of it," Tangning replied straightforwardly.

"You're overestimating yourself..."

"I know that in Director Qiao's eyes, I'm just a bored person with money. But, I hope you can sit down and watch the films I've participated in. If you continue to talk to me with this attitude, I don't think we will be able to work together either. My husband and I will wait for your response at the hotel." After speaking, Tangning wrote down the films she had acted in and placed them beside Director Qiao's feet.

"Ting...let's go."

Mo Ting was extremely unhappy with the old man's tone, but he did not react. He simply took Tangning straight to the hotel. His wife had already withstood the harsh cold wind for a good few hours, he did not want her to catch a cold.

Meanwhile, the old man did not move.

To be exact, he had no intention of picking up the paper that Tangning left behind. But, his daughter ended up picking it up and curiously doing a search online.

The first film she watched was 'W.H.' because she enjoyed disaster movies.

Her original intention was to ridicule Tangning because she looked like just a pretty face.

But, after watching the first few minutes, she found it impossible to stop watching...

A moment later, the old man entered the living room holding the fish he had caught. Seeing his daughter was watching a film, he couldn't help but sneak a glance.

"What film is this?"

"It's a film starring Tangning, the woman that handed you a business card this afternoon. The film is called 'W.H.'. Her acting's not bad."

After putting down his fishing rod, the old man sat down on the sofa beside his daughter. Like that, he ended up watching the film for two hours.

"It's hard to find anyone in China that can act as good as her these days. Don't you think so, dad?" Qiao Sen's daughter sighed as she watched her father's forehead crease up in frustration.

He could feel that Tangning's persistence with acting was on the same level as his persistence with filming.

So he felt a little bad for the way he underestimated her.

"She has other films too. Do you want to watch them?"

"Turn them on!" the old man immediately ordered. Tangning had suddenly ignited a spark in his soul.

If there was truly someone that was as persistent as him about filming a blockbuster sci-fi film and was completely committed, then...he had faith that China could produce a great film without any reliance on Hollywood.

Was Tangning willing to be this committed person?

If she was, then her name was definitely going down into film history.

Of course, he was confident in his own film.

But, what would happen if it didn't turn out well? He knew that not only him, but Tangning would also end up becoming a laughing stock.

So, he felt that this young woman was quite brave!

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