Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 819 - You Want To Battle Me On Your Own?

Chapter 819: You Want To Battle Me On Your Own?

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The next day, Luo Sheng arrived at the agency. The hidden workspace took up half a floor inside a building that was situated right in the heart of the city.

Of course, Tangning was not around. This was not the kind of place that she would show up in even if she opened it under her name.

Luo Sheng inspected the space and discovered that it was no different to any other management agency and had everything that was required.

From the looks of it, Tangning was being serious.

For the time being, Long Jie’s main focus in the agency was to manage Luo Sheng’s initial jobs.

“You don’t look like you’re used to it here,” Long Jie stood up from her seat, walked over to the sofa and sat opposite Luo Sheng.

“Just a little.”

“You are now our artist. So, the first thing you need to do is to broaden your mind. Do you really think that you are only worth $30 million?” Long Jie asked. “Since you’ve signed with us, you will need to attend the activities we have planned for you. Don’t think that your competitors are the members of SMY…”

“Their short-sightedness means that they are destined to not go very far.”

“In that case, who is my competitor?”

“Yourself,” Long Jie said before she placed a script in front of him. “Have a look at this script.”

After looking through this extremely foreign object, Luo Sheng furrowed his brows, “I can’t act…so there’s no way I can portray a pretty boy.”

“Partaking in an idol drama is the fastest way for you to gain popularity. You don’t need acting skills, you just need to be yourself for this drama. I don’t think you understand your current situation clearly; you have no choice,” Long Jie said in seriousness.

“I know that you like to sing, but tell me…after debuting for so long, apart from creating a bit of gossip and appearing on a few small stages, what other achievements have you made? There are too many people that are capable of singing these days. Even a farmer or a simple cleaner, with a bit of packaging, can make it on the stage.”

“Even being in a group can’t guarantee fame, so how could you compete on your own?”

Luo Sheng wasn’t completely convinced, but he still ended up taking the script with him.

As Tangning expected, Luo Sheng rejected their arrangements. But, after filming the drama, she knew he would definitely regret the complaints he made today.

It wasn’t easy for Long Jie to secure this script. Luckily, she knew how the industry worked and quickly built up her network of contacts.

Of course, this was all because Tangning was willing to invest everything into the agency.

This was a necessary step that they had to take. They had no other choice.

After being homebound for one month, Long Jie quickly returned to work and Lu Che was also busy with his work. Although the couple were quite tired, their trust for each other increased.

As for their daughter, they found a trustworthy nanny to take care of her. To prevent the nanny from mistreating her daughter, like many nannies were accused of doing, she installed a few cameras in the house. After monitoring the nanny for a while, she discovered that she was a committed nanny that treated their daughter like her own child. Hence, Long Jie and Lu Che were relieved.

Of course, Luo Sheng was unhappy with the arrangements that Long Jie had made.

SMY was a band, yet he had now turned to acting…

By the time he got famous, SMY would perhaps already be at the top of their game.

Seeing her son sitting unhappily at home, Mother Luo asked for the cause. Luo Sheng explained what Long Jie had arranged for him with doubt and confusion, “Mom, I still don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel…”

“Are you crazy?” Mother Luo whacked her son on the back of his head. “Director Long’s words make complete sense. How long have you been working with music? After being in a group for one year, what have you gained? You are still unknown. Television, on the other hand, is different…”

“If you partake in a television drama, I will be able to see you on the television. The entire nation will be able to see you! That’s already halfway to success.”

“When you were a singer and I mentioned SMY, no one knew who they were.”

“But, this will be an idol drama…”

“Even I’ve been watching a Thai idol drama lately. What woman, young or old, doesn’t like to see a handsome face?”

“Most importantly, the reason why Director Long has arranged for you to act instead of sing, is so that you don’t attract the attention of your previous agency. That way, you would have less obstacles. She’s taken everything into consideration for you, yet you are complaining. You sure don’t know how to recognize kindness!”

After hearing this, Luo Sheng finally woke up and realized how short-sighted he was.

After remaining silent for a while, he said firmly to his mother, “I definitely won’t disappoint you.”

Luo Sheng was young, so it wasn’t wrong to categorize him as an idol. Plus, he was good looking and fit the mould of what young women wanted in a partner. So, partaking in an idol drama would definitely attract a positive response.

Plus, not all idol dramas were ridiculous. Plenty also became classics.

So, Luo Sheng soon reported to the set with his script.

Originally, he thought that the cast and crew would point and judge him or focus too much on his appearance. But, that was actually dependent on the director.

And Director Lin, who was famous for filming idol dramas, was well-known for treating young actors really well.

He was an extremely talented director and was a flexible person.

“Luo Sheng, idol dramas are a stepping off point for newcomers, so there’s no need to be nervous. I think that the character that Long Man has chosen for you suits you very much.”

The male and female leads were also newcomers. Although they both had a little bit of experience in acting, no one had the right to look down on any one else.

Since they were all on the same level, they quickly got along well and cooperated with each other.

With the added bonus that Long Jie would visit every now and then to deliver treats to the cast and crew, Luo Sheng’s life on set was no longer full of darkness and schemes like he had experienced in the past.

However, every now and then, someone would still question which agency he came from.

In response, he would smile and reply, “Superstar Media.”

Although no one had heard of this name before, he had faith that it would soon resound across the entire entertainment industry.

Idol dramas were generally short and ended at about 20 episodes. So, the drama they were filming, ‘The Devil’s Out: Be Careful’ was completed at 18 episodes.

However, after this experience, Luo Sheng found that his image of idol dramas had changed. After all, a good storyline wasn’t exclusive to normal dramas and the beauty of youth also created a great story.

Soon, the drama settled on a television channel and broadcast time…

So, the time to witness the results had arrived!

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