Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 842 - The Best Show Of The Year

Chapter 842: The Best Show Of The Year

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“Three years ago, both my daughter’s competed in a singing competition where my Xin Er displayed her singing talent. At that time, she was just one step away from winning the competition when Li Can stole a necklace and placed it in her bag. As a result Li Can took the victory which originally belonged to her sister…”

“We are an old couple, so we thought all along that Xin Er was the thief who embarassed us. As a result, we disregarded her for quite some time. But, we recently discovered, to control her sister, Li Can had actually restricted Li Xin’s freedom and threatened her not to partake in any programmes ever again or she’d expose her secret as a thief to the public.”

“She took away her sister’s victory without feeling any guilt and told us to put on an act in hopes that we’d stand on her side.”

“But, Xin Er is also my daughter and we discovered that she had suffered many years of being wrongfully accused. So, how could we sit idly by?”

“Li Can, you are the truly shameless person!”

As soon as Father Li spoke, Li Can cried, “That’s not how it is, dad. That’s not how it is…”

“After you became famous, you kept lying that you had no future with your current agency and that they owed you royalties. With this lie, you swindled us out of our savings and got us to buy you a house. And only now do we know that you already have multiple properties under your name…”

“You went as far as to swindle your parents’ money. Aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning?”

Li Can’s face turned pale.

“If you guys don’t believe what I’m saying, you can always investigate it. The reason why Xin Er changed her appearance was because she wanted to avoid her sister’s scheming. She is the most innocent person in this entire incident… Unfortunately, Li Can never considered that Xiner was naturally talented at singing and that she was already on the brink of winning the competition three years ago when the incident happened. Why would she steal someone’s necklace? Isn’t the award money enough for her to buy ten necklaces?”

“Li Can, inviting us here and getting your profit-focused manager to teach us PR is your biggest mistake.”

“Your act ends here. Stop going around swindling people.”

After speaking, Father Li handed the microphone to his wife and took a step back.

At this moment, Li Can’s manager huddled up close and asked, “Is that really what Li Can said? Did she really say that her agency presented her with no future?”

Father Li nodded.

All of a sudden, the manager gave a cold smile, rushed over to the cameras and said to everyone, “Li Can, you’re finished.”

Li Can was indeed finished. In an instant, she went from heaven down to hell.

Li Can would have never imagined that the person she trusted the most would say something so lethal at a time like this.

“Who would have thought, Li Can used every trick in the book, yet she was betrayed by her own father in the end…”

“This is the best show of the year. Li Xin ended up winning the battle without doing anything.”

“Li Xin is actually innocent; I was right! From now on, even if Li Can walks around with her head held high, we all know what’s fake is fake. No evidence can compare to the words of her own father.”

Li Can stumbled a few steps backwards, unable to accept what had happened. Meanwhile, Mother Li held onto the microphone. She originally wanted to say something, but in the end, she gently put it down.

Because Li Can was already pushing herself beyond redemption.

“Mom…mom. Say a few words for me.”

Li Can clung to her last thread of hope, thinking that she still had a chance. But, after resisting for a short moment, Mother Li finally said, “Give us back our house. You don’t need it.”

This was perhaps the most ruthless response she could have given. It sounded like she was completely disowning her daughter…

“As everyone saw, the situation has made a 360 degree turn. Li Can was torn to shreds by her own parents and it doesn’t appear likely that she’ll continue to survive in the industry. The worst thing was, Li Can’s mother directly asked her to return her house. Of course, this is all karma…”

“After the interview, Li Can’s management agency has also announced that they will no longer take responsibility for Li Can. So, it appears, Li Can’s path as a songstress has come to an end…”

“Thank you for tuning into today’s entertainment news…”

As a result, Xing Lan won!

Tangning had done what she promised.

“Li Can has been abandoned by her friends and family; everyone has deserted her. I guess this is revenge for you,” Lin Qian said as she patted Xing Lan on the shoulder. “From now on, you will no longer be labelled a thief…”

Xing Lan broke down in tears in Lin Qian’s arms. All the suffering she had suffered over the years had finally come to an end.

“Great. You can now compete in the competition openly.”

Indeed. Now that the truth had been revealed, Xing Lan no longer carried a history of stealing. So now, she was going to become the most talented contestant in this year’s competition.

As Tangning expected, those that scolded and insulted Xing Lan, now empathized with her and felt guilty.

This benefited Xing Lan’s popularity and helped her attract a lot of attention. Even if she wanted to hide now, it would be quite difficult.

“I thought a small agency would have no choice but to be suppressed by others.”

“This is karma. Lucky that Xing Lan’s parents discovered the truth early.”

“You guys are much too naive. If no one manipulated the incident behind-the-scenes, did you think the parents would have seen the truth themselves? Didn’t you hear what Father Li said? He only discovered there was something wrong recently. The fact that Li Can managed to swindle them of their house, is proof that she has her methods. Which means, someone definitely led the parents to think differently.”

There weren’t that many morons in the world nor were there a lack of understanding people.

But, this didn’t change the fact that Li Can would experience being abandoned by the entire nation. After all, everyone had given up on her.

After the interview, Li Can became hated like a street rat. It was impossible for her to survive in the industry.

Out of helplessness, she had no choice but to contact her parents, “Dad, I know I was wrong. Can you not take back the house? I have nowhere to live…”

“Didn’t you say it was still under renovations?” Father Li asked.


“How could a person that’s full of lies have the audacity to call me? Let me tell you, I’m already inside the villa. Your manager gave me the keys. I’ve already thrown your things out.”

After speaking, Father Li hung up the phone.

Li Can hid inside a small street stall as she slowly accepted reality.

She was about to lose everything!

Meanwhile, the news of Xing Lan being wrongfully stripped of her victory, quickly attracted a huge amount of attention. At this time, many music companies wanted to directly sign with her. Even if she didn’t win first place in the Journey Singing Competition, they could still package her into a songstress…

In other words, even if she didn’t win the competition, she would still be treated like a winner!

This result was perhaps beyond what Tangning expected.

But, of course, the most surprising thing was yet to come!

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