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Chapter 841 - My Daughter Is Not A Thief

Chapter 841: My Daughter Is Not A Thief

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Each artist’s fate had a lot to do with their management agency..

Although Li Can wasn’t a part of a big agency, they at least helped her out when she was involved in sticky situations. What about Xing Lan?

Rumor had it that Xing Lan was signed to an agency called Superstar Media. But, no one inside or outside of the industry had ever heard of that name before. All they knew was that another artist was also signed to the same agency. This artist was the secondary lead of the recently popular drama ‘The Devil’s Out’, Luo Sheng.

“Xing Lan can’t seem to compare. The other agency is crushing her.”

“It’s not easy for a new little studio to make a breakthrough. It’s practically impossible for Li Xin to turn the tables.”

No one had much hope for Superstar Media. Ever since Xing Lan’s scandal broke out, Lin Qian had simply said a few words and no one heard from the agency again.

However, no one knew that the agency had already done all they could behind-the-scenes.

While Li Can was about to strike back, there was no movement on Xing Lan’s side. But, this was because they didn’t need to do anything else. All Long Jie had to do was accompany the two elders for a walk around town the day before the interview, so they could pick a good house in Beijing.

“Don’t worry, all the insults that Li Can threw at you today, will go down with her into the grave she dug for herself,” Lin Qian comforted. “You will definitely be proven innocent.”

Xing Lan nodded. However, as the protagonist of the incident, she was bound to be more nervous than everyone else.

“Recently, the singing competition contestant, Xing Lan, and her sister, the songstress Li Can, have been causing a stir by accusing each other of theft. Today, Li Can will be proving her innocence by presenting her evidence at a famous five star Hotel. If you want to know the truth, then stay tuned as our reporters record what Li Can has to say…”

2pm. Li Can made a dazzling appearance in front of everyone. Accompanying her was her manager, her assistant and her parents.

The media were surprised. Did this mean that the parents were planning to side with the younger daughter?

If even the parents stepped out to testify against their older daughter, then it was pretty much certain that Xing Lan was the one that lied, right?

This was the media’s assumption. In fact, they were quite excited by it.

To them, it seemed like the outcome was already determined before the battle even started.

As per Li Can’s request, the interview was to be a broadcasted live. She wanted to use the most direct method to tell Xing Lan that she had no chance of winning.

Soon, all the reporters’ microphones were directed towards Li Can. As she looked at them, she began to get choked up.

“I’ve had a hard time eating and sleeping these past two days.”

“At first, it was because I was worried about my sister. But later, it was due to anger. Hence, I was left with no choice but to sit here and reveal the truth to everyone.”

“Ever since we were small, my sister and I have had two very different personalities. She is bold, reckless and doesn’t listen to others.”

“Perhaps it’s because she thought our parents liked me more, so she became extremely competitive and her personality began to deviate from mine. I feel regretful that I couldn’t be a good sister and prevent my sister from walking down a path of no return.”

“In regards to the recent incident, I never imagined that she’d treat me this way. It really makes my heart hurt and cold. After her stealing incident three years ago, I’ve been supporting the family on my own and it was really tough on me, yet she threw the blame my way. Li Xin, don’t you feel guilty at all?”

“Sis, I don’t have anything else to ask of you. I simply hope that you can stop making the same mistake over and over again.”

“You were the one that stole…so stop accusing me. All the contestants from the competition three years ago can be my witness. Stolen items were retrieved from your bag and I have a video of the incident here.”

After speaking, Li Can pulled out her phone and began playing a video.

“I was present at the time. I can be a witness. Li Xin stole and the stolen item was found in her bag.”

“Li Xin definitely took it because Li Can was by my side the entire time and had no chance to pretend to be her sister…”

“Before Li Xin stole the necklace, she had mentioned multiple times that she really liked it.”

“I can guarantee that I was there at the time and Li Xin took it. She was also the only one that was late by 5 minutes when everyone gathered together.”

Everyone accused Li Xin of stealing the necklace and agreed that she was a ruthless thief.

However, this was because Li Can had deliberately stirred these people up when she first asked for their help by saying that Xing Lan had badmouthed them.

Needless to say, Li Can was well-skilled at manipulation. Unfortunately, these cheap methods were nothing against Tangning.

“If these people’s words are not credible enough for you, I’m sure you will be convinced by the following two people. I am speaking about my parents. My parents would never lie to anyone. After all, Li Xin is their daughter regardless of what she’s done.”

“I’m thankful to my parents for being so understanding and stepping out to help me prove my innocence and get some justice.”

After speaking, Li Can asked her manager to bring her parents out.

“Auntie and uncle, do you remember what to say?” the manager checked.

Father Li’s face was cold without much of an expression. But, of course, he had always been like that. So he didn’t attract much suspicion from Li Can.

“Yes, we’ve memorized our lines,” Mother Li quickly replied.

“Good, please sit down.”

The two elders sat down beside Li Can and the cameras immediately turned their way.

“Mom and dad, I’m sorry for not handling the situation well and embarrassing you. I hope you can reveal the truth to everyone and prove my innocence.”

“Old Man, you can go first,” Mother Li nudged Father Li on the arm and gestured for him to lean into the microphone.

Father Li glanced at Li Can before he said loudly into the microphone, “My daughter is not a thief!”

Li Can immediately revealed a smile because she thought Father Li was speaking up for her.


“Neither of my daughters are thieves!”

After hearing this, everyone including Li Can, were stunned.

“This has always been a conspiracy. Neither of my daughters had any reason to steal. My younger daughter simply framed her older sister because she wanted to win the competition.”

“Dad, what are you saying?” Li Can jumped up from her seat in surprise.

In an instant, the reporters went crazy as they grabbed their microphones and surrounded Father Li.

“Please clarify what you mean…”

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