Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 856 - You Are The Miracle

Chapter 856: You Are The Miracle

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“It seems you’ve learned a lot from working with Tangning.” Quan Ziye stepped into Lin Qian’s apartment and began to analyze the place. “But, don’t copy the way that she deals with people. Not many people can accept that.”

“President Mo can completely accept it,” Lin Qian replied with a glare.

“How many Mo Ting’s do you think there are in this world?” Quan Ziye asked as he turned around and raised an eyebrow.

“I still have an event to go to tomorrow, so I need to rest early today. Are you sure you’re not going home?” Lin Qian sounded like she was trying to shoo him away. Although she didn’t completely reject Quan Ziye, she definitely wasn’t at the stage where she completely accepted him.

Quan Ziye stared at Lin Qian for a few seconds and suddenly said in a serious tone, “I’m going to deal with my mother, OK?”

Lin Qian lowered her head and laughed. She then looked up at Quan Ziye and replied, “I don’t want to see her ever again. Can you avoid seeing her for the rest of your life?”

“What if I told you I can?”

“You should get going,” Lin Qian shooed him again instead of giving a response.

Quan Ziye sighed and turned to leave.

But, he did not immediately go home. Instead, he knocked on Lin Qian’s neighbor’s door, “Give me a price. I want to buy your apartment…”

He could no longer tolerate seeing Lin Qian getting hurt. From now on, he was going to dote on his woman.

Soon, the day of Xing Lan’s 32 to 16 elimination round arrived. This time, it was held at the Beijing Stadium, which had a seating capacity of 10,000 people.

As her stage grew and her fan base increased, Xing Lan felt she had more responsibility on her shoulders. After all, she wanted to get revenge for Lin Qian and also wanted to make the most important people around her proud.

So, just before she began to sing, she looked at everyone and lifted the microphone to her mouth, “As everyone is aware, my manager and I were attacked not too long ago. In order to save me, my manager was seriously injured and was only discharged from the hospital a few days ago.”

“This experience has made a huge impact on me. I think I now have a better understanding of why I am on this stage and what I want to achieve.”

“My boss, Tangning, saved me from the dark and gave me a new lease on life, while my manager prioritized my life over hers. The two of them have always been there to shelter me from the storm. Therefore, I think that every song I sing from now on should be sung with gratitude because I need to thank these two women for all the help they have given me and I need to thank the family at Superstar Media for the warmth they have shown.”

“At the beginning, when Lin Qian tricked me into signing a contract with Superstar Media, I did not believe that a second chance was possible. But, Ning Jie proved to me that it could be achieved and that she could do the impossible.”

“So, following on, I will be presenting everyone with a song that I wrote myself called, ‘Saved from the arms of death’.”

Xing Lan had always been a good singer, but now, she sang with even more emotion.

Her song sung about her understanding of life and also the struggles of being in a difficult situation.

But, while the entire venue erupted in an applause for Xing Lan, Superstar Media released a new statement.

“We would like to thank Xing Lan for her continued trust in Superstar Media. However, we believe that she deserves an even better stage than what we can offer. So, from today onwards, Xing Lan will officially become a part of Hai Rui. Xing Lan, we hope your career continues to soar and may you have a fresh outlook on life.”

“Superstar Media are thankful to have worked with you. The next step in your career will be even more exciting!”

After seeing Superstar Media’s PR statement, many people were shocked.

Superstar Media’s role was suddenly as clear as ice. Tangning had no intention of forming an independent agency. She was actually uncovering diamonds in the rough and waiting for them to be cut and polished until they shined before handing them over to Hai Rui, where they had a bigger potential…

She even mentioned in the past that she was just a talent scout.

Everyone could immediately imagine how promising Xia Hanmo and Luo Sheng’s future would also be.

Xing Lan did not hear of this news until the competition round was over. But, when she did, she did not feel happy at all.

As a result, she immediately gave Tangning a phone call, “Ning Jie…how come I didn’t know about this at all?”

“What? Are you not happy about joining Hai Rui?”

“I want to stay. You and Lin Qian were the ones that gave me a second chance.”

“There are only three of us at Superstar Media. If you go to Hai Rui, you will have an entire entertainment empire backing you. Superstar Media does not have the ability to give you the albums you want, nor can we help you achieve the status you wish for. Only Hai Rui has the skill to help you advance, and only Hai Rui can protect you on your path to stardom,” Tangning explained patiently. “Lin Qian and I will continue to support and find more people that are talented. But we don’t intend on managing you anymore.”

“Ning Jie…”

“Relax. I know you’re worried, but trust me, Hai Rui will give you a pleasant surprise. You will definitely like the entertainment empire that my husband has created. From now on, your affairs will be managed by a much more professional team.”

Xing Lan was reluctant to leave, but just like Tangning said, there was a limit to what Superstar Media could do for her.

Most importantly, she understood that Tangning still had a lot of people in the industry to save, while she needed to aim for a bigger stage.

This was the best way to show her gratitude to Superstar Media.

“I will always remember that I started off as a part of Superstar Media.”

“It’s good that you remember,” Tangning replied with a smile.

After speaking, Tangning put down her phone and leaned into Mo Ting’s embrace.

“I’m sending my first artist to Hai Rui. Please make proper arrangements,” Tangning mumbled to Mo Ting.

Mo Ting kissed Tangning on the back of her head and hugged her tightly, “All your artists are highly talented.”

“Of course. Look at who selected them,” Tangning humphed proudly. But deep down she didn’t actually want to part with Xing Lan.

Meanwhile, in the eyes of outsiders, Tangning appeared to be making a huge sacrifice. After all, it wasn’t easy for her to create such a successful artist, yet she signed her over to Hai Rui so easily. Even though Tangning and Mo Ting were husband and wife, people couldn’t help but say that she had done the hard work and handed the success to someone else.

For now, the public couldn’t understand Tangning’s intention for establishing Superstar Media.

But, Tangning naturally didn’t care.

Meanwhile, a large number of artists began to see the potential in signing with Tangning. So, they tried their best to grab her attention. But, Tangning was not the type to easily sign on a new artist.

“Have you picked out your next artist?” Mo Ting gently asked before it was time to sleep. After all, she had already saved three artists, so it was only a matter of time before she signed more.

“Yes, I’ve picked someone. But, they are not an artist,” Tangning replied softly.


“Just wait and see. I am going to create a miracle,” Tangning said mysteriously.

Mo Ting couldn’t help but laugh as he pulled Tangning dotingly into his arms and whispered beside her ear, “You are the miracle.”

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