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Chapter 844 - Did I See Tangning In The Audience?

Chapter 844: Did I See Tangning In The Audience?

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“Of course.” These were Tangning’s last words after seeing Luo Sheng that night. Afterwards, she was forcefully dragged back to Hyatt Regency by Mo Ting.

Tomorrow was the day of Xing Lan’s competition. It was also the day that Tangning – the boss of Superstar Media – planned to make a high profile comeback.

Starting from the top 100, the rules of the competition changed, including the introduction of a uniform.

In this round, the contestants were split into groups of 5. From there, they would be ranked from highest to lowest and only the top 3 would advance directly to the next round. The remaining two contestants would either be eliminated or given further consideration.

The last four places was for the sake of any ties in ranking or if the judges came across someone that they thought were too good to be eliminated. In short, there would be two rounds of elimination.

The contestants this year were relatively balanced; nothing out of the ordinary happened, except for Xing Lan.

Therefore, everyone looked at Xing Lan with hostility. Especially those that were in the same group as her.

She obviously didn’t need to be here…

“I don’t know why you insist on participating in this competition, but if I was in your position, I would also want to win properly.”

“Although all the agencies claim that you are talented and have the ability to become famous, you’ve never won a trophy. If one day, you become a thing of the past, this could be used as an excuse to get rid of you,” a girl in the same group as Xing Lan said with a smile.

Xing Lan was a little surprised. She never expected someone to understand her.

Looking at the girl again, Xing Lan noticed that she had a small stature and a pure look in her eyes. From her experience as a teacher, Xing Lan could tell that this girl couldn’t possibly be a bad person.

“Hello, I look forward to your performance,” Xing Lan followed with a smile.

But, she was quickly ridiculed by others…

“I thought you were smart. Can’t you tell that she is sucking up to you?”

“Then again, there’s no reason for her to do that. After all, you simply belong to a small agency…”


Small agency?!

Xing Lan laughed to herself. If these people were to find out who the boss of this ‘small agency’ was, they would probably go crazy.

“I heard that there will be a special guest in the audience tonight.”

“Do you know who it is?”

“I’m not sure. I simply overheard the director talking as I walked past his waiting room.”

“Even it’s a big shot, it has nothing to do with us.”

After Xing Lan heard everyone talk, her expression remained unfazed and disinterested. After all, Tangning had not told anyone that she’d be attending tonight, so it was normal for them to think that a big boss of a music agency was here to scout for some fresh faces. They had no idea that Tangning’s appearance would cause a huge commotion.


Because everywhere she went turned into a miracle.

Meanwhile, tonight was the night that the battle truly began. Finally, everyone began to reveal their true strengths. It turned out that Xing Lan wasn’t the only one that had been holding back on her true abilities. Fortunately, she had listened to Tangning and not exposed herself, otherwise, she would be buried beneath the surprises today.

Soon enough, the competition was about to start.

But, the industry was in for a huge surprise. Because, before the competition started, both the judges and guest hosts were spreading a message on their phones.

“Guess who I saw.”

“Did I see Tangning in the audience?”

“Why is Tangning here?”

“Is there something wrong with my eyes?”

At this time, Long Jie was sitting in her office at Superstar Media. As she saw the chat channel for the competition fill with discussions about Tangning, she began to laugh.

“Sure enough, My Ning is still the same. Even though she hasn’t appeared for so long, the commotion she creates cannot be underestimated.”

“It’s about time for us to perform.” As soon as she was done talking, Long Jie pressed down firmly on the ‘Enter’ key on her keyboard and posted news about how Superstar Media was established.

“Oh God…”

“Did you guys see the news?”

“Oh my God!”

“Superstar Media was founded by Tangning!”

In an instant, news about the competition and about Tangning erupted onto the entertainment scene.

It turned out, Tangning had been living in seclusion not because she had retreated from the industry, but because she decided to set up her own agency. In fact, she now had two promising artists under her wing: Luo Sheng and Xing Lan.

Tangning had become a boss?

“No wonder Xing Lan’s matter was handled so smoothly. It finally makes sense now that we’ve discovered Tangning is the boss of Superstar Media. She definitely has the ability to do that.”

“Pfft, what would Tangning not do? She went from a model to an actress and an actress to a manager/boss. What exactly is she aiming for in life?”

“Has everyone forgotten that she is the cause of Xu Xin’s suicide?”

“Xu Xin’s suicide was her own choice. What does it have to do with Tangning? Why do you still not understand even after so long?”

There were both good and bad comments in the industry. But, whether they were for or against Tangning, one message was clear: Tangning’s Impressiveness could never be erased, it was simply hidden for a while.

Netizens erupted in a crazy discussion because they had never seen someone as tough as Tangning.

It was almost like she couldn’t be defeated.

“She can’t even protect herself, yet she’s trying to help others. I doubt she will get very far.”

“Don’t forget, both Luo Sheng and Xing Lan were previously trash that couldn’t be saved. Tangning was the one that helped them get to where they are today.”

“Apparently, Tangning is only helping those with talent that had been neglected in the past. If we look at Luo Sheng and Xing Lan, we can tell that this rumor is true; she only helps those that she sees potential in.”

“Why do I suddenly feel like going to her agency?”

As the competition commenced, the news of Tangning creating Superstar Media began to spread throughout Beijing. She wasn’t a model nor an actress anymore. She had reappeared because she had turned into a boss and it didn’t seem likely that another Xu Xin would appear to attack her again.

Because she was invincible.

With Tangning’s Support, Xing Lan easily advanced to the next round with her song ‘Fireworks’.

Everyone watched as Tangning raised a thumb at Xing Lan. At this moment, Tangning gave Xing Lan the biggest feeling of glory. She had never felt this confident on the stage before.

Afterwards, plenty of contestants expressed their admiration and some were jealous. Some even wanted to sign with Tangning.

But, Tangning was not interested in just anyone. When it came to Superstar Media, Tangning was fierce and powerful.

This time, she did not take the gentle route nor did she smile quietly at the public like she used to. Her comeback this time was filled with aggressiveness.

At least, when it came to protecting her artists, Tangning did not forgive the enemy like she did when she was the victim. If one looked at Li Can’s fate, they would be able to tell that Tangning pursued them until the end.

However, there were still a lot of people in the industry that did not look highly upon her…

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