Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 813 - He Will Be My Manager For Life

Chapter 813: He Will Be My Manager For Life



"He has even bought the rights to the film because he believes that it has the potential to become a classic."

"He's very thoughtful," Tangning sighed. "Let him know that I will return to the set after the press conference is over."


After Lin Qian was done talking, she was about to leave Mo Ting's office. But, Lu Che suddenly knocked on the door and said to Mo Ting, "President, Quan Ziye has showed up at Hai Rui asking to sign a management contract."

After hearing this, Tangning glanced at Lin Qian, "I'm afraid he's here because of another motive."

"This has nothing to do with me," Lin Qian replied.

"Ting...what do you think?" Tangning turned to ask Mo Ting.

"Let's sign him." Mo Ting expected that the news of Quan Ziye signing with Hai Rui would help draw some attention away from Tangning.

There were plenty of people that were treading on Tangning while she was down and wishing she'd fall into the depths of the abyss with no chance of ever making a comeback. But, Tangning wasn't going to let their wishes come true.

"Ting, focus on your work. I finally have time to take care of the kids," Tangning appeared like a load had been lifted off her shoulders. Even though her advertisements were being removed from every street and alley, she wasn't in as much pain as people imagined.

Mo Ting had always understood his wife and knew that she had other plans. So, he wasn't worried. He simply let her do what she wanted, as long as she was happy.

Everyone knew about the matter concerning Xu Xin and it was impossible to clear her name. Not only had Hai Rui handled the PR, the police had also given their conclusion, but some people could never be awoken if they refused to wake up. Rather than dwelling on this matter, Tangning decided to take the opportunity to retreat from the industry. Firstly, she could now take care of Mo Ting and her babies, and secondly, she wanted to contribute to the clean-up of this dirty industry.

There were plenty of people in this world that did their best but were limited by those with better backgrounds. What she wanted to do, was get fairness for these people.

"Tangning's disappeared. She must be scared. After all, her film has been stopped and her endorsements have been substituted. Hai Rui has no choice but to give up on her this time."

"Who cares? She caused someone to die, so this is the punishment she deserves."

"I hope I never see any news regarding her again."

Indeed...from now on, it would be quite difficult for them to see her even if they wanted to.


The news of Quan Ziye signing with Hai Rui quickly started spreading. The media assumed it was Hai Rui that had leaked the information. But in reality, it was Quan Ziye who had been loose-lipped.

He paid a large sum to cancel his contract overseas and then racked his brain to find a way to join Hai Rui. He did all this just so he could be closer to Lin Qian, even though Lin Qian did not spare him a single look when they passed each other in the office.

However, Quan Ziye held her back, "Now that you're Tangning's assistant, don't you want me to put in a few good words for her?"

"Ning Jie does not require that," Lin Qian replied calmly as she shook off Quan Ziye's hand.

"Aren't you afraid that I'd say something bad about her?"

"That's your choice." After speaking, Lin Qian left Hai Rui and drove back to her own apartment.

She finally understood what Tangning wanted to do.

Tangning wanted to open an agency that signed artists with talent that had gone unnoticed due to underhanded dealings within the industry.

She had asked Lin Qian to be in charge of operations.

This was the position that Tangning felt Lin Qian truly suited.

Lin Qian also felt that this was a challenging role. Firstly, it was an important task set by Tangning, and secondly, she got the chance to get justice for those that had been suppressed by the rich.

So, she was more than happy to accept it.

It also meant that even if Quan Ziye signed with Hai Rui, they would not cross paths. After all, Mo Ting's office had a direct route straight down to the underground parking lot.

Lin Qian was in charge of recruiting and operations, which meant she would manage the administrative side of things. Meanwhile, Long Jie would continue to make and keep contacts. And, lastly, Tangning was left with the most important task of securing resources for her artists.

Her work would be no different to a manager's.

In regards to Hai Rui, Mo Ting was easy to convince. After all, if Tangning managed to make an artist famous, they would eventually end up at Hai Rui; it was a win-win situation. So the shareholders had no reason to protest. They simply wondered how Tangning would make someone famous when she could barely save herself.

Meanwhile, after An Zihao found out about Tangning's plans over the phone, he tried to offer his help, but Tangning quickly rejected him, "It wasn't easy for you to help Xingyan get to where she is today. There's no need to tie yourself to me again and suffer a blow."

"I'm currently a murderer in everyone's eyes; the ultimate evil."

"In that case, why are you trying to secure resources for other people?"

Tangning chuckled and replied confidently, "I created this path for myself. When have I ever been afraid?"

She was right. From being a model to being an actress, and from being an actress to being a manager, what couldn't she do?

"If you become a manager, what will happen to President Mo?"

"He will be my manager for life. He can't get rid of me. Zihao, you need to believe in me, I will definitely recover my status. No one can stop me. Not even a dead person!"

She was only temporarily in a rut.

"I believe you. It's all good as long as you aren't affected."

After being in the industry for so many years, she had already experienced all forms of highs and lows. All that remained, was a test of patience.

After returning home and seeing her two sons asleep in their crib, Tangning's heart was finally calm. Especially when she saw that Guo Guo was sleeping peacefully, her last bit of worry completely disappeared.

"My two little ones, your mom didn't force anyone to their death. I hope you both learn quickly to ignore the words of people within the industry and learn to trust your mom."

"That's easy for you to say," Xia Yuling said as she walked out of the kitchen holding two milk bottles. She then patted Tangning on the shoulder, "You caused such a huge fiasco and implicated your entire family. Now, no matter where we go, there are reporters."

"Mom..." It was rare for Tangning to talk in a cute tone, so Xia Yuling couldn't help her heart from melting.

"Tired? If worse comes to worst, you can give up on being an actress. You're the chairwoman of Tang Corps, it's not like you're going to starve to death."

"It's nothing, I simply wanted to call you," Tangning replied gently. "After becoming a mother, I've learned to understand you more."

"It's good that you know. Hurry and resolve the mess you're in. Your grandfather is so angry that he's almost starting fights with people."

"Understood," Tangning nodded.

Regardless of everything else, she had a big family that trusted her. So, no matter what happened, she couldn't admit defeat and feel scared.

"I will handle the press conference well."

"I trust you." Xia Yuling patted Tangning on the head and then placed a bottle of milk into her hands, "Take care of your kids. I still have a granddaughter to take care of at home. I can't tire Lihua out too much."

"Thank you for your hard work, mom." Tangning held onto the milk bottle, determined to take care of her two babies. She wasn't going to be stupid anymore and abandon two of her most important people.

From now on, Mo Ting and her kids were her top priorities!

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