Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 827 - I Want A Daughter

Chapter 827: I Want A Daughter

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Long Jie had the ability to manage Luo Sheng, but Lin Qian wasn’t experienced enough.

Tangning needed to make arrangements and give her pointers, especially since their new artist was the key to Superstar Media’s survival. So, following on, Tangning placed all her focus on this woman.

Luo Sheng quickly found out from Long Jie that Superstar Media had signed a new artist and this artist was not only a female, but she was also a singer. Which meant, the two of them weren’t competitors. After all, the circles in which they each existed weren’t likely to overlap.

Actually, he expected all along that if Superstar Media wanted to progress, they couldn’t possibly just sign one artist. However, he could tell that the entire agency was already very thoughtful towards him.

“Luo Sheng, since Superstar Media has signed a contract with you, they won’t just give up on you. You don’t need to worry,” Long Jie personally visited Luo Sheng on set to provide reassurance. As she looked at the director, she also whispered beside his ear, “Your director is a righteous person. You can get to know him better.”

Although Luo Sheng was a little confused, he still nodded his head. He knew that Long Jie’s words weren’t simply what they appeared on the surface.

“Your current homework is to gather contacts. You don’t need to use any fancy words, just be sincere. Even if the sky falls down, Superstar Media will ensure that you get famous.”

At this point in time, Luo Sheng didn’t fully understand the meaning behind Long Jie’s words. But soon, he would realize that Tangning’s advice was a turning point in his career towards stardom.

Mo Ting quickly found out that Tangning signed another artist and was planning to enter her into a singing competition called ‘Journey’.

He had to admit that Tangning’s arrangement made sense.

“If you can help her win first place, she can come directly to Hai Rui,” Mo Ting said to Tangning.

“I don’t need you to go easy on me…”

“I’m not. Hai Rui is a sponsor for this competition and we have a contract with the organizers,” Mo Ting replied gently. “If you can secure first place for her, then she deserves to enter Hai Rui.”

Tangning’s eyes lit up in surprise, “Really?”

Mo Ting carried Tangning’s freshly bathed body in his arms and placed her on top of their bed as he ran his hand across her belly, “When have I ever lied to you?”

“You can’t meddle with the results just to help me,” Tangning needed reassurance, “I want her to hold the trophy in her hands because she deserves it.”

“Yes, as you wish.” After speaking, Mo Ting leaned over and placed a kiss on Tangning’s stomach.

Tangning took a deep breath as she gripped onto Mo Ting’s hair.

“Ting…I still want a daughter.”

“But…I don’t plan to make you pregnant again,” Mo Ting replied. “After all, the two rascals already caused you so much pain when you were giving birth to them. If you suffer again, it will break my heart.”

“That was because it was my first pregnancy. The second time won’t be as bad,” Tangning assured.

“I still won’t allow it.”

“But, I want to see your helpless and loving expression around your little lover…” Tangning persisted. “Now that the two rascals can walk and I have some spare time, I want to have a daughter.”

“If you want to have a daughter, then we will have to see what you are capable of,” Mo Ting lay down and looked seriously into Tangning’s eyes; it was obvious what he was trying to say.

She would have to make it happen herself!

Tangning glared at him, but still flipped over and pressed herself on top of his body. Even if she didn’t want a daughter, she wouldn’t be able to keep her hands off​ Mo Ting’s body anyway – because simply admiring it with her eyes wasn’t enough.

After being in a relationship for so long, the couple understood each other’s sensitive spots. So, Tangning knew that focusing behind Mo Ting’s ear would make him lose control.

Seeing Mo Ting react, Tangning smiled, “You can’t resist anymore, can you?”


Mo Ting wanted so badly to squish this woman between his arms.

Why was she still so irresistible to him?

The next day, at Hai Rui. Although Tangning had told Mo Ting not to get involved, he still called Lu Che into his office and instructed, “Keep an eye on the ‘Journey Singing Competition’. We can’t let anything unfair happen. If any dirty deals are made or winners are unofficially predetermined, you know the consequences.”

“Don’t worry, President,” Lu Che nodded.

Since the competition was important to Mo Ting, it was necessary for it to be completely fair.

So, Lu Che immediately contacted the organizers and told them to strictly abide by the rules of the competition because Hai Rui would be watching.

Meanwhile, Lin Qian took the young woman to see the stylist she had arranged so she could get a makeover. To keep her hidden, Tangning instructed the stylist to cut her hair short and give her a gender-neutral look. On top of that, to separate her from the usual divas, Lin Qian asked the stylist to draw a mole just below her right eye.

Lin Qian remembered Tangning’s instructions to make the young woman look like a country bumpkin; that it’d be best if she disappeared when placed into a crowd.

“Remember, you have a new name. You are now called Xing Lan.”

The young woman looked at herself in the mirror and nodded her head, even though she didn’t understand Lin Qian’s plan.

“The auditions are about to begin. You will need to go through a short period of training.”


“You’ve entered a competition before and should understand the rules. The entire process will take 3 months and the final winner will directly sign a contract with Hai Rui,” Lin Qian explained, “Which means the competition won’t involve any dirty tactics and won’t be unfair.”

Xing Lan turned around and looked at Lin Qian with a twinkle in her eye, “I will definitely win first place. You just wait and see.”

“But you can’t depend on singing alone, you still need some battle techniques. Unfortunately, I am of no help when it comes to this, but you will have a special mentor,” Lin Qian said as she raised an eyebrow in a secretive manner.

Xing Lan was confused, but, without realizing it, she had already developed a trust towards Superstar Media.

“However, your mentor will not appear until you enter the top 100. For now, if there are any problems, you can contact her through me.”

“OK. I will definitely see her very soon.”

Although the expectations for the initial stages of the competition weren’t very high, it didn’t mean that one shouldn’t be cautious.

The day before the auditions, Xing Lan decided she was going to blow everyone away with her performance. But, that night, she received a phone call from Lin Qian, “Simply display your general abilities at the auditions tomorrow, don’t reveal too much of yourself.”

“But the judges may not remember me if I do that.”

“Although Hai Rui will ensure that the competition is fair, you must not forget that competitors will compare themselves to you. If you steal the limelight from the beginning, do you think you’d safely make it to the top 100? Keep a low profile. The judges will be able to tell if you are capable or not. Trust me.”

“You will only get one chance at the competition. If you lose your chance, then it’s your problem!”

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