Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 833 - The Incomparable Superstar Media

Chapter 833: The Incomparable Superstar Media

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After hearing what had happened, Long Jie walked past the two women and glanced at Xing Lan who was leaning against the wall. Apart from noticing that her face was pale, there were also drips of blood on her body.

“Go check on Xing Lan’s injuries,” Long Jie immediately said to Lin Qian.

Lin Qian nodded before she moved away from the doorway and stormed past the two arrogant women towards Xing Lan’s side.

“Long Jie, right? Nice to meet…” Before Li Can even finished talking, Long Jie walked over and slapped her in the face. Li Can’s manager immediately stepped forward to protect her, but Long Jie pointed at the woman and warned, “If you dare touch me, I’ll make you immediately disappear from the entertainment industry.”

Words like this were originally quite ridiculous, but when it came from Long Jie, they suddenly sounded so intimidating.

Since her eyes were wide and her gaze was sharp, the other party suddenly lost all their confidence and forgot to make a move.

Li Can’s face was hit, so she wanted to retaliate. But, her hand was quickly blocked by Long Jie, “You dirty thief! If you have the ability, you should go ahead and reveal what happened three years ago. I’m waiting to see a good show. Let me warn you now, Li Can. Today will be the last time. If you dare to come looking for trouble again, I’m going to reveal that the so-called ‘Queen of Ballads’ went to Thailand and participated in black magic.”

“You…” Li Can’s face immediately turned red.

“Do you want to give it a try?”

Li Can’s manager wanted to stick up for Li Can, but she was quickly stopped by her, “Don’t bring trouble upon yourself. I’ll just leave. She is someone that has worked under Tangning in the past, so her methods against people are very different.”

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. I know much more than you think I do,” Long Jie revealed coldly.

“Let’s go.”

Li Can couldn’t accept defeat, but Long Jie was holding onto her secret and she had no choice but to surrender.

But, would Long Jie actually let her go so easily?

“You’re leaving just like this? What about an apology and medical compensation? Plus, don’t forget you stole the title of ‘Queen of Ballads’ from your sister. From now on, please don’t forget that you are also a thief and stop being a hypocrite. Stop thinking that it’s right for you to steal from others.”

Long Jie’s words were harsh; not showing the slightest bit of mercy. She hated people like Li Can who stole from others, yet had the audacity to taunt them.

Meanwhile, from the day that Li Can won first place, no one had spoken to her in this way. Long Jie was definitely the first.

So, she glared at Long Jie with her bloodshot eyes…To be exact, her eyes turned red in anger.

But, who did she think Long Jie was? Was Long Jie someone that would be afraid?

Li Can was just a simple singer. To be brutally honest, even talking to her was already degrading for Long Jie. Did Li Can really think that she held an important spot in the entertainment industry?

For Superstar Media and for Hai Rui, dealing with her was like squishing an ant.

In the end, Li Can gave up and said to her manager, “Apologize.”

Although the manager was displeased with this decision, she had no choice but to obey.

At the same time, Li Can also gave an insincere apology with her back turned to Xing Lan. Afterwards, she left with her manager.

“Rubbish.” Long Jie watched the two women leave before she said to Lin Qian, “Go contact the security and deal with any security footage. Don’t let the b*tch benefit in any way.”

“OK. I’ll leave Xing Lan with you then.” After speaking, Lin Qian left Xing Lan with Long Jie and rushed to wipe the security footage before the two women got to it.

Long Jie returned to the apartment with Xing Lan and immediately checked her injuries after they entered the living room. “You’re lucky. It looks bad, but you simply lost a bit of skin.”

Xing Lan was shocked speechless by Long Jie’s fierce battling power. It was the first time that she saw Li Can being taught a tough lesson by someone.

“You’re amazing…”

“I’m nothing,” Long Jie laughed as she helped Xing Lan with her wound. “You will see much more of this in the future.”

“I…don’t think I’ll ever get to your level,” Xing Lan gave a bitter smile.

“You don’t need to be afraid of that b*tch. You need to remember that, as long as you’re innocent, we will have the ability to help you get back what belongs to you. You don’t need to look down on yourself or be afraid. Superstar Media may not be good at other things, but when it comes to giving faceslaps, we are incomparable,” Long Jie comforted.

“Are you the person that’s been providing guidance during my competition?”

Long Jie shook her head, “Of course not. There’s an even more impressive person.”

Xing Lan was shocked. Long Jie was already amazing, how could there be someone even more impressive?

“Just focus on your competition. Superstar Media will handle everything else,” Long Jie patted Xing Lan on the shoulder as reassurance. “If you come across someone like Li Can again, directly give me a phone call. I don’t think she’ll be brave enough to return.”

“In that case…can I work with you?” Xing Lan felt that Long Jie was more capable at protecting her.

“Does Lin Qian not treat you well?” Long Jie asked with a smile. “You either work with Lin Qian, or you don’t work with anyone. Superstar Media doesn’t have bad artists, nor do we have bad managers.”

After hearing this, Xing Lan nodded her head, “I will compete well.”

“Get some rest. I still have things to do, so I’ll leave first.” After Long Jie was done talking, she picked up her bag and stood up. She was a straightforward and honest person; this had never changed. Before getting married, she was positive and carefree. And after getting married, she matured and became more like a big sister, making people feel that she was experienced and worthy of trust.

Soon, Lin Qian returned to the apartment. As soon as she saw that Xing Lan’s wounds had been wrapped up, she immediately rushed over to apologize, “I didn’t protect you well today.”

“No, it’s my fault for not contacting you earlier. If you hadn’t happened upon it, Li Can may have gotten away with it…”

“I know that you must think I’m not as good as Long Jie, but I will do all I can to help you win this competition. I hope you won’t be disappointed by me.”

It was actually normal for Xing Lan to think that Long Jie was better than Lin Qian.

But, after a few moments of silence, Xing Lan replied, “I trust you.”

On the way home, Long Jie reported the entire incident to Tangning over the phone, “Now that Li Can knows of Xing Lan’s involvement in the competition, there is bound to be more trouble on its way. This is going to be hard to prevent. What should we do?”

“Who said that trouble is a bad thing?” Tangning asked. “Her every move is for the purpose of ruining her sister. All we have to do is jot down all she’s done and get her to pay back for each incident, one at a time.”

“Understood. However, you may need to comfort Lin Qian a little. After all, she hasn’t been in the industry for long and there are a lot of things that she doesn’t know how to respond to.”

“OK, you can get back to your own work,” Tangning replied.

Tangning simply hoped that Xing Lan would toughen up. They had all gotten to where they were by persisting through treading from others. So, she hoped to eventually see Xing Lan slap everyone in the face.

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