Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 825 - I Think She Should Save Herself First

Chapter 825: I Think She Should Save Herself First

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“If I agree, will you guarantee to return my daughter to me and never show up in front of us again?” Lu Che asked. b.y novelfull.Com

“We can sign an agreement.”

“No, I want to completely end our mother-son relationship,” Lu Che said. “Tomorrow at 9am, I’ll see you in front of the hospital. Bring my daughter along. From tomorrow onwards, you are no longer my mother. Please leave for now.”

Mother Lu never expected her son to go to such extremes.

However, she didn’t think there was anything worth holding onto, so she arrogantly turned around and left.

Seeing that his home was in a mess, Lu Che did not immediately head for the bedroom to comfort his wife. Instead, he cleaned up the place first before he knocked on the door and called her name, “Xiao Man.”

“Where’s my daughter?” Long Jie asked as she opened the door.

“I agreed to give my sperm to Mrs. Lu so she can try IVF. In return, she will return our daughter to us at the cost of our mother-son relationship.”


“Don’t worry, I won’t give it to her. I have other plans,” Lu Che said as he placed his arm around Long Jie’s shoulder. “I want to see if she’d​ continue acting crazy.”

No one would willingly treat their mother like this if the mother treated their child lovingly.

Unfortunately, not only was Long Jie stuck in the middle, even if she didn’t exist and Lu Che knew that his mother was this crazy, he wouldn’t have possibly tolerated her.

“OK, after we get back our daughter, I want to move,” Long Jie requested. “I hope a disgusting person like that doesn’t show up in my life again.”

Lu Che pulled Long Jie into his embrace and patted her comfortingly on the back “Sorry, it’s my fault for not managing your relationship well.”

“Forget about it. No one can manage with someone like your mother. I can’t handle her, but I can hide from her.”

“Wait for a good show tomorrow.”

After their chat, the couple had a bath and headed to bed.

The next morning, Long Jie did not accompany Lu Che to the hospital. To resolve the matter, Lu Che utilized his contacts and asked the doctor for some assistance.

“The doctor already has what you want. Where’s my daughter?” Lu Che asked after returning to Mother Lu an hour later. “If you go back on your word, then don’t even dream about having a grandson.”

Mother Lu scoffed. After seeing the doctor nod his head behind Lu Che, she finally replied, “Your daughter is in the car. Someone is taking care of her.”

“I am officially declaring it now: from this moment onwards, I am no longer your son. From now on, I am not related to any of your matters, not even your so-called future grandson,” Lu Che said firmly.

“Hmmph, don’t worry, I won’t bother you. Your father and I will bring up the child on our own.”

“As you wish.”

“My grandson will definitely have a better future than your delicate little daughter.”

Lu Che looked at Mother Lu with deep meaning. He then put away the phone that he was recording their conversation on and left the hospital to retrieve his daughter.

After Lu Che left, Mother Lu sneered, “Right now, he may not care and think that daughters and sons are the same. But, wait ’til he grows old and realizes how pitiful it is to not a have a son by one’s side. Just wait and see.”

After returning to his car with their daughter, Long Jie finally breathed a sigh of relief, “What trick did you play?”

Lu Che smiled and replied, “I got some samples from the hospital’s storage. Since she wants a grandson so badly, she can have one all she wants.”

“But, she will find out sooner or later that it isn’t blood-related to her,” Long Jie worried.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let the child be an orphan. If Mrs. Lu decides to abandon the child, someone will be ready to take care of it,” Lu Che replied. “You could consider it as helping someone else achieve their dream.”

Long Jie didn’t understand what Lu Che had planned, but she trusted that he knew what he was doing. After all, they were talking about a life.

Since Lu Che had already made arrangements, then it was only right for her to let the matter go…

“Will Mrs. Lu never appear in front of us again?”

“We will move immediately,” Lu Che said as he planted a kiss on Long Jie’s forehead.

“From now on, don’t lose our daughter again,” Long Jie warned.

Lu Che nodded firmly.

Meanwhile, Luo Sheng was on set focusing on his secondary lead role. Of course, Tangning’s ability to select the best was unrivaled.

The character this time was the perfect example. Although, Luo Sheng had to wear a mask to begin with, his character removed it towards the end. When the director saw this, he was deeply satisfied with Luo Sheng’s look and continuously praised that the fans would go crazy as soon as he appeared on screen.

In reality, Luo Sheng didn’t have high expectations for this role. He simply thought that Tangning was training his persistence and his acting.

While all this was happening, Tangning had selected her second artist and Lin Qian was watching over her.

But, in relation to Superstar Media, Hai Rui’s higher-ups began to question Mo Ting about the agency. Half a year had already passed, yet they hadn’t heard anything from Tangning.

Didn’t she know that she was on a time limit?

As time passed, their doubts increased. Could she really create a superstar by staying at home and taking care of her kids? How could things be that easy?

“President Mo, I previously had high hopes for Tangning, but now, you need to give us some reassurance. Otherwise, after one year is over, she will need to close down her agency.”

“Exactly! It’s already been half a year…”

“I think she should save herself first.”

“Since there’s still half a year, then I think you should all remain quiet,” Mo Ting immediately brushed them off. “Has she prevented you guys from making money in this half a year?”

The shareholders had nothing to say.

In actual fact, even Mo Ting didn’t know what Tangning was getting up to. Previously, Luo Sheng was already doing well, yet she decided to make him play another secondary lead role. As a result, the popularity he had gained, slowly subsided. What exactly was she thinking?

But, Tangning never intended to make Superstar Media famous by using Luo Sheng. She knew that he was a newcomer and she couldn’t be impatient with him. Plus, Luo Sheng couldn’t possibly achieve much in a short period of time anyway. Hence, she decided to slowly train him instead.

This was the reason why she had created Superstar Media in the first place.

So, when it came to producing results, her hopes were actually placed on her second artist.

Her second artist was an extremely talented female singer.

Three years ago, she almost won first place in a singing competing, but her younger sister framed her for stealing from the organizers. As a result, she was disqualified from the finals.

Although this matter wasn’t officially announced to the public, it caused quite a stir within the industry because everyone assumed she was a thief.

But, while she put up with the years of slandering, her sister had become a famous singer…

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