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Chapter 855 - Tangning, You Sure Are Arrogant

Chapter 855: Tangning, You Sure Are Arrogant

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Quan Ziye knew how stubborn Lin Qian was…

As long as she decided something, it was impossible to change her mind.

But, that night, while Lin Qian slept inside her hospital room and Quan Ziye slept outside, Beijing was flipped upside down.

Firstly, a video of Xing Lan being attacked and calling for help was posted online. Following on, news about Quan Ziye speeding and being caught by the police was released and circulated. However, everyone understood Quan Ziye’s actions. After all, Xing Lan’s manager was Lin Qian and Lin Qian was Quan Ziye’s sister.

The incident wasn’t hard to piece together: Xing Lan and Lin Qian had been attacked, Xing Lan escaped to call for help, Lin Qian was injured and, as a result, Quan Ziye was caught for speeding.

But, who was behind the attack? And what was their motive? These questions were cause for heated discussions.

So, early the next morning, Superstar Media made an announcement that they’d be cooperating with the police to find the truth and vowed to give their artist an explanation.

Superstar Media claimed that the entire incident was related to the Journey Singing Competition and revealed that Xing Lan was fine, while her manager suffered a serious injury.

In order to win the competition, someone actually tried to attack another contestant. This matter caused a huge impact on everyone and forced Tangning to respond strongly.

“Whether it’s the people that executed the crime or the instigator, Superstar Media will not let any of them off.”

Actually, it wasn’t difficult to investigate the incident in detail. Whenever something dirty happened in the industry, all one had to do was trace the clues and the truth would easily be uncovered.

After Lin Qian was admitted to the hospital, Tangning sat quietly at Superstar Media and waited patiently for Xing Lan to compete in the 32 to 16 elimination round. At the same time, the police began to investigate the incident. Tangning was going to see how the culprit planned to hold on.

Tangning wanted to tell everyone in the industry that not only the artists in Hai Rui were untouchable, her artists also could not be offended.

“Long Jie, contact Fang Yu and ask him to prepare a contract for Xing Lan.”

Originally, Tangning wanted to wait until Xing Lan won the competition before admitting her to Hai Rui. But, she now felt the need to show everyone the relationship between Superstar Media and Hai Rui.

“Are you planning to send her over there now?” Long Jie asked with some concern.

“She was ready a long time ago,” Tangning replied.

A little while later, Tangning received an anonymous phone call. The person on the other side requested to see her, but she quickly rejected them, “I have no reason to meet with violent people. You may want to see me, but I’m not going to put my safety at risk. It’s best that you be honest with me, I hate people that have no sincerity.”

The other party snorted and chuckled, “Tangning, you sure are arrogant.”

“I have the right to be arrogant. At least I’m not so stupid as to try and kidnap a person; especially not in the downtown area of the city.”

“Fine. Give me your conditions. It was just a small joke, there’s no need to blow it up.”

“Conditions?” Tangning sneered. “I can have whatever I want, do you think I’d want something from you? It’s simple, there’s only one thing you can do, get your contestant to withdraw from the competition. Otherwise, when the police find the truth, you will end up withdrawing anyway and it won’t look good.”

“If you want to get revenge, then direct it towards me. My daughter does not know about this incident.”

“You’re right. I am indeed seeking revenge on you, and you’re weakness happens to be your daughter. I want you to understand that you need to face the consequences of your actions. If you dare to touch one of my people, you will regret it for the rest of your life,” Tangning said powerfully. “When I was an actress, I may have allowed you to bully me. But, now that I’m a manager, I will only admit defeat if you manage to knock me down.”

“I beg of you, please.”

“Those that grovel at one’s feet after they fail, deserve the least amount of sympathy,” Tangning said before she hung up the phone.

If this woman was smart, she would find a feasible reason to withdraw her daughter from the competition. Otherwise, she would end up embarrassing herself in front of the entire nation.

Two days later, Tangning received news that someone had indeed withdrawn from the competition. The reason was that the contestant had a broken leg.

Everyone actually knew the truth, but they also knew that this was a price they deserved to pay!

However, Xing Lan’s revenge may have been sought…

…but Lin Qian’s revenge had not started.

Quan Ziye instructed his family’s people to hire a private investigator to look into the matter in detail. In the end, they located the small-time gangsters that attacked the two women that night.

Disregarding everything else, these men had to be beaten until their heads were bleeding before they could satisfy his hatred.

Quan Ziye was never one to follow the rules. Tangning had to plan out every step in case someone held something against her, but he didn’t have to.

If someone dared to touch one of his people, he was going to make them pay for everything they had done.

Both Tangning and Quan Ziye were truly angered by this incident and plenty of people in the industry had heard about it. But of course, Tangning did not reveal that Xing Lan had already signed with Hai Rui; it wasn’t the right time yet.

Afterwards, Xing Lan attended the recording for the competition’s promo. When asked about how she had been attacked, Xing Lan first thanked the person that helped her call the police on the night of the incident before she firmly expressed her thoughts.

“I will persist with this competition until the end.”

“I want to tell everyone that no matter what happens, I will stick to my original intentions. Sinister people will never get very far.”

At this time, someone went to snoop on the contestant that withdrew from the competition and discovered that she had indeed been admitted to the hospital. It seemed, she had broken her right leg.

But, another reporter photographed the contestant leaving her home and driving.

So, the answer became apparent: the broken leg was just an excuse.

As for how the address of this contestant was leaked? It would forever remain a mystery.

Because of the incident, Lin Qian ended up staying at the hospital for one week.

By the time she was discharged, the entire matter had already been settled and those involved were already punished.

She ended up returning to her position because Xing Lan was about to compete again. But, every now and then, Quan Ziye’s manager would deliver chicken soup or some nourishing herbs to her.

After a while, Lin Qian started to get sick of it.

“Qian Qian, you know how your brother’s like. If you don’t drink it all, I can’t report back to him.”

“You drink it then,” Lin Qian replied.

“If you don’t drink it, he may deliver himself to you tomorrow…”

Lin Qian couldn’t handle the threat, so she immediately gulped down the chicken soup.

Actually, the fact that Lin Qian accepted Quan Ziye’s care was a sign that their relationship was warming back up. At least, she no longer rejected his good intentions.

That night, Xing Lan insisted on escorting Lin Qian home. However, when they arrived, they found Quan Ziye standing there, leaning against Lin Qian’s door.

Xing Lan smiled and left, while Lin Qian asked, “A famous actor waits outside a manager’s door. What will everyone think of this?”

“Everyone else thinks that you are merely my sister,” Quan Ziye replied lazily with his arms crossed.

Lin Qian couldn’t be bothered dealing with him as she directly pushed open the door. However, Quan Ziye held her back by grabbing hold of her right hand.

The two looked into each other’s eyes for a short second before Lin Qian sighed, “Come in.”

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