Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 99: You Lin's Betrayal

Chapter 99: You Lin's Betrayal

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"Tangning, I am currently at Mo Yurou's assistant's home," early in the morning the next day, Long Jie made a phone call to Tangning. "However, it seems his daughter is sick. His wife is still quite young and all she is doing is playing games in her room."

"How sick is she?" Tangning furrowed her brows. How important was Mo Yurou to this man, for him to care about her so much?

"She won't stop crying and seems to be having both a fever and the chills. This poor child."

Tangning could hear the crying coming through the phone. If they hadn't come across this child, then it wouldn't have concerned them, but since Long Jie was witnessing this situation, she instructed her, "Take her to the hospital and pay for the bills."

Long Jie understood, so she quickly called the ambulance to take the child to emergency. While they were leaving, the child's mother was still watching a movie with her headphones on.

"This child had such a high fever she almost had pneumonia, what were you adults doing?" the doctor asked Long Jie as he examined the child's body.

Just as Long Jie was about to respond, Mo Yurou's assistant rushed over and looked at his daughter anxiously, "Doctor, how is my daughter?"

"Lucky she arrived in time or else it would have developed into pneumonia!"

After hearing his daughter was OK, You Lin gave a sigh of relief. However, when he turned his head and saw Long Jie, he was cautious, "What are you doing here?"

"She was the one that brought your daughter to the hospital," the doctor explained after figuring out the relationship between the three.

You Lin had mixed feelings. After seeing his daughter had fallen asleep, he pulled Long Jie outside, "What is the meaning of this? Are you trying to find out the whereabouts of Mo Yurou? Let me tell you, it's impossible!"

Long Jie scoffed as she pulled out some cash from her wallet and handed it to You Lin, "Tangning instructed me to send this child to the hospital. This money is also from Tangning, she told me to give it to you. You Lin, do you know which part of you I look down on? You've given Mo Yurou everything, but has she even considered the circumstances of you and your daughter? In the end, you needed the help of your enemy to save you..."

You Lin looked at the cash in his hands. He thought about how even in her current state, Mo Yurou still wanted to live in luxury. Thinking of her greedy expression, You Lin held back for a moment before speaking up, "Thank you for saving my daughter. I will help you guys just this once to repay your favor."

Long Jie turned around and looked into You Lin's eyes. As expected, a person like Mo Yurou couldn't keep even her most loyal dog by her side; she deserved to be abandoned...

"You Lin lied to Mo Yurou that he found a big boss that is willing to sign her on as the front cover model of a men's magazine. After hearing this, Mo Yurou was extremely excited. We've already arranged to meet 7pm tonight at Glory Hotel."

"Long Jie, it's been hard on you," Tangning's voice was calm like she had everything under control.

"Not hard at all. I also want to see Mo Yurou's fate."


Tangning continued to receive invites from multiple companies, and as usual, she continued to decline them by saying she was resting. Her response to most companies was polite, except for one. In response to one particular company, she instructed Long Jie to give them a name and thank them for personally inviting Tangning there for an interview.

After hearing this, the editor of the magazine immediately went to investigate the name he was given. It turned out the b*stard had invited Tangning to be a nude model!

In the fashion industry, offending others was a huge taboo. Who would have thought, that b*stard had asked her to be a nude model!

"You don't need to work here anymore, get lost! At that time, we were indeed trying to avoid being implicated by the bed-climbing incident so we declined working with Tangning, but it was bad enough that we canceled the contract, you even wanted to make her a nude model? What did I say at the time? I told you to stay away from her, yet what stupid thing did you do?"

"Editor...I was wrong..." the man was taken aback. He didn't expect karma to hit him so quickly.

"Hurry and get lost...her assistant already remembers your name, do you think you can still survive in this industry?"

Because of the incident that recently happened, everyone in the magazine industry was in awe of Tangning.

To be able to climb out of a situation like the bed-climbing scandal, how could a normal person do that?


5pm. Hyatt Regency.

Mo Ting was still in the early stages of his sickness as he sat in the study room dealing with some important business. Lu Che arrived from the office with some documents. They were records of Li Yu's whereabouts over the past month; the records were extremely detailed. It seemed Lu Che had put in a lot of effort to get this information. Of course, the information Hai Rui wanted was confidential and no one knew about it.

"Have you guys finished?" Tangning pushed open the door and asked as she pointed to her watch.

"You've come just in time, come here," Mo Ting waved her over. After she arrived by his side, he pulled her into his arms and showed her the information on his laptop, "This old artist has supported 4 models in the last month. Amongst them is a model from Cheng Tian."

Tangning looked at the extremely detailed report and scrunched up her eyebrows, "Jerk."

"No matter what, with this report, we can clearly prove your innocence."

"President Mo, you can really find out everything," Tangning was a little surprised. She turned her head and looked at Mo Ting in disbelief, "Don't tell me you've hired the police to be your paparazzi?"

"This old sleazebag has gotten used to sleeping around; he isn't very discreet. If I want to investigate him, it's not hard, I just need to waste a bit of time."

Tangning browsed through the information and looked at the names of all the models that were involved. She was quite surprised, but of course, she couldn't reveal everything. By revealing it, she would prove her innocence, but...she would also implicate all these other models.

She couldn't do that because she would be making too many enemies and creating too many hidden dangers for herself. Plus, the models involved had never done anything bad to her, so she only needed to target a few specific people.

"This report came too late," Mo Ting was actually heartbroken that he hadn't presented this report back when Tangning was being defamed, making her go through so much pain and suffering.

Tangning was dumbfounded for a moment before shaking her head, "It's never too late for the truth."

"The bed-climbing scandal was started by Mo Yurou, however, the huge number of anti-fans and marketing around the scandal..."

"...was created by people at Cheng Tian. The manager, Yang Jing, really has her methods," Tangning was aware she had stepped on someone's toes.

"I know you will make good use of this report," Mo Ting wasn't worried at all. Afterwards, he had a look at the time and realized it was already 5:30pm, so he quickly reminded Tangning, "Don't you need to go see Mo Yurou? Why aren't you getting ready?"

"Are you OK to be at home by yourself?" Tangning gently stroked Mo Ting's handsome face.


Tangning smiled. The couple hugged each other affectionately before Tangning left the study room. After she left, Mo Ting picked up his phone and rang Lu Che, "Check that there are no reporters or any hidden dangers in and around Glory Hotel. Also, Lu Che, you may need to do some overtime."

"President, do you want to..."

"Of course I want to personally go support my wife."

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