Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 845 - Don't Make Too Many Enemies

Chapter 845: Don’t Make Too Many Enemies

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But, it didn’t matter.

Just because they didn’t look highly upon her now, didn’t mean they would always view her in the same way.

Either way, the biggest benefit of moving behind-the-scenes for Tangning was that she could now retaliate against people. She could take on whoever she wanted and didn’t need to consider her identity as an actress like before. She could now relax and do whatever she wanted.

For example, after hearing that Tangning became a manager and was helping rejects, someone in the industry claimed that she was merely using these rejects to find herself. After all, she had also been rejected, so to some people, this was a symbol of her inferiority.

At the same time, they also claimed that she was now a nobody that lacked the classiness of someone from the entertainment industry.

If Tangning had seen a comment like this in the past, she would have responded by pretending not to see it.

But now that she was a manager, it was time for the verbal attacks to end.

In the end, Tangning replied, “If you are hungry for fame, then just say it. However, even if you come looking for me, I won’t help you.”

Seeing this, everyone was shocked!

The Tangning that never made enemies in front of everyone had retaliated. In fact, her attack was strong and direct with immediate results.

This was the reality of the industry. Famous people had the right to say whatever they wanted.

Even though Tangning had been in seclusion for so long, when she decided to appear again, she was still the same almighty Tangning. She did not step down from her podium just because she had disappeared for a little while.

Tangning’s change made everyone quite surprised. She appeared to be heading in the same direction as her husband and was showing signs of maturity and ruthlessness.

“Why are you acting so arrogant? Don’t you just have two artists? And aren’t they just rookies? Wait until they show some results before you show off.”

“This completely destroys the image I have of Tangning. She used to be so quiet.”

“I don’t think she’s changed. I think she’s always been a vengeful person. She’s simply doing what is required of her as a manager. If she remained the way she used to be, her artists would end up being bullied.”

“Tangning now feels quite intimidating…”

As Fang Yu looked at the comments online about Tangning’s change, he couldn’t help but laugh as he held onto his tablet, “How has she changed? She’s always been like this. Otherwise, how could she have survived in the industry for so long.”

When Huo Jingjing saw Fang Yu say this about Tangning, she directly grabbed the tablet from his hands, “I don’t think this is a bad thing. These people should remember this from now on. Haven’t they already bullied Tangning enough in the past? It wasn’t easy for her to become a manager, so it’s about time she took revenge!”

“I never said it was a bad thing…” Fang Yu explained helplessly. “OK…give me back my tablet.”

“Go give Yue Er a bath. I’m going to sit here for a bit.”

After speaking, Huo Jingjing bit into her apple as she looked at the comments online.

“Does Tangning need your rubbish concern? Save it.”

Even though Tangning only had two artists in her hands, they were artists that had been rejected and neglected in the past but were now reborn in her hands. What did this mean? This meant that she had the ability to give people a second chance. This was the reason why she was brave enough to announce that she had created an agency in such a high profile way.

“Xing Lan’s not bad. At least her future seems quite stable. On the other hand, Luo Sheng’s only acted as a secondary lead from the moment that he debuted on the idol drama scene. It doesn’t look like he will make much of a breakthrough.”

“Young and fresh faces debut in the industry every day. After some time passes, who will still remember who he is?”

They were right, after Luo Sheng went through a period of fame after his first idol drama, Tangning did not do anything to maintain it.

But, this didn’t mean that Luo Sheng had no future.

Because, not long after Xing Lan advanced to the top 64, a big, costly ancient drama signed Luo Sheng as their male lead.

This was a role that many famous, young actors were vying for. But, they never expected that a secondary lead would jump out and take their role.

Luo Sheng had done the negotiations for this role on his own. With guidance from the director, he managed to come to an agreement with the investor of the drama.

“He must have exchanged something for this opportunity. Otherwise, why would such a great role end up in the hands of someone that’s always played a secondary character?”

“I must admit that he has a stunning appearance. But, he is just a newcomer. What right does he have to take this role? What tricks did Tangning play?”

“Hmmph, I can’t accept it!”

Fans of a certain actor were disappointed that Luo Sheng took the role because they did not think he was worthy of it.

What right did he have to compete with someone that had debuted for a long time and was already popular?

But, whenever Tangning was involved…

…nothing followed convention.

So, on behalf of her agency, Tangning announced, “I’m sorry. Those that doubt my artist’s ability to secure this role should first check if the actor you support has passable acting. I am more than happy to train him…”

Everyone knew that Tangning was experienced enough to judge the acting ability of others. So, she had exactly pointed out the flaw of the competing actor. No matter how famous or good looking he was, he could not act and had nothing good to show. So, why wasn’t it possible for Luo Sheng to take the role?

After Tangning said these words, the fans had no choice but to shut up submissively.

Who told their idol to be a disappointment with bad acting?

That night, Mo Ting returned home to find his wife bathing the kids. He immediately removed his jacket and knelt down beside Tangning to help her hold the rascals still.

“You look like you’re having fun,” Mo Ting was referring to Tangning’s attack on the fans.

“If I knew that being a manager was so satisfying, I would have been a manager from the start!” Tangning replied as she dressed her son. “Compared to acting and winning an award myself, I think this feels more successful.”

Tangning discovered she could use her own ability to change the industry. Even if it was just a small change, it was still worth it.

Mo Ting smiled and placed a kiss on his two sons. He then hooked his hand under Tangning’s chin and kissed her too, “Don’t make too many enemies…”

“So what if I do? Are you going to let me fend for myself?” Tangning asked.

Mo Ting chuckled as he patted Tangning on the head dotingly and stood up.

How could he possibly do that?

He was just saying it. In reality, he was waiting for those that sucked up to Tangning to be honestly willing to side with her. But, Tangning never needed him to worry about her.

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