Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 854 - Definitely Appearing On The Headlines Tomorrow

Chapter 854: Definitely Appearing On The Headlines Tomorrow



A singing competition contestant had been publicly attacked. If this news got revealed, it would cause another huge commotion.

However, Xing Lan couldn't possibly focus on anything else at this time other than Lin Qian's condition.

Earlier on, she shouldn't have left Lin Qian on her own. Although it may have led to both of them getting hurt or worse, it was better than the feelings of guilt she was experiencing right now.

Soon, the doctor stepped out of the emergency room and said to Xing Lan, who was sitting in the corridor, "Think of a way to contact her relatives. She's lost too much blood and requires a blood transfusion. The blood we had in storage was recently transferred to another hospital."

"Will mine work? Can you use mine?"

"What blood type are you?"


"Then stop talking nonsense. Give her family a call, your blood does not match." After speaking, the doctor once again returned to the emergency room.

Xing Lan held onto Lin Qian's phone and could only think of one person: Quan Ziye. So, without hesitation, she gave him a call.

10 minutes later, Quan Ziye arrived at the hospital in a panic, barefooted with his pajamas still on.

As soon as the doctor stepped out again, he immediately yelled, "My blood type is O."

"What's your relationship with the patient?" the doctor immediately asked.

"I am her brother," Quan Ziye replied.

"We have already taken blood from another hospital. You can come in first."

Although O-type blood was known as the universal blood type, it couldn't be recklessly transfused to someone of a different blood type. After all, the blood plasma may contain antigens. But, a small amount was feasible.

Xing Lan watched as Quan Ziye entered the emergency room. A little while later, he came back out holding his arm.

Xing Lan immediately walked over to him and discovered her voice sounded a little weak, "Mr. Quan..."

"What exactly happened?" Quan Ziye asked angrily. This was the first time that Quan Ziye put aside his charming attitude and spoke in a serious tone.

"We were attacked..." Xing Lan explained briefly. "Lin Qian got hurt because she was trying to protect me..."

After hearing Xing Lan's response, Quan Ziye handed his phone to her, "Give me your phone number."

"OK," Xing Lan took the phone and discovered that her hands were still trembling. Obviously, she was still scared. After she saved her number on Quan Ziye's phone, she handed it back to him politely.

"Don't tell Lin Qian that I was here. I will look into this matter. Also, Qian Er has no relatives. Let Tangning know that if Qian Qian gets hurt again, I will hold her liable."

Xing Lan could tell that Quan Ziye was distressed. He was so distressed that he referred to Lin Qian by three different names in one go.

But, according to Lin Qian's stubbornness, she would definitely refuse any involvement with Quan Ziye.

That's why Quan Ziye decided to keep her in the dark.

"I understand, Mr. Quan."

Afterwards, Xing Lan contacted Tangning. Tangning was already on her way to the hospital when she received Xing Lan's phone call. Even though Xing Lan was so focused on saving Lin Qian and had not contacted Tangning first thing, the news was already talking about the incident. After all, it happened in a busy part of town.

So, it didn't take long before Tangning and Mo Ting arrived at the hospital.

"Ning Jie..."

"How's Lin Qian?" Tangning quickly asked. "Are you hurt as well?"

"I'm fine. Lin Qian's just come out of emergency," Xing Lan replied before tears started rolling down her cheeks. "I've never experienced something like this. I don't know why it happened..."

"It's OK, it's not your fault," Tangning comforted as she hugged Xing Lan. "It's all in the past. You're safe now and Lin Qian is going to be fine."

With Tangning's reassurance, Xing Lan calmed down.

Of course, thanks to Lu Che's arrangements, there were no reporters at the hospital. On top of that, without waiting for Mo Ting's instructions, he had already called the police after he checked that Lin Qian was settled in. There were many underhanded incidents in the industry, but no one dared to provoke Hai Rui. So this time, they had gone too far!

Tangning could roughly guess what had happened: someone was trying to force Xing Lan to withdraw from the competition.

And the woman that wanted her daughter to win first place, was the number one suspect...


Soon, Lin Qian regained her consciousness. As she opened her eyes and saw the people beside her bed, the first thing she asked was, "Did Quan Ziye drop by? While I was slightly unconscious, I thought I saw him."

"Drink some water first," Xing Lan did not reply as she poured some warm water between Lin Qian's cracked lips, "Your head was smashed open."

"It's sewn up now, isn't it?" Lin Qian asked playfully, trying to ease the tension in the atmosphere.

"Stop joking around," Xing Lan was originally overwhelmed by guilt, yet Lin Qian was trying to act tough. This made her blame herself even more.

"I am now your savior," Lin Qian winked at both Xing Lan and Tangning. "By the way, you haven't answered my question yet: was Quan Ziye here?"

"Are you hoping that he came or not?" Tangning asked as she walked closer.

"Logically, I hope he didn't come. But, emotionally, he has been my only real family over the years..."

"He came, and after he gave you some blood, he left. He sped here, so highway patrol was waiting for him downstairs. They chased him all the way here. He's definitely appearing on the headlines tomorrow," Xing Lan revealed.

After hearing this, Lin Qian slowly closed her eyes. It had been a long time since she experienced this kind of loving warmth.

"I'm fine."

"I'm going to investigate this matter and give you an explanation," Tangning promised.

"Ning Jie, I can roughly guess the cause. It was my fault for not being careful and staying at the office until so late."

"That..." Xing Lan hesitated, but ended up telling Tangning, "Quan Ziye said before he left that if you let Lin Qian get hurt again, he is going to hold you liable..."

"You guys can go home. I'm fine. There will definitely be big news tomorrow," Lin Qian said as she weakly waved her hand. "There are nurses here."

Tangning glanced at Lin Qian; she could roughly guess what she was thinking, so she said to Xing Lan, "Let's go home and get some rest."

"I want to stay..."

"You don't need to stay. Someone will take care of her," Tangning hinted as she dragged Xing Lan away.

Meanwhile, Mo Ting protected his wife the entire time as he secretly hid the anger in his eyes. If someone really dared to scheme against Tangning, Beijing was about to be flipped upside down!

Shortly after...

As Lin Qian lay in bed, she began to stretch her neck to peer outside the door. She could obviously sense that there was someone there. In the end, she said with a sigh, "Come in."

Slowly, Quan Ziye crossed his arms and appeared in the doorway as he shook his head, "I'll just stay here and watch over you. Sleep."

"Come in..."

"Didn't you say that you don't want to see me?" Quan Ziye asked. "Qian Qian, either let me take care of you or go find someone to take care of you. Don't let me see you all alone like this. For me, this is worse than death. After all, as your brother, I have taken care of you for so many years."

"You are well aware that it's because I don't know how to face you. I am also struggling," Lin Qian replied. "I just want us both to live with a bit of dignity."

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