Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 816 - Continue Living

Chapter 816: Continue Living

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After Tangning’s press conference, Hai Rui released a PR statement to emphasize that Xu Xin’s death had nothing to do with Tangning. As for how the public decided to take it, it was of no concern to Tangning.

So, those that previously had one of two expectations of Tangning, found that her response was both expected and unexpected.

Tangning preferred to give up on her career than to give up on her innocence. She did not use her usual methods. She did not admit defeat nor did she bow down. She especially didn’t cry just to protect her career.

How was one to explain the current situation? Tangning’s response not only made the media appear like a bunch of clowns, it made everyone that was angered by the incident feel especially silly.

[Best Actress tries her best to clarify the truth: claims she had nothing to do with Xu Xin’s death!]

[Tangning emphasizes her standpoint towards Xu Xin’s death: chooses innocence over career]

Afterwards, the public began to voice their opinions regarding the matter.

“How could she say that it has nothing to do with her? Isn’t she just relying on the fact that there is no evidence?”

“Isn’t she being too proud? Xu Xin’s already dead. Can’t she just give an apology so the dead can rest in peace?”

“No wonder she’s the Best Actress. She even acts in her daily life…”

“Since she doesn’t want her career, then she should stick to her decision. If she announces that she is acting again, she would be slapping herself in the face…”

Yes, this was roughly the situation. The public were completely filled with hate towards Tangning. They couldn’t even tell if it was due to their pity for Xu Xin or due to the fact that Tangning didn’t create an interesting enough story for them.

Soon, the police uncovered Xu Xin’s history of mental illness; Xu Xin’s agency had been keeping it under wraps. They obviously wanted to continue milking her for publicity.

Meanwhile, Tangning had returned to the set of ‘Survivor’.

“Tangning, to see you suffer so much makes me…” In private, the director felt guilty towards Tangning. “Perhaps I’m too afraid of being destroyed, so I don’t have the courage to say a few words for you. More importantly, I know that if I was to step out at this time, I will simply add to the body count and be of no help.”

“Rather than taking that risk, I thought it would be better for me to focus on directing this film and wait for your return. I have faith that you will eventually tell everyone that their conclusion is wrong.”

The director wasn’t good nor bad, he was just an average person.

He didn’t have the courage to speak up for Tangning, but at least, he didn’t tread on her while she was down.

He even kept hold of ‘Survivor’.

“Following on, I would like to ask the director to be extra strict.”

Tangning had nothing to say. After all, with her current status, if she was to change directors, the new director would definitely not be as polite.

“Don’t worry, things will be the same as before!” the director nodded in certainty.

There wasn’t much left to film. While Tangning spent every day buried in filming, scolding from the public did not cease. To protect Tangning from being hassled by reporters, Mo Ting kept Tangning’s whereabouts a complete secret.

By this time, the police had compiled all the information regarding Xu Xin’s medical history.

Even if the public refused to believe anything they said, at least this piece of information would reduce the misunderstanding towards Tangning.

Soon, a follow-up statement was released on the official police force website.

As this wasn’t considered breaking the law, all the police could do was complain that Xu Xin’s agency was acting unethically. After all, Tangning had already suffered much more than they did.

“After the low-key investigation held by the police and our attempt to secure evidence, we finally got a hold of Xu Xin’s medical records.”

“Three years ago, Xu Xin was diagnosed with a mild case of depression.”

“Afterwards, her condition worsened and it developed into bipolar two years ago. But, she continued to work and didn’t accept any proper treatment.”

“Xu Xin’s agency deliberately kept Xu Xin’s condition a secret and tried to get rid of all her medical reports after her suicide.”

“God knows what’s right and wrong and the truth will prevail. We hope that everyone open their eyes and not hurt themselves and others based on their speculation.”

Afterwards, underneath the statement, someone questioned the public, “At this point, do you still believe that Tangning killed Xu Xin?”

Not long after that, someone stepped out to reveal that Xu Xin was not a moral person. Every film she filmed, she would sleep with one person. As long as she received benefits, she was willing to do anything. It was no surprise that Tangning ended up calling the editor of Global Style and telling them not to use Xu Xin.

“Even if the agency should take responsibility, Tangning is still the person that lit the fuse.”

This time, people began to argue against comments like this, “The person that wrote this must not have encountered a person with bipolar before. Even if no one provokes them, they could commit suicide at any time. Perhaps, Tangning really had nothing to do with this incident.”

“Regardless of whether she is involved or not, Beijing no longer has a place for her.”

“Entertainment agencies have always been bloodsuckers. This is nothing out of the ordinary.”

The truth revealed by the police did not help Tangning gain much understanding. But, Tangning did not need it anyway.

At this moment, she was simply focused on filming the last part of ‘Survivor’. She had no time to even take notice of what was happening online.

Of course, with this spare time, Lin Qian had already registered their agency and made proper preparations.

Long Jie was ready to display her skills and had already taken note of their first artist as per Tangning’s instructions.

This 19-year-old artist was called Luo Sheng and he was currently a member of a small boy group called SMY.

Due to his good looks, the other members singled him out. On top of that, he was cast aside and ignored by his agency because he refused to partake in underhanded dealings.  ( Updated by NovelFull.Com)

This young man had already won many singing awards before his debut. Who would have thought, after entering the entertainment industry, he would end up like this.

The entertainment industry had never been fair to good people.

Two months later, ‘Survivor’ finally completed filming. Although this film was not supposed to be released, the director told Tangning as she left, “I’ve bought the rights to the film, so I have the right to release it. However, we don’t have much of a backing.”

“But don’t worry, I will definitely make all the doubters of this film feel regret.”

Tangning did not expect too much. She simply felt that completing a great character was already enough for her to live with no regrets.

Following on, she still had many challenges.

Those that looked down on her and doubted her, still had a long way to go. She wasn’t going to fall so easily.

She was going to find another way to continue living and make these people spew in anger.

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