Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 101: Who is Your Husband?

Chapter 101: Who is Your Husband?

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"Married? Who did you marry?" Mo Yurou appeared to have heard an extremely amusing joke. She pointed recklessly at Tangning, "Tangning, when you lie, others might not know. But, I know better than anyone how in love with Han Yufan you are. For the sake of Han Yufan, you were stupid enough to substitute me and support me. You were even willing to do anything to seek revenge on us. You? Married? Don't you think you're being too ridiculous?"

"You just couldn't accept the fact that you lost to me so you found an excuse to cover up your shame. We are both women, stop acting in front of me."

Tangning looked at Mo Yurou; she couldn't understand why any man would be interested in someone like her. However, slowly she began to understand: men merely wanted a woman that was pretty and greedy; all they had to do was give her what she wanted and she'd throw herself at them. They also wanted a woman that was clever, but not too smart, so they could control them. So for someone like Han Yufan who already had a fiancee and Li Yu who already had a wife, Mo Yurou was exactly the type of woman they needed.

"Mo Yurou, I'm sure you know whether what I'm saying is the truth." Tangning sat comfortably in her chair as she crossed her arms on top of the table in front of her, "All along, you assumed I stayed at Tianyi because I still had feelings for Han Yufan, but when did you ever see me fight for him? The reason why I haven't left Tianyi is because..."

"I want to return to the modeling industry by stepping on you..."

"Don't tell me you haven't realized that..."

"Right now, you've become an ant that anyone can step on. Do you think I still have the need to lie to you?" After speaking, Tangning leaned back in her chair. At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Long Jie walked over to open the door. A hotel staff walked in with dinner, "Madam, your husband has asked us to prepare this for you, please enjoy. Tangning looked at the food in front of her and smiled, "Thank you."

Hearing the staff call her madam, Mo Yurou was halfway to believing Tangning's words, however, she couldn't figure out who she could have married. On top of everything, she couldn't accept the fact that by stealing Han Yufan - the piece of trash - she had unintentionally given Tangning a push forward.

"Mo Yurou, you've actually got a great sacrificing spirit," Tangning ridiculed Mo Yurou as she picked up her knife and fork to eat.

"Who is your husband?"

Mo Yurou questioned Tangning in a tense voice; she had used so much energy to steal Han Yufan, did she instead create an opportunity for Tangning to advance? All the effort she put in to steal this man, was it merely to help Tangning dispose of the rubbish by her side? She couldn't believe she had been entertaining herself with Han Yufan for so long.

"Have a guess."

Mo Yurou lowered her head and carefully thought about which man had the most contact with Tangning recently. From the time at the Crown's Star Show, there was one man that stood up for her; at the airport in the US, this same man made an appearance under the excitement of Han Ruoxue; at the Bright Night Gala, Tangning was wearing matching couple-style clothes with one particular man; when she was accused of creating hype by taking a photo with this man, he stepped in heroically and helped her deal with Han Ruoxue; as for this time, with the bed-climbing scandal, Hai Rui's director insisted on sticking up for Tangning even under the disapproval of netizens...

All this was not hard to piece together...

It was just that no one made the connection between the two...

...because the man was the CEO of Hai Rui, Mo Ting!

Mo Yurou's expression turned unpleasant, her thoughts were in a mess. She couldn't accept that while she was stealing Han Yufan, Tangning had gotten married to Mo Ting.

Tangning lifted her head to relish in the look on Mo Yurou's face. She assumed Mo Yurou had already figured something out. But, just as she was about to speak, the room door once again opened. This time, however, the person to enter the room was not a member of the staff, but the man that was supposed to be resting at home, Mo Ting.

He had a dignified aura that made others intimidated as he took strong and steady steps into the room; it was like he was born to be high and mighty. However, all this did not compare to the look in his eyes which seemed to steal one's soul.

Under Mo Yurou's stunned gaze, he approached Tangning from behind, reached out his hand, grabbed her chin and...

...gently placed a kiss on her lips. This kiss from the back made the couple appear extremely intimate.

"You still haven't finished talking? I've already been waiting a while..."

"I'm currently helping Miss Mo Yurou refresh her memory." Tangning grabbed on to Mo Ting's arm and pulled him down to sit beside her.

Mo Yurou felt like something was stuck in her throat as she started swallowing nervously. Meanwhile, her arms couldn't help but tremble.

She had stolen Han Yufan...

She stole him so that Tangning would be in unbearable pain...

However, never would she have imagined, she ended up pushing Tangning to Mo Ting - the Big Boss of the Entertainment Industry.

Haha...she had been humiliating Tangning for preparing her wedding dress, but what about herself? She was the most stupid person in the world. So stupid that she ended up placing her enemy on the Queen's throne.

"The truth hurts..." Mo Ting swept his piercing eyes across Mo Yurou, "You know what Mo Yurou? Rather than being a model, I think there's a career that is better suited to you."


"A mistress."

Tangning pinched the back of Mo Ting's hand, gesturing him to stop joking. Mo Ting tilted his head towards his wife and placed his hand on the back of her chair like a silent warning.

This woman is mine; she is someone I will protect and love with all my heart.

Tangning continued to enjoy the look on Mo Yurou's face; she couldn't tell if it was a look of sadness, remorse or shame, so she casually asked, "Are you still proud of stealing Han Yufan?"


Long Jie was standing behind the trio giggling to herself. If she was Mo Yurou, she would ram her head into the wall and let everything end once and for all. After all, she just found out she was the most stupid person on earth!

"If you are still feeling proud, then go ahead and continue that way." After speaking, Tangning grabbed Mo Ting's hand and stood up. She took one last glance at the dumbfounded Mo Yurou before leaving the room.

Long Jie did not follow them out, instead, she sauntered over to Mo Yurou's side and whispered in her ear, "Since you've helped out Tangning with such a great favor, should I be thanking you? Let me advise you to hurry and hide. The people from Creative Century have been looking everywhere for you. They want you to compensate for breaching your contract, but what have you got to pay them back with? Creative Century has quite a strong backing, I wonder what they would do if they found you..."

"What would your fate be like?"

Mo Yurou gripped onto the edges of the wooden table in front of her; her nails wanted to dig into it. After Long Jie left, she immediately tried to escape, but...on the way to the hotel, Tangning had already told Long Jie to contact the people at Creative Century. As soon as Mo Yurou stepped out of the hotel she was quickly surrounded by a group of men. They dragged her to a corner and gave her a good beating.

She didn't have enough money to compensate them.

Speaking of Creative Century, Tangning's management contract had not made any progress. She wanted to join Cheng Tian, but there was someone in Cheng Tian that felt like she had gotten in their way.

At this time, Creative Century once again sent Tangning an invite...

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