Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 98: So Good That She was a Bit Jealous!

Chapter 98: So Good That She was a Bit Jealous!

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Mo Yurou had remained hidden until now, whilst Li Yu was still hiding overseas; no one had any idea where they were. But, that didn't mean Tangning couldn't do anything to them...

She had not completely rid herself of the words, bed-climbing, yet.

"Tangning, all the magazines and runway endorsements have gotten in contact again. What are your thoughts?" Long Jie asked as she browsed through Tangning's emails.

"Reply to them and tell them I need some time to rest and won't be taking on any jobs. Mo Ting said Cheng Tian Entertainment will be holding auditions in the next few days, so I want to prepare myself. Plus, I also have other things I want to sort out," Tangning replied after having a quick look through the emails.

Long Jie looked straight into Tangning's eyes. Although, as usual, she couldn't see completely through Tangning, after their years of cooperation, she could roughly guess what Tangning was thinking.

"Are you referring to Mo Yurou? That woman seems to have turned to dust..."

"If we want to know where she is, it's not hard. After all, her assistant is married and has a family to take care of. Long Jie, help me find her and tell her there is a big company looking to sign with her."

"And you are that big company, right?" Long Jie tested Tangning.

"She is the same as Han Yufan...she can't prove my innocence. But, she can't continue to be like this; she can't do what she wants and cause problems as she pleases," Tangning replied after thinking for a bit. Although her tone was quite gentle, Long Jie could sense the viciousness in her words.

If someone else had defamed Tangning, she may not have taken things to the extreme, but...people like Mo Yurou only appeared to be pitiful on the outside; in reality, they were not worthy of sympathy.

Seeing Tangning like this, a scary sense of realization suddenly crossed Long Jie's mind: after the bed-climbing incident, Tangning had become more ruthless and clear-minded.

Just looking at how she sued Tianyi, for example, a normal person would have battled with Tianyi and Han Yufan to the end - after all, Han Yufan was the main perpetrator - but instead, she chose to tell them they no longer owed each other after her name was cleared by the Annual Model Awards.

If she didn't go after Han Yufan, netizens would have said she was feeling guilty so she wasn't brave enough to sue him.

However, if she did go after him, she would have been placed under the firing line. After all, her previous relationship with Han Yufan couldn't be erased from everyone's minds. As a result, scandals would have arisen about her being shameless and fighting with her ex.

Putting on a strong fight would only attract strong reactions and the power of online would only make the situation more complex. So, she sued them, but she held back a little by letting her ex off the hook.

This showed how classy she was. On the other hand, Han Yufan, who appeared to have disappeared, was getting scolded even more online.

By doing this, all the anti-fans that were prepared to cause chaos, suddenly realized they were merely punching cotton.

Their punches didn't make much impact at all!

If the words that the Annual Model Awards organizing committee had put in for her left netizens in an unsure position of whether to trust her, then the way she dealt with Tianyi gave them that one last nudge to her side.

After all, she had been clear about her standpoint from the beginning.

A person with both manners and class, even if she didn't receive an applause, would still bring people to a point of, in this battle, she was the winner.

From this point onwards, this was the true beginning of her counterattack!

"Tangning...I really haven't gotten to know you well enough over the years." Long Jie knew Tangning wasn't stupid, she had just been too emotional and that's why she gave all she had to Han Yufan.

However, she was now awoken. With all the pain she had gone through, her ability to deal with things had naturally improved.

"Are you familiar with me now?" Tangning gently laughed, revealing a vulnerable smile; Long Jie was in a daze.

This was how she was in front of her own people; her enthusiasm always came from the heart.

"I'll go look for news on Mo Yurou."

Tangning nodded as she prepared some plain congee and vegetables and took them to the bedroom. Mo Ting had just awoken, he was so hot his body was covered in sweat, so he opened up his robe and leaned back on the bedhead to read some documents.

"You really can't rest can you?"

"I'm just checking out the artists that belong to Cheng Tian Entertainment." Mo Ting reached out his hands and pulled her into his arms.

"Why are you suddenly curious about that?"

"The same as usual..."

"You can only be rest assured once you have everything in the palm of your hands, that's why you are so tired." Tangning picked up the towel sitting on the bedside table and helped wipe the sweat off Mo Ting's body.

"Judging by your character, I expect you to have rejected all your previous jobs. After all, with your current status, you don't need to turn back. If you want to go to Cheng Tian, I will definitely prepare to stand guard. This has nothing to do with whether I'm tired; I don't stress myself over other people."

After hearing him, Tangning was dumbfounded...

Indeed, the person that understood her the most was Mo Ting. Even though she hadn't communicated anything to him, he still knew her intentions. Even Long Jie, who had been with her for so many years, was slow on the uptake.

Tangning placed her delicate face upon Mo Ting's chest and murmured, "Back then, was this how you became the CEO of Hai Rui?"

"Yes, and this was how I advanced one step at a time."

This was why they could sympathize with each other and could understand each other's difficulties and methods. Even if she used schemes, he understood the cruel hardships she was facing.

"Honey, if you want to make me sweat, you don't need to stick to me like this...there are other methods." Mo Ting was originally feeling hot, but with the addition of his little wife in his arms, his body couldn't help but react.

However, thinking about how he was sick, he didn't want to infect Tangning, so he gently pushed her away, "I'm going to go have a shower."

Tangning looked at Mo Ting questioningly.

"I'm afraid of infecting you..."

Tangning smiled as she swiftly pushed Mo Ting back on the bed and pinned him under her body, "Then so be it...this can be considered as sharing our joys and hardships..."

Although the sick Mo Ting didn't look like he normally did, he still unexpectedly made Tangning want him...thinking about this, Tangning removed Mo Ting's robe revealing his sweaty chest.

Mo Ting's face was indeed slightly pale, but...within his deep eyes, there was still an amused look, especially when Tangning took the initiative.

It seemed, it wasn't bad to be sick; he was obviously receiving more benefits than he normally did...

Being with Tangning, he was both physically and mentally satisfied. After all, with their mutual protection of each other, how could anyone not like it?

During this happy night, however, Mo Yurou was still hidden in her rental home; she practically never left the apartment. Seeing the entertainment news, she was devastated; the incident had become viral and she was in the heat of it. Whereas, everything was going good for Tangning...

So good that she was a bit jealous!

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