Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 831 - I'll Forgive The Two Of You

Chapter 831: I’ll Forgive The Two Of You

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He was going to give her a helping hand.

So the next day, news of Quan Ziye secretly meeting with a singing competition contestant was revealed. Xing Lan wasn’t famous, but Quan Ziye was.

As a result, this one small move from Quan Ziye completely ruined Tangning and Lin Qian’s plan.

Quan Ziye was known for having an evil charm, but he barely got involved in scandals. So, even if he didn’t show up because they were lovers, they still had an unexplainable relationship.

Since it wasn’t easy for the media to get a lead, they naturally latched onto Xing Lan and began digging into her past; perhaps even her ancestors couldn’t escape being investigated.

As a result, Xing Lan’s exposure shot up in an instant. Although the media didn’t identify her immediately, they knew that she was competing​ in the Journey Singing Competition.

As soon as Lin Qian saw the articles, she immediately comforted Xing Lan and gave Tangning a phone call, “Sorry Ning Jie, Quan Ziye was looking for me.”

“I already assumed that. Now that the news has been blown out of proportion, a lot of things are going to be beyond our control,” Tangning explained. “I’m sure you know that getting exposure too early is a bad thing for Xing Lan. Not only will her sister discover her, the previous stealing incident is going to resurface.”

“What should we do now, Ning Jie?” Lin Qian was a little stressed because she felt that she was the cause.

“I have an idea, but I’m afraid you will disagree,” Tangning suddenly said after a moment of silence.

“Quick, tell me, Ning Jie.”

“Explain your relationship with Quan Ziye to the public. That’s the only way to protect Xing Lan. But, it may be difficult on you.”

After hearing Tangning’s suggestion, Lin Qian fell silent for a short moment before she replied, “Ning Jie, I agree to doing this. But, can you let me decide how to do it?”

“This is your own private matter, so of course you can. But you need to be quick before the public tears Xing Lan apart.”

“Understood. I will start preparing immediately.” After speaking, Lin Qian hung up the phone.

Tangning looked at her phone and took a deep breath. She then glanced down at the child crawling beside her feet and picked him up in her arms, “Silly little brat, is dad back?”

Mo Ting entered the living room and took Zixi from Tangning’s hands, “I saw the news. This was Quan Ziye’s doing. As long as the matter between him and Lin Qian doesn’t get resolved, there will always be a risk factor.”

“I know. That’s why I suggested a solution for Lin Qian, so she can finally make a choice between the Quan Family and her career,” Tangning replied. “Quan Ziye cares about Lin Qian, but Lin Qian is extremely stubborn, so I think they still have a long way to go.”

“Pa…Pa…” While the couple were talking business, they didn’t expect words like this to come from Zixi’s mouth.

He called his father!

The first word he learned was ‘Papa’!

Tangning couldn’t help but feel a little jealous, “Why?”

“Zichen will definitely call mama first,” Mo Ting comforted as he carried Zixi in one arm. “There’s nothing to be jealous of.”

“I’ll forgive the two of you because I love you.”

Due to the distraction from her child, Tangning wasn’t as anxious as Lin Qian. Of course, since they placed all their bets on Xing Lan, if anything happened to her, Superstar Media would face the risk of being closed down.

So, after dinner, Tangning coaxed her two kids to sleep while Mo Ting snuck over to the study room to give Lu Che a phone call, “Give the media a call and try to prevent the matter from escalating.”

Lu Che was smart, so he immediately understood what Mo Ting meant, “Don’t worry, President.”

Meanwhile, Lin Qian was struggling with her thoughts. If Quan Ziye hadn’t caused this drama, she would have avoided getting involved with the Quan Family. She could already imagine the disgust on Mother Quan’s face if she was to reveal that she was the Second Miss of the Quan Family.

But, for the sake of Xing Lan, she felt it was only right for her to make some kind of sacrifice. So, while she had the chance, she was going to take the opportunity to tell Quan Ziye not to waste his time on her anymore.

“Lin Qian, will I be discovered by my sister soon?” Xing Lan asked. “I’m feeling a little uncomfortable.”

“You don’t need to be worried,” Lin Qian accompanied by Xing Lan’s side. “Trust me. After tonight, everything will return to how they used to be.”

Xing Lan nodded her head and patted Lin Qian on the shoulder, “Sleep early.”

Lin Qian responded with a smile before she grabbed a family photo and went to contact the media, “You guys should stop fussing over Xing Lan’s identity. Quan Ziye appeared at her place because he was looking for me.”

The reporter on the other end held onto his phone and laughed at Lin Qian’s explanation “You’re just a manager. Why would Quan Ziye come looking for you? You don’t even know how to tell a lie.”

“It’s because I’m his sister,” Lin Qian said before she sent the reporter her family photo. “I am an adopted daughter of the Quan Family’s. In other words, I am Quan Ziye’s younger sister. Do you believe me now?”

The reporter looked at the photo and nodded, “I see. It seems you want to clarify this matter. I’ll reveal it to the public tomorrow. I guess I can consider it as first-hand information.”

“Thank you, Reporter Qin.”

After contacting the media, Lin Qian grabbed her keys and drove over to Quan Ziye’s apartment.

As soon as the housekeeper saw her, he was quite surprised, “Second Miss…”

“It’s none of your business,” Lin Qian walked right past the housekeeper and found Quan Ziye reading a script in his room, “I’ve just revealed our relationship to the media. Now that I’ve revealed my identity to everyone, are you happy?”

Quan Ziye furrowed his brows, unsure why Lin Qian suddenly acted so recklessly, “Why did you do that?”

“You should ask yourself. Why did you make things seem so ambiguous between you and Xing Lan? She doesn’t need exposure. So you left me with no choice but to sacrifice myself for her sake,” Lin Qian explained coldly. “She’s a pitiful person that had her crown stolen from her. Can you not hurt her for the sake of your own happiness?”

“And can you not hurt me…?”

“Lin Qian…”

“Didn’t you want to know what happened between your mother and I? You should stop trying so hard to find out. I’ll just reveal it to you. It’s because your mother almost sold me for her own benefit. She said that I was just an adopted daughter that had been feeding off the Quan Family for many years and that it was time for me to make a contribution!”

“She tied me up and delivered me straight to a man’s bed. If the man wasn’t an understanding person, I would have already had a few kids. Of course, it would have been against my will!”

“Quan Ziye, I hate your mother, so I can’t help hating you as well. Please stop clinging to me, I find you extremely annoying.”

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