Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 849 - Cleaning Her Image Was Much Too Difficult

Chapter 849: Cleaning Her Image Was Much Too Difficult



After selling the photos, the manager waited at home for the news while she counted the money in her hands. However, she waited for quite some time, but Xia Hanmo's name did not appear in the entertainment headlines.

So, she ended up giving the paparazzo a phone call. Even though she had already sold the photos and Xia Hanmo had nothing to do with her, she couldn't forget that Xia Hanmo had complained to President Lin about her. Based on this fact, she was determined to see Xia Hanmo completely destroyed.

At this time, Xia Hanmo once again appeared at the agency, asking to cancel her contract.

President Lin was well aware of what his lover had done, so he couldn't wait to break all ties with Xia Hanmo. That way A Thousand Pictures Media would not be implicated.

Since the photos had not been released yet, it was the perfect timing.

"Hanmo, the agency has been good to you over the years. Since you want to cancel your contract, we won't make things difficult for you. Here's a contract cancellation certificate. I wish you all the best in the future."

"As for compensation, I won't chase you for it. Let's settle this amicably."

"Thank you for being so understanding, President Lin," Xia Hanmo replied with a gentle chuckle.

President assumed she was about to become a tramp, punishable by all, so this moment was her last bit of calm before the storm. Hence, President Lin drafted a contract cancellation certificate at record speed and had it signed within 2 hours.

"Now that my contract is canceled, can President Lin deal with my ex-manager? If you don't do anything, I will need to hand it over to the court."

President Lin originally thought that Xia Hanmo would be content that her contract was canceled without any conditions. Who would have thought she'd follow up with such words?

President Lin was a little surprised as his expression changed.

"Hanmo, aren't you being a little ungrateful? The agency has already done enough for you..."

"The agency has been happily betraying me over the years," Xia Hanmo's voice was cold. "President Lin, I've been a conscientious employee over the years and obeyed all the agency's orders, yet you allowed my manager to sell me out..."

"What are you talking about?" President Lin yelled angrily. "You're no longer a part of the agency and your contract cancellation has already been signed, are you trying to extort us for money? Xia Hanmo, do you have any shame?"

"I told you before, I don't want money, I just want my ex-manager to be put to justice."

"Stop clinging onto us, get lost..."

"President Lin, you're forcing me to blow up the situation," Xia Hanmo warned calmly.

"You?" President Lin neatened his black tie and laughed in ridicule, "You've already lost your last bit of support, how much of a stir do you think you can set off in the industry? Did you think you could find another agency to join? Let me tell you, no one in this industry would dare sign you on!"

"This is not of your concern." Afterwards, Xia Hanmo pulled out her phone and called her lawyer, right in front of President Lin, "Hand the information over to the court. While you're at it, sue A Thousand Pictures Media as well. I'm sure the scandal of President Lin scheming against his artist with his lover will cause quite a stir."

President Lin was a little stunned. He didn't expect that Xia Hanmo would know about his private affairs.

"How did you..."

"I know more than you think."

After speaking, Xia Hanmo stood up and left President Lin's office. Meanwhile, President Lin was angry, but he did not take Xia Hanmo's threats to heart.

After all, she was about to lose all credibility. Would anyone still trust her words?

"That little wench has no self-awareness."

Like that, President Lin stupidly freed Xia Hanmo. He thought that destruction was the only thing that was waiting for her. But, a little while later, his secretary knocked on his door and said hesitantly, "Errr...President Lin. Everyone at the agency just saw..."

"What did they see?" President Lin asked impatiently.

"They saw Xia Hanmo being picked up by Tangning."


"It appears...Xia Hanmo has signed with Superstar Media..."

President Lin was completely shocked. Tangning! How did Xia Hanmo get involved with Tangning?

"Are you sure about what you saw?"

"There are plenty of witnesses," the secretary replied in a cowardly manner.

"Tangning...Tangning...that little wench actually got involved with Tangning!" President Lin fell into a panic. After all, he knew better than anyone who Tangning was. Putting aside the fact that Tangning was a vengeful person who never lost any battles in the industry, the fact that Xia Hanmo tricked him into canceling her contract was enough to make him frustrated for quite some time.

"No need to worry. Even if Xia Hanmo has signed with Superstar Media, she can't be saved. After all, she is about to be completely destroyed."

Unfortunately, President Lin was once again wrong. Because, ten minutes later, a courier delivered a package from Superstar Media. As for the was extremely indecent and unsightly, turning President Lin's face pale in fear.

"Immediately contact Superstar Media...No, immediately invite them, invite their boss. I want to see Tangning!"

The secretary immediately called Superstar Media. However, the response she got was, "She's busy."

Not only was she busy, Long Jie even added, "Xia Hanmo no longer has anything to do with A Thousand Pictures Media. President Lin can either choose to sacrifice himself to protect his lover or...he can get rid of his lover and save himself."

Even an idiot would know what to do.

Naturally, President Lin ended up saving himself. However, a matter like this always escalated into a battle where both parties received damage.

But, this no longer had anything to do with Xia Hanmo.

Meanwhile, Tangning simply waited to watch a good show.

"Why don't we expose the two?" Xia Hanmo asked. "Are we waiting for them to find a chance to escape?"

"It's only a matter of time before it gets exposed. But, it's not the right time yet. Between President Lin and your ex-manager, who do you think will win? In the end, they will simply go down together. Following on, you should focus on cleaning your image rather than worrying about others," Tangning explained with a smile. "You can definitely focus on that while everything else is happening."

"But, didn't President Mo say not to reveal that you've signed me?"

"This depends on the situation...I don't think it's a bad idea to let the public know," Tangning replied with a deeper meaning.

Xia Hanmo did not say another word. She was still unsure about her future.

However, Tangning knew exactly where Xia Hanmo stood. She was not suited to continuing in the industry. All she had to do now was clean up her image and no longer attract the attention of the media.

"Do you like going on vacation?"

"Why do you ask?" Xia Hanmo asked.

"It's nothing. Go home and get a good night's rest. From tomorrow onwards, everything will start afresh," Tangning said as she patted Xia Hanmo on the shoulder, "Trust me."

Didn't Xia Hanmo contact Tangning because she trusted her?

Even though completely cleaning her image was much too difficult, Tangning always did as promised.


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