Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 834 - President Mo's Jealousy

Chapter 834: President Mo’s Jealousy

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After putting down her phone, Tangning returned to selecting clothes for her two babies. However, not long after, she received a phone call from Lu Che, “Madam, Quan Ziye wants to meet with you.”

“Him? I don’t have anything to do with him.”

“He wants to talk about Lin Qian,” Lu Che explained. “The President said that he’s here to ask for help. If you don’t want to see him, you don’t have to.”

Tangning could sense the jealousy in Mo Ting’s words, so she smiled, “I’ll head over to the office right now.”

Although she didn’t care about anything to do with Quan Ziye, this matter also involved Lin Qian. So, she was going to listen to what Quan Ziye had to say. After all, she was currently in a partnership with Lin Qian. But, after the short time they had spent together, she was already aware of Lin Qian’s temper and knew that she wasn’t​ the type to yield to anyone; she was extremely stubborn. So, it didn’t seem possible for Quan Ziye to break through the wall that she had put up.

Soon, Tangning asked the two mother’s over to watch her kids and drove over to Hai Rui.

After the incident with Xu Xin, she had retreated from being in the public eye to behind-the-scenes. So, people in the industry began to take less notice of her.

As a result, when she left the house, there was practically no obstruction.

Soon, Tangning entered Hai Rui through Mo Ting’s personal elevator. As soon as she stepped into the office, she saw the two men sitting inside awkwardly. Tangning let out a gentle laugh and comforted Mo Ting. Afterwards, she sat down on the sofa opposite Quan Ziye.

“Just this once,” Mo Ting warned coldly beside Quan Ziye’s ear.

“Speak. What did you want to talk to me about?” Tangning asked calmly as she scanned her eyes across the man. Quan Ziye appeared to be of mixed blood. His facial features were well defined with a slightly exotic appearance. But, most notably, he had an evil charm that could be sensed from his casual gaze.

A man like this was admired by so many women, yet he insisted on chasing Lin Qian all around the world.

“Let’s keep it simple. My mother hurt Lin Qian in the past. What can I do to win back her heart?”

“Why are you asking me?” Compared to the question he asked, Tangning was more curious about what he thought. “How did you know that I’d have a solution?”

“Because you can see through to a person’s heart,” Quan Ziye said as he looked directly at Tangning. “This isn’t something that everyone can do. So, I came looking for you because I have no other choice but to look for you.”

“You should know that I’m not a nice person. I need to make an exchange,” Tangning expressed her standpoint. “To put it simply, why should I help you? Especially since you caused me a lot of trouble and almost ruined my plan.”

“It wasn’t ruined in the end, right?” Quan Ziye smirked. “You’re bound to find a use for me in the future.”

“For example?”

“For example, I could protect Lin Qian.”

Tangning laughed and shook her head, “Everything that Lin Qian has been doing is so that she can prove to the Quan Family that she’s not useless.”

“As for your assumption that she’s been hiding from you because your mother hurt her, I personally feel that it’s because you haven’t truly shown her how you feel. Otherwise, she would sacrifice anything to be with you. Lin Qian’s not the type of person that’s afraid of obstacles.”

“What should I do, then?”

“There’s no point forcing her or forcing yourself. Why don’t you make yourself useful for her instead. As for how, I’m sure you know better than I do, what she needs the most.” After these words of advice, Tangning was done talking. If she kept going, she may have well changed careers into a matchmaker.

Quan Ziye did not say anything else as he nodded his head.

He seemed to have understood.

Afterwards, he left Mo Ting’s office without even bidding farewell.

Mo Ting sneered. As a result, Tangning giggled, “Nothing beats saving a life. You shouldn’t be angry.”

“He doesn’t look like his life is in danger.”

“His heart is almost dead,” Tangning brushed her hand across Mo Ting’s chest.

“From now on, every lesson we teach will cost $1 million.”

“Yes, we should start charging. In fact, the money we earn should go towards buying a present for my husband. Tangning wrapped her arms around Mo Ting’s shoulders. “Ting…you don’t know how fortunate I feel that we don’t hurt each other and misunderstand each other. I’m also fortunate that you will always be on my side.”

Mo Ting acted like he was still angry as he continued to let Tangning hug him. But, while she didn’t see, his lips slowly curved upwards.

After Li Can returned home, she locked herself in her room and remained angry for quite some time. This was because Long Jie continuously stabbed her where it hurt.

Long Jie claimed that Li Can was the real thief and that she stole Xing Lan’s crown.

Li Can’s biggest fear was for people to discover this fact. She hated it the most…

“Li Can, come out and eat some food…” her manager cried from outside her room.

A moment later, Li Can opened the door and looked at her manager. She then said, “Go contact the judges and see if you can do any PR on them. See if there is a way of directly getting rid of the b*tch.”

After hearing this, her manager fell quiet for quite some time. Finally, she lifted her head and replied, “Don’t act recklessly. Hai Rui is watching over this competition.”

“In that case, prevent the b*tch from competing in the competition!” Li Can instructed coldly. “I can’t let her make a comeback. Otherwise, our lives won’t be very good. The top 300 elimination round is about to start. Be prepared to prevent Li Xin from competing.”

Actually, this was no difficult matter. After all, when Xing Lan was a teacher, she had developed deep relationships with the students at music school. If they played a few simple tricks and made use of the students, distracting Xing Lan didn’t seem like a difficult task to achieve.

“Don’t worry, leave this matter with me.”

“Dress yourself up nicely. Don’t get discovered.”

Her manager agreed and gestured for her to hurry and eat.

“If your plan doesn’t work, I will need to get help from my parents. I refuse to believe that this b*tch can call for help every single time.”

From the looks of it, there were bound to be difficulties no matter where Xing Lan turned.

Especially as the competition got nearer, Xing Lan’s performance began to reveal her panic. She was sure that Li Can hadn’t given up so easily.

Luckily, she knew how to ask for help. So, she spoke to Lin Qian, “I’m worried that Li Can will do all she can to prevent me from competing in this competition. She may even bribe the judges to not let me through to the next round. She has the ability to do that, doesn’t she?”

Lin Qian understood Xing Lan’s worries. She had also made a lot of hypotheticals and assumptions. However, a matter like this was hard to prepare for. Out of helplessness, Lin Qian ended up calling Tangning, “Ning Jie…”

“Did you want to ask me how you can guarantee Xing Lan gets entered in the competition?” Tangning seemed well aware of everything.

“Xing Lan’s not in the right mindset.”

“Give Xing Lan your phone,” Tangning instructed.

Lin Qian was surprised, but did as she was told. Xing Lan was curious. Especially since she had no idea who was on the other side.

However, Tangning simply said a few sentences and Xing Lan’s fears were immediately subdued.

“Li Can contacted your students and asked them to cling onto you. When the time comes, pretend that you are in a rush to return to music school. Halfway there, someone will cover for you and help you return to the competition.”

Tangning’s people were trailing Li Can’s manager…

So how could she not know about this small matter?

“Understood. But…who are you?”

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