Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 857 - You Are Capable Of Anything

Chapter 857: You Are Capable Of Anything

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The public analyzed Tangning’s current value to the entertainment industry and discovered that even though she wasn’t a model or an actress, she was still capable of producing many useful results.

Therefore, many artists appeared out of nowhere, wanting to sign with Tangning. It didn’t matter if they were famous or not. In the eyes of these artists, as long as they underwent a transformation by Tangning, they assumed they would definitely achieve something. After all, even someone with a horrible reputation like Xia Hanmo managed to be completely cleaned up.

However, Tangning was currently not interested in signing another artist. There was only one thing that she wanted to do.

So, now that Xing Lan had signed on with Hai Rui, Lin Qian temporarily returned to Tangning’s side and Tangning ended up giving her some information to go look for a director called Qiao Sen.

Qiao Sen was a 60-year-old elder. As a director, his status in the film industry was slightly awkward.

He changed professions late in life and went from being an engineer to pursuing a career in directing. He had mentioned a long time ago that he wanted to improve the quality of special effects in China, but no one was willing to invest in his proposal.

Therefore, he barely produced any work and had no investors even though he had a great script.

Because of this, he was diagnosed with depression and ended up moving to a private island under the care of his family.

Tangning wanted him to make a comeback because she wanted to fulfill the old man’s wish. She wanted to help him create a sci-fi film that the entire nation would be proud of.

After listening to Tangning’s idea, Mo Ting explained, “If you are serious about investing in a film like this, it needs to perform well in the box office. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make back the cost.”

“I’ve already prepared myself,” Tangning said with seriousness, “You know how serious I am.”

Mo Ting was quiet for a few seconds before he gently patted her on the head, “If you want to do it, then go ahead and do it. If you go bankrupt, I’ll take care of you…”

Mo Ting did not stand in the way of Tangning’s crazy idea. After all, he understood his wife’s ambition.

If Tangning wanted to do something, no one would be able to stop her.

“In that case, I may need to leave Beijing for a couple of days,” Tangning said as she hooked her arms around Mo Ting’s neck. “I want to personally look for Elder Qiao Sen. Ting…”

Mo Ting rubbed Tangning’s forehead and hugged her tightly, “I will give you whatever you want.”

Love was a relationship of mutual fulfillment.

So, Tangning returned Mo Ting’s hug and began to undo his shirt. The couple kissed each other passionately. Even after so long, their love was still intense…

The couple then moved into the living room. Mo Ting regained control of the situation and placed Tangning onto the sofa. As he looked into her eyes, their bodies pressed against each other intimately…

The two bodies became passionately entangled, like they were wrestling, as their infatuation for the other person drove them crazy…

In the end, the couple spent the entire night displaying countless amounts of affection. This was the first time that Tangning felt her energy had been completely drained from her body; she could imagine that even walking upstairs would be a laborious task.

Afterwards, Mo Ting carried Tangning upstairs to their bedroom. However, the couple were still joined together. So, in her dazed state, Tangning couldn’t help but mumble, “No…no more…”

For the first time, the couple indulged in their desires because Mo Ting wanted badly to eat Tangning up and be with her forever.

Although she hadn’t completely regained her energy, Tangning diligently woke up the next morning to head out. But, just as she prepared everything and headed towards the garage to retrieve her car, she heard a horn honk from downstairs.

Tangning glanced downstairs and saw Mo Ting sitting at the head of his car, gesturing for her to go to him.

Tangning quickly ran downstairs, “Weren’t you still sleeping just a moment ago?”

“Let’s go, I’ll take you,” Mo Ting said.

“You need to go to work…”

“Did you think I’d let you go to a deserted island on your own?”

Tangning giggled and nodded her head, “What about the kids?”

“Mom will take care of them.” As soon as Tangning boarded the car, Mo Ting immediately started the car and the couple set off.

Thinking about the craziness of the previous night, Tangning peeked at the man beside her and discovered that he was full of energy like he hadn’t been affected by the previous night at all.

“It will take roughly four hours to get there. Have a nap. You didn’t get much sleep last night,” Mo Ting said, hinting another meaning.

Tangning glared at him and humphed. She then pulled out some information and began to study Qiao Sen’s background.

A little while later, Lin Qian gave Tangning a phone call. The two women had originally agreed to go together, but Mo Ting ended up leaving her behind.

“We should have mentioned this to Lin Qian earlier. I feel a little bad.”

“Do you think it’s more useful to have her around, or have me around? Huh?” Mo Ting asked with a slightly seductive yet dangerous voice.

This made Tangning laugh, “You, you’re capable of anything.”

As a result, Lin Qian carried her luggage out of her apartment and then carried it back again. However, as she stepped into the elevator, she ran into Quan Ziye’s manager. This, of course, made her curious.

“Errr…hasn’t your brother told you that he’d be moving next door?” Quan Ziye’s manager shrugged.

Lin Qian furrowed her brows. Her initial intention was to put away her luggage and go next door to see what was going on. But, as soon as she opened the door to her apartment, she was shocked. Quan Ziye had already ordered someone to knock down the wall between their apartments.

Quan Ziye originally thought that Lin Qian would be gone for a good few days. He never imagined that she’d be back so soon. So, the situation was suddenly a little awkward.

“What’s this all about?” Lin Qian crossed her arms as she pointed to the broken wall with her chin.

Quan Ziye sat back on the sofa in surprise. In the end, he shrugged his shoulders and lied, “I knocked the wrong wall…”

“Tell your people to fix it,” Lin Qian warned.

“But, I have no intention of doing that,” Quan Ziye said as he wrapped his arm around Lin Qian’s shoulder. He then said to the workers, “Continue knocking it down…”

“This is my home.”

“I am your brother,” Quan Ziye replied naturally. “It’s normal for siblings to live together.”

“We aren’t blood-related.”

“We are closer than that,” Quan Ziye replied smoothly.

“You’re not afraid that your mother will come over and see us?”

“I’d rather she see us together. I can’t be bothered telling her about it,” Quan Ziye returned to his usual lazy and evily charming self. “You should know that I’m not afraid of being discovered.”

“But, I’m afraid,” Lin Qian snorted.

“You don’t need to be afraid. I’ll take responsibility,” Quan Ziye said as he gripped onto her chin. “Qian Qian, stop avoiding me…”

Lin Qian did not respond. She couldn’t be bothered arguing with him, “Let me point out the worst outcomes: if your mother has a heart attack or decides to commit suicide, I won’t take responsibility.”

“I told you that I’d take responsibility.”

Lin Qian was dumbfounded for a few seconds. In the end, she freed herself from Quan Ziye’s arms and returned to her bedroom.

Even though Tangning had gone on a trip, it didn’t mean she had nothing to do. She didn’t have time to muck around with him.

Long Jie continued to manage Luo Sheng, while she watched over Xia Hanmo.

But now, she had one more thing to worry about: the jerk, Quan Ziye.

They had agreed not to go near each other and promised to live their own lives. But…for some reason, ever since this man’s blood began to flow through her body, she suddenly felt that hurting him was too cruel. Even though she knew their eventual ending, she couldn’t control herself.

“Qian Er, come out and eat…I made some food.”

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