Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 826 - B*tches Deserve An Eye For An Eye

Chapter 826: B*tches Deserve An Eye For An Eye

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They were sisters…yet one was glorified while the other was shamed.

However, Tangning knew that this young woman was a uniquely talented singer who had been left with no choice but to settle as a music teacher.

So, Tangning felt it was the right time to contact her because a large scale singing competition was about to start.

Plus, Lin Qian had been monitoring her to see if she was still passionate about winning.

That night, Mo Ting returned home and wrapped Zixi in his embrace as he looked at Tangning, “There’s not much time left.”

Tangning held onto her bowl and chopsticks and glanced at Mo Ting, “You don’t trust me?”

“I’m just getting impatient on your behalf.”

“You don’t need to,” Tangning handed Mo Ting a bowl and chopsticks, “When have I disappointed you?”

“You really don’t need my help?” Mo Ting asked suggestively as he raised an eyebrow.

“No. I know I will need to pay for it,” Tangning wasn’t falling for his trick.

After dinner, Mo Ting gave the two rascals a bath while Tangning gave Lin Qian a phone call, “We don’t have much time left. It’s time to make a move.”

Actually, Lin Qian was already struggling to control herself. Such a talented young girl was being schemed against by her own sister. It wasn’t hard to imagine how angry she must be. Especially since she spent everyday at music school, repeating the same easy work that she obviously didn’t like.

However, Tangning had not told Lin Qian to do anything until now. So, now that Tangning finally felt it was time, Lin Qian immediately threw out her invite.

The next day, while the young woman was teaching a class, Lin Qian waited outside her classroom. And, as soon as she finished, Lin Qian invited her out for a chat, “Could I please have half an hour of your time. I’m aware you don’t have any classes in the afternoon.”

The woman was a little surprised, but after seeing Lin Qian’s business card, she nodded her head.

Although she wanted to reject Lin Qian, she couldn’t possibly turn away anything related to the entertainment industry.

Soon, the two women arrived at a cafe near the school. As soon as they sat down, Lin Qian began to introduce herself, “You can call me Lin Qian. I am from Superstar​ Media.”

“I’ve never heard of Superstar Media before,” the woman shook her head.

“That’s not important. What’s important is, do you want to get back what belongs to you?” Lin Qian asked straightforwardly. “I’ve actually been monitoring you for some time and I’m aware of your past…”

“I think things are fine the way they are right now,” the woman unexpectedly rejected Lin Qian before she even finished talking.

“You must think I’m a scammer, don’t you?” Lin Qian laughed. “Don’t be offended by my honesty, but what do you have for me to scam? If I want money, you don’t have any. If I want to take advantage of your body, you don’t have that either.”

“Eh…” the woman looked at Lin Qian awkwardly.

“I know that you almost came in first place in a singing competition but you ended up being disqualified because of your sister,” Lin Qian jumped to the main point to keep the woman interested. “If we can give you another chance to step onto the stage, do you have the confidence to secure first place?”

The woman’s eyes obviously lit up for a moment, but it quickly faded.

“There’s no use. My sister told me, if I participate in a singing competition again, she will reveal my history of stealing to the public.”

“What if I told you that we can clear your name?” Lin Qian asked with a smile.

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“There’s nothing that Superstar Media can’t do.” After speaking Lin Qian pulled out her business card again and handed it to the woman. “Don’t lose it this time. I have a feeling you will need it.”

“I can promise you that we will not only clear your name, but we will also secure you a position in an upcoming singing competition. Of course, you need to be brave as well.”

“If you want to spend the rest of your life being humiliated, then no one can help you.”

“Think it over. If you are happy to go ahead, then come sign a contract at Superstar Media tomorrow.”

After speaking, Lin Qian left the cafe, leaving the woman alone with her rapidly beating heart.

Even in her dreams she hoped to step on the stage again. However, her sister kept finding ways to suppress her. Even her current job had to get the approval of her sister.

What meaning did she have left in her life?

After a moment of thought, the woman gave her sister a phone call. But, her sister picked up the phone in an extremely annoyed tone, “Didn’t I tell you that I’m really busy during the day and that you shouldn’t call me? Do you want the entire nation to know that you are a thief?”

Hearing her sister’s threat, she quickly took a deep breath and apologized, “I’m sorry…”

“What’s the point of being sorry? You never remember anything. Didn’t you consider that I’m a famous singer? How could I have such an embarrassing sister? Don’t ever call me again.”

After speaking, her sister hung up the phone.

The young woman held onto the phone in a daze. In the end, she let out a cold laugh.


…Superstar Media was worth a try…

Actually, that night, Lin Qian was also quite unsettled. She had to admit that she wasn’t as convincing as Long Jie and didn’t know how to appeal to one’s emotions. However, she still had a feeling that the young woman would show up.

So, the next day, she arrived nice and early at the office. Not long after, the young woman also arrived.

“I am happy to sign a contract, but I would like to add one condition. You can’t allow my sister to know that I’m participating in the competition,” the young woman said to Lin Qian.

“That’s easy,” Lin Qian shrugged.

The woman impulsively signed the contract before she realized that she acted too hastily, “I think…I’m a little regretful.”

“You don’t need to be regretful. We’ve already signed you up for the competition using a new stage name and have scheduled a makeover for you. No one will recognize you for now. Only after you qualify for the national rounds will ‘someone’ notice you, if you know what I mean.”

“As for the music school that you are working at, I will make arrangements with them so your sister doesn’t find out. You simply need to focus on getting back what belongs to you.”

“I don’t understand. Why are you doing this?” the young woman was confused; they weren’t cheating her of her money or her body. At the same time, she wasn’t famous, but they were willing to do so much for her.

“You will understand when the time comes,” Lin Qian concluded without explaining anything.

As it was her first time dealing with a matter like this, there were a lot of things that Lin Qian didn’t know how to do. So, she needed guidance from Tangning. Including, arrangements for the young woman during the competition. So it seemed, Tangning needed to personally step into action this time.

As for the shameless younger sister, perhaps only someone at Tangning’s level would be able to deal with her.

B*tches deserved an eye for an eye.

However, the young woman was still worried that her history of stealing would be revealed. She didn’t believe that Superstar Media had the ability to clear her name. So, she constantly reminded herself to be careful.

Meanwhile, Tangning was waiting patiently for the day that the younger sister came knocking on the door.

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