Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 820 - Either The Best Result...Or The Worst!

Chapter 820: Either The Best Result…Or The Worst!

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Over 3 months passed. By now, the two rascals could already move around on their own. So, whenever Tangning took care of the kids, she barely got the chance to stand up straight.

Zichen was cheeky and Zixi always followed behind his older brother. The two rascals crawled around the floor, taking turns chasing each other…

Tangning held her camera in one hand and held some snacks in the other. Her days passed with genuine joy.

“I can tell that you are enjoying your current lifestyle,” Long Jie admired. “You’re not filming anything, you don’t have anything scheduled and you are completely out of the public eye, but you have still cast a net on the entertainment industry.”

“Yes, I’m enjoying it. How’s Luo Sheng doing?” Tangning examined her camera as she asked Long Jie.

“His drama is about to start broadcasting. From the looks of it, there are no major problems,” Long Jie replied.

“I don’t want any assumptions!” Tangning lifted her head and looked at Long Jie. “Sometimes, you only need to do something simple to get a guaranteed result.”

“I’ll do as you say, boss!” Long Jie admitted that her brain wasn’t as useful as Tangning’s. So she listened willingly to Tangning’s instructions.

“It’s time to make SMY pay back for what they’ve done to Luo Sheng. We should take the stepping stones when we get the opportunity,” Tangning hinted.

After hearing this, Long Jie gestured that she understood.

However, putting SMY to use, required skills. They couldn’t slander the entire group at once and play the sympathy card for Luo Sheng; the audience was already sick of old plots like that. If they could make it seem like Luo Sheng never felt threatened and never tried to seek revenge, he would instead appear very open-minded.

Because of this matter, Luo Sheng was quite nervous for a few nights. After all, his drama was about to broadcast and it was appearing on a big channel.

Either way, it was an idol drama filmed by a famous director. Even if he didn’t become famous, he would at least exist in the eyes of the public. So it wasn’t that big of an issue for him.

However, this was simply what he thought. Tangning, on the other hand, never settled for second best.

They either got the worst result…or the best!

So, at this important moment, a certain boy group from a certain agency, was exposed as having messy personal lives. It was SMY, and it was revealed that one of the members had a one-night-stand with a male higher-up.

A one-night-stand with a male higher-up!

Indecent incidences like this weren’t uncommon within the industry. The main issue was the fact that it involved a BOY group and a MALE higher-up!

Homosexual incidences were bound to attract attention. It also meant that SMY would become famous, but due to bad publicity.

Extremely bad publicity.

Seeing this piece of news, Luo Sheng began to worry that he’d be implicated. So, he immediately gave Long Jie a phone call. He was traumatized by the previous times that he had been framed.

“Calm down, you don’t need to worry,” Long Jie comforted.

The internet was filled with scolding targeted at the other three members because Luo Sheng’s name and photo had long been removed from all publications related to the boy group. Hence, Luo Sheng was not affected.

Seeing that his previous members were scolded so badly, Luo Sheng broke out in a cold sweat. They were all young; it must be hard for them to handle the scolding.  / update by NovelFull.Com

At this time, an old photo containing all four members was revealed.

A lot of people wondered why Luo Sheng had disappeared from the group. After all, they weren’t that famous, so any disagreements were never revealed.

At this time, some information was leaked from the industry, “This young man refused to partake in underhanded dealings, so the company cast him aside and didn’t give him any jobs…”

“It lasted for about half a year, but apparently, he canceled his contract a few months ago.”

“Good on him!”

“The young man has integrity!”

“The incident has been causing a stir for a while, but the young man hasn’t stepped out to add to the insult. It’s obvious that he is quite a gentleman.”

“Has anyone noticed that he is really good looking?”

All of a sudden, SMY’s reputation was blackened like ash. However, Luo Sheng was praised as having integrity and for remaining a gentleman.

Most importantly, his appearance attracted a large amount of attention.

“What is Luo Sheng doing these days? What a shame. Does anyone know if he is working on any projects?”

“I can’t find anything online. What a disappointment. I really hope that he escapes this rubbish company and finds a good alternative.”

The average person would think that this was the perfect opportunity to announce Luo Sheng’s​ involvement in an idol drama. In fact, even Luo Sheng mentioned this to Long Jie.

But, Long Jie shook her head.

“Do you believe in us?”

Luo Sheng was silent for a few moments before he finally nodded his head.

After receiving Luo Sheng’s trust, Long Jie began to explain, “If you advertise yourself at this time, the public would think that you deliberately planned this entire incident to create publicity for your drama. If this happens, then everything we’ve done in the past would go to waste.”

“Since you are cutting all ties to SMY, you should make it a clean cut. Understand?”

Luo Sheng nodded, “I’m just afraid that my popularity will fade.”

Long Jie shook her head, “Before this incident gets forgotten, the public will continue to search for your name. Eventually, someone will naturally discover your drama.”

“The more you appear indifferent, the more people will take notice of you. So, keeping a low profile matches the expectations that the public have for you.”

“Plus, if you were to announce your plans at this time, you would be telling your ex-manager that you are making a comeback. Won’t they grab onto this opportunity to throw all the bad publicity on you? The purpose of your existence isn’t to argue with them. Do you understand?”

After listening to Long Jie, Luo Sheng was completely convinced by her.

“From now on, I won’t question your decisions. I trust your arrangements.”

“There’s no point trusting me. You need to trust the person behind me,” Long Jie winked.

Luo Sheng understood that Long Jie was referring to Tangning, so he smiled and nodded his head.

“Aiyo, Little Luo is finally smiling. This is a rare sight,” Long Jie teased.

As expected, the incident continued to spread for a few more days and the public continued to search Luo Sheng’s name. However, he remained secretive by not making an appearance and kept a low profile by not voicing his opinion as he waited for his drama to broadcast.

The most important thing for him to do was to deal SMY a lethal blow.

The entertainment industry was deep, but after working together for a while, Luo Sheng discovered that Long Jie wasn’t as frightening as he thought. The truly frightening person was the one that signed a contract with him.


During this time, the members of SMY were forced to cease all activities due to their indecent incident.

Of course, they also realized that Luo Sheng was the only one that received applause amongst the four original members.

“Luckily Luo Sheng isn’t in the entertainment industry anymore. If he was to tread on top of us, how annoying would that be.”

“Him? In his current state? We were at least famous for a few days. He can’t even be famous for a half a day!”

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