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Chapter 852 - Let Xia Hanmo Go

Chapter 852: Let Xia Hanmo Go

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“Let them think that way,” Tangning laughed naturally with ease. “You told me that she needs to be more confident and smart. President Mo, I sent Xia Hanmo overseas because you inspired me to. Don’t make me take responsibility on my own.”

“This has nothing to with me. Don’t drag me down with you,” Mo Ting laughed charmingly.

In the past, the public paid close attention to Xia Hanmo because they wanted to hear about her latest scandals. At that time, her manager was the one that released regular gossip about her, maintaining her famously bad reputation. Now that Xia Hanmo had signed onto Superstar Media, it was no longer that easy for the public to hear news about her.

But of course, the public didn’t care.

Because, no matter how Xia Hanmo planned to reappear in front of everyone, her black marks could never be fully removed. Although her manager was the one that caused these black marks, the scandals she was involved in, weren’t completely false.

It was almost time for Xing Lan to compete in the next stage of her competition. As the most promising new singer, Xing Lan gradually began to display her various strengths after passing the top 100. Her momentum was unstoppable. Meanwhile, as Xing Lan’s boss, Tangning chose to personally attend every round that her artist participated in.

However, before entering the venue each time, she was inevitably surrounded by reporters. But, apart from asking about Xing Lan, the reporters were also curious about Xia Hanmo.

“Tangning, can you tell us where Xia Hanmo has been sent to? Is she pursuing a career overseas?”

“Tangning, did you think that you could clean Xia Hanmo’s image by doing this?”

“Will Xia Hanmo become one of Superstar Media’s failures?”

Tangning walked towards the television station as she briefly answered some of the questions, “Xia Hanmo will naturally find where she belongs. I don’t think her image needs cleaning because I don’t think she’s done anything wrong.”

“But, her disgusting private life has affected and influenced our society badly.”

“And that’s why she is no longer an actress. That is the price she’s had to pay. Are you still not satisfied?” Tangning asked straightforwardly.

The reporter that Tangning was speaking to froze for a moment, suddenly dumbfounded by her question.

Seeing that the other reporters had nothing else to say, Tangning sped up and entered the television station.

“Are you crazy? Why did you only ask about Xia Hanmo? Isn’t Tangning a more popular news topic? For example, shouldn’t we have asked whether she’s planning to make a comeback, whether she’ll be acting in any films and why she decided to establish Superstar Media? Aren’t all these questions, big topics of discussion?”

The reporter was criticized by his own peers.

Indeed, Tangning had a lot of topics worth focusing on. Unfortunately, everyone was too short-sighted.

This was how Tangning was wise. She always had news for the reporters to write about.

In the four-hour long 64 to 32 elimination round, Xing Lan once again took the lead. She completely displayed the skills of someone that had previously gone through a singing competition and used her strong mindset to stop her opponents from getting past the top 64. She was undoubtedly the favorite for winning the competition.

Tangning was present on the scene to show her support, giving Xing Lan full confidence by letting her know that Superstar Media was always there to back her up.

After the competition, Tangning took Xing Lan to celebrate while the other contestants watched in admiration.

It was obvious that Xing Lan was satisfied with her current state, because she had a clear path to stardom.

At this time, however, someone offered Xing Lan a large sum of money to withdraw from the competition, claiming that she was already a winner in everyone’s hearts.

But, Lin Qian replied on behalf of Xing Lan that she wasn’t in need of money.

After hearing about this incident, Tangning did not give much of a reaction. She had already expected this much. However, she did tell Lin Qian to pay close attention to Xing Lan’s safety. After all, a singer had been poisoned in the past and lost their voice. So, it was important to be careful.

As a result, Lin Qian focused on Xing Lan’s daily life even more meticulously.

In half a months time, Xing Lan would compete for top 16. Until then, Lin Qian had to take good care of her.

By this point in time, Xia Hanmo had already left Beijing for 7-8 days. However, people were still talking about her.

Xia Hanmo wasn’t completely without fans. They had simply been suppressed over the years. So, as time passed, these fans had become completely loyal to Xia Hanmo.

They were displeased with Tangning’s decision. Since Xia Hanmo had signed with Superstar Media, the agency had the responsibility to guide her onto the right path. But, what was the meaning of their secretive actions?

Actually, it wasn’t secretive at all, because at this time, Xia Hanmo’s Turkey vacation was coming to an end.

As soon as it was over, Xia Hanmo gave Tangning a phone call.

After Tangning heard from Xia Hanmo, her lips curved upwards. In response, she instructed, “Post it online.”

The next morning, a social media post titled, ‘I’m Fine’ jumped up to the top of search rankings. And, as soon as someone clicked into the post, the first thing they saw was a photo of Turkey photographed by Xia Hanmo.

The post consisted of roughly 2000 words and scattered between the paragraphs were 5-6 photos.

In two of the photos, Xia Hanmo had her back to the camera. She was wearing a long white dress, with a straw hat and sandals as she walked along the charming streets of Turkey. She looked relaxed and pure.

It was the kind of relaxed vibe of someone that had taken a large load off their shoulder. From the looks of it, Xia Hanmo was completely free from her past.

As a result, these two photos gave Xia Hanmo a healthy and wise image.

“I can no longer change my past, no matter if it was true or false.”

“Perhaps, being a celebrity is really not suited to me. That’s why I’ve decided to be a traveler instead.”

“As I was documenting my top tips for Turkey, I discovered a really good skin care product. Would anyone like me to recommend it?”

Xia Hanmo’s last sentence ended with a smiling emoticon, making her appear carefree and playful.

On top of that, she recommended a skin care product that was indeed good to use…

Everyone that saw the search rankings were curious how this particular post managed to become so popular.

So, as soon as they saw that it was written by Xia Hanmo, they smirked and assumed another piece of gossip had been released.

However, after they read through the post, they were silent. It was the first time that they did not have the urge to slander Xia Hanmo.

She had already given up her identity as an actress, how could anyone still have the heart to say bad things about her?

Moreover, Xia Hanmo did not give up nor complain after being slandered for so long. Instead, she chose to live her life happily. Who would be so bored as to insult and hate the current Xia Hanmo? If someone else was in her position and they were being hated for no reason, they would have already broken down by now.

So, the comments below Xia Hanmo’s post went like this:

“Oh! I’m currently using the product that she recommended. What a shock! I can’t believe that someone I’ve hated for so long has the same taste as me. I’ve decided to no longer be an anti-fan.”

“I can’t seem to dislike her. Why?”

“Just an anti-fan passing by…But, for some reason, I suddenly find her quite cute. Is there something wrong with my eyes?”

“Her writing is well written and her grammar is good.”

“It’s obvious that Tangning paved this path for her, but I can’t help being convinced it. I give up…it’s time to let Xia Hanmo go.”

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