Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 851 - All That Tangning Had To Show?

Chapter 851: All That Tangning Had To Show?

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“Did you guys hear that Xia Hanmo has canceled all the roles she previously accepted and other jobs she signed? Tangning has already helped her pay all the compensation.”

“If she’s not acting nor filming any commercials, what is she planning to do?”

“Who knows what Tangning’s thinking?”

The most talked about topic in the industry was how Tangning was planning to clean up Xia Hanmo’s image.

However, Tangning did not produce any practical results. Instead, she canceled all of Xia Hanmo’s activities, almost like she was planning to throw her into hiding.

According to talks within the industry, even if Xia Hanmo shed a layer of skin, she would not be able to change the image she had in people’s eyes. So, no matter what Tangning planned to do, it was of no use. After all, how could Xia Hanmo be possibly cleaned?

But, so many eyes were on Tangning and Superstar Media. Was this really all that Tangning had to show?

“Help her dye her hair back to black and remove all the accessories on her body.”

The stylist looked at Xia Hanmo through the mirror, not quite understanding what Tangning had in mind.

“She looks too much like a celebrity. Her image needs to be simplified,” Tangning explained.

After hearing Tangning’s explanation, the stylist slightly understood how Tangning wanted to change Xia Hanmo.

But, the most important thing about changing a person, was not their appearance. The most important thing was their character.

“From now on, you are a travel blogger. You no longer require thick makeup. When you have some free time, go study some photography. From this moment onwards, the entertainment industry has nothing to do with you…” Tangning said. “As for the black marks against your name, you don’t need to clean them up. They have now become a part of your story.”

The stylist was just an average person, so she couldn’t help but listen nosily to Tangning and Xia Hanmo’s conversation.

Just like everyone else, she was curious how Tangning planned to clean up Xia Hanmo’s image. But, at this moment, she was shocked.

Tangning had rerouted Xia Hanmo’s life and all she had to do now was focus on traveling. This was quite a beneficial solution.

A few days later, Tangning gave Xia Hanmo a ticket to Turkey. However, before she left, Xia Hanmo had one request: she wanted to hear Xing Lan sing. In other words, she wanted to attend the 64 to 32 elimination round.

However, Tangning did not agree to this.

“After you make a comeback, you can make whatever request you want. But for now, you have no right.”

As a result, Xia Hanmo left for Turkey…

Someone spotted Tangning escorting Xia Hanmo to the airport. But, Xia Hanmo didn’t mention a thing nor give any notification to the public beforehand.

She was probably the worst example of an artist that had been ruined by her own agency. Yet, she didn’t chase them for responsibilty and left without a word.

Why wasn’t Tangning handling the matter like a normal person would?

Everyone was waiting for her to present a flawless PR plan. But instead, she directly sent Xia Hanmo away and made her disappear from the entertainment industry.

Long Jie watched as Xia Hanmo left and couldn’t help but feel her heart ache, “Do you really think that you can change her fate by doing this?”

“No I don’t. But, I do know that when she returns to the public eye, she will be a completely different person,” Tangning replied confidently.

Why did she ask Xia Hanmo to leave like this? It was so Xia Hanmo could retain some of the public’s sympathy.

“Xia Hanmo, we will wait for your return.”

Meanwhile, Xing Lan’s competition became even more intense. Soon, she would be competing for the top 32.

During this time, Tangning arranged for Xing Lan and Luo Sheng to meet. After all, they were both a part of Superstar Media. Since their experiences were similar, they understood each other and naturally praised each other at different events. But, it was important for them to remember that they were a team and that their victories and failures were shared.

As the competition grew in popularity, Xing Lan’s fame went up another level.

Most importantly, she was now known as ‘Tangning’s artist’.

Being known as ‘Tangning’s artist’ meant that everyone was under the impression that she’d definitely make a comeback.

Because of this impression, plenty of people came looking for Tangning in hopes of a second chance…

Later that night, inside the warmly lit Hyatt Regency.

Tangning set out an entire table of food after an afternoon of preparation. She was hoping that Mo Ting could immediately enjoy a hot meal as soon as he got home.

Meanwhile, the two mobile rascals were running around the living room while Xia Yuling watched over them.

Soon, Mo Ting returned home exhausted. The older brother, Mo Zichen, immediately pounced into his father’s arms, while Mo Zixi sat on the floor and watched his brother act like a spoilt child.

Seeing this, Xia Yuling couldn’t help but comment, “Don’t favor one over the other…”

“I know, mom,” Mo Ting said as he put down Zichen and walked over to Zixi. Just as he was about to carry his other son, Mo Zixi pushed his hand away like he was disappointed that his father needed a reminder.


“This little rascal. He already has a temper at such a young age,” Xia Yuling shook her head and laughed at Mo Ting. “I’m going to return home. I’ll leave the kids to you.”

“Thanks, mom,” Mo Ting nodded. After Xia Yuling was gone, he knelt down in front of Mo Zixi and analyzed the kid.

What could he say? This kid was acting much too mature for his age. At such a young age, did he already understand what the adults around him were thinking? That couldn’t be possible.

“Zixi…Papa carried Zichen a moment ago because he was afraid that he’d fall, not because of favoritism.”

Mo Zixi glanced at Mo Ting. After examining him for a few seconds, he suddenly wrapped his arms around Mo Ting’s leg and rubbed his face against it.

Mo Ting was dumbfounded.

This rascal was definitely growing​ up to be a troublemaker.

“What’s wrong?” Tangning asked as she stepped out of the kitchen and saw the scene in the living room.

Mo Ting immediately carried Zixi in his arms and replied, “It’s nothing.”

“Since nothing’s wrong, then come in and have dinner…” Tangning said as she lifted Zichen in her arms. The couple then headed into the dining room with one child each.

“Are the higher-ups at Hai Rui still pressuring you?” Tangning asked during dinner. “After all, I haven’t reached the level that they expected.”

“At the rate that Xing Lan and Luo Sheng are going, they will definitely sign with Hai Rui soon. Xia Hanmo is the only concern,” Mo Ting replied. “But, you simply need to be aware of it, you shouldn’t let it worry you.”

“They couldn’t possibly be assuming that sending Xia Hanmo overseas is her ending, right?” Tangning laughed. “This is just the start. In fact, I’m confident that a miracle will happen very soon. It hasn’t even been a year yet.”

“No one cares about the process, they just want to see the results,” Mo Ting replied with deep meaning. “All they saw was Xia Hanmo leaving the country pitifully.”

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